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If you don’t know how to get Ramen in Shindo Life, chances are you have seen the notification in the bottom right corner saying, “You are starving, go eat some ramen for HP regen”.

Like the message says, ramen is the food of Shindo Life, which upon consumption, recharges your food level and, thereby, your health regeneration in the game.

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You can get ramen in Shindo Life in Ramen Shops located in each major village. In Ember Village, the main village, you can find the Ramen Shop right next to the bridge in the middle of the village – more information below.

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How to get ramen

After a while, your character in Shindo Life gets hungry, which means its food level is low.

When your food level is low, your health regeneration is lowered.

To get your health generation back to normal, you need to increase your food level, which you can do by eating ramen.

If your food level is low, you will see a red ramen icon right above your nameplate to the right.

To get ramen in Shindo Life, head to a Ramen Shop.

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Ramen Shops are located in all the major cities.

In the main village, Ember Village, the Ramen Shop is located right next to the bridge in the middle of the village.

If you go to the bridge in the middle of Ember Village and look towards the main office, which is the building with an emblem on it, then you’ll see the Ramen Shop just to the left.

Look at the picture below to see the exact location of the Ramen Shop in Ember Village.

Shindo Life Ramen Shop Location Ember Village

To eat some ramen, head to a Ramen Shop, and just walk into one of the seats there.

Your character will automatically sit down and start eating ramen until your food bar is full again.

That’s how to get ramen in Shindo Life!

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