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You can obtain many traits and skills in Shindo Life that resemble the moves and abilities of various characters in Naruto.

One of the traits that many Shindo Life players want to obtain is the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan.

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To obtain Sharingan in Shindo Life, you need to obtain an eye bloodline with a mode that gives Sharingan eyes and activate it. The eye bloodlines that end in Akuma all give Sharingan eyes upon activating their modes. There are many other eye bloodlines that give other kinds of eyes, including Rinnegan and Byakugan.

Alternatively, you can purchase custom eyes using RELL Coins and a custom eyes ID, but this will only cosmetically change your eyes to Sharingan, not give you any new moves.

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How to get Sharingan in Shindo Life

Sharingan is one of the traits that many Naruto fans want to unlock for their character in Shindo Life.

There are two ways to get Sharingan eyes in the game, one that also gives you Sharingan-based moves and one that only changes your eyes cosmetically.

Get Sharingan through bloodline

You can get Sharingan in Shindon Life by acquiring a bloodline that has a mode that changes your eyes upon activation. Specifically, eye bloodlines all have modes that change your eyes upon activation, and some of them change them to Sharingan eyes.

Here are the different eye bloodlines that change your eyes to Sharingan when you activate their mode:

  • Akuma
  • Bankai-Akuma
  • Shiver-Akuma
  • Raion-Akuma
  • Satori-Akuma
  • Riser-Akuma
  • Shindai-Akuma
  • Sarachia-Akuma
  • Sarachia-Gold
  • Bankai-Inferno
  • Indra-Akuma
  • Indra-Akuma-Purple
  • Kamaki-Akuma
  • Kamaki-Inferno

To obtain any of these bloodlines, you need to spin for them on the “Edit” page of the main game menu.

Every time you spin, you get a random bloodline, and all the eye bloodlines listed above are not common, meaning you have to spin a lot of times, on average, to get one of them.

Occasionally, some of these bloodlines can be purchased with RELL Coins in the RELL Coin store.

All other eye bloodlines also have at least one mode, and all of them change your eyes.

The Shindai-Rengoku bloodline, for example, changes your eyes to Rinnegan when in mode, and Jokei changes your eyes to Byakugan when in mode.

Most of the remaining eye bloodlines give eyes RELL Games have come up with or slight variations of eyes from Naruto.

Get Sharingan through custom eyes ID

The second way to get Sharingan eyes in Shindo Life is to purchase custom eyes. You can change your eyes in Shindo Life to any graphic in the Roblox image asset library. You can also find IDs for eyes on the internet.

If you change your eyes to custom eyes with an ID, you will have the custom eyes on your character even when you use a mode that changes your eyes.

When you’ve found some eyes either in the library or on the internet or on YouTube that you wish to use, grab the ID for them (you can get the ID in the library by clicking a graphic and taking the string of numbers in the URL after “asset/”), and put them into the “[LEFT-FACE-ID]” and “[RIGHT-FACE-ID]” fields in the “Edit” page under “[CHARACTER]”.

You can open the custom eyes window by pressing the “+” icon next to “[EYE COLOR]”.

Changing your eyes to custom ones costs 3k RELL Coins.

You can choose the same eyes in both the left and right eye slots, or you can choose two different ones if you want a look like Sasuke with the Rinnegan and Sharingan.

If an ID already has two eyes in its graphic, put the ID for it into both the left and right face fields to get the same look as the image.

That’s how to get Sharingan in Shindo Life!

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