Shindo Life – Kenjutsu Guide: How to Get, Use, Etc.

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Kenjutsus are similar to bloodlines and elements in Shindo Life. You can acquire a Kenjutu and level it up to unlock Kenjutsu moves.

Although Kenjutsus are less used than bloodlines, elements, and subjutsus, they do provide some unique moves, can also give you a new weapon, and gives you a trail effect when attacking with a weapon equipped.

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In this guide, we give you all the info you need on Kenjutsus in Shindo Life, from how to get them to how to use them.

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How to get a Kenjutsu in Shindo Life

To get a Kenjutsu or change your current one in Shindo Life, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu by pressing “M” on your keyboard
  2. Click “[Kenjutsu]” at the top of the menu to open the Kenjutsu page
  3. Click the “Change-Kenjutsu” button at the bottom
  4. Click the “[RANDOMIZE] 10 SPINS” button that pops up
  5. You will now receive a random Kenjutsu

Unlike spinning for a bloodline or element, spinning for a new Kenjutsu costs 10 spins per reroll.

Kenjutsus have different levels of rarity, meaning that some are harder to obtain than others, requiring more spins on average to get.

All Kenjutsus list

There are several Kenjutsus you can obtain in Shindo Life. Here is the complete list:

  • Wind Kenjutsu
  • Water Kenjutsu
  • Thunder Kenjutsu
  • Flame Kenjutsu
  • Mist Kenjutsu
  • Moon Kenjutsu
  • Sun Kenjutsu
  • Inferno Kenjutsu
  • Blood-Moon Kenjutsu
  • Shiver Kenjutsu
  • Sound Kenjutsu

You can see the ranking and rarity of all the Kenjutsus in the game in our Kenjutsus tier list.

How to get a Kenjutsu weapon in Shindo Life

To get a custom Kenjutsu blade in Shindo Life, you need to go to the Kenjutsu Mentor NPC in Nimbus Village. You can purchase a Kenjutsu blade from the Kenjutsu Mentor NPC for RELL Coins and spins.

Before you can purchase a blade from the NPC, you need to be at least S Rank.

Where is the Kenjutsu Mentor in Shindo Life?

The Kenjutsu Mentor is located in the traditional house in the mountains outside of the Nimbus Village.

You can get to the house location by first teleporting to Nimbus Village and then following these steps:

  1. Find the Ramen Shop
  2. Walk down the small red ramp in front of it
  3. Walk down the longer red ramp in front of the smaller one
  4. Head right when you reach the platform below the longer ramp
  5. Cross the small patch of water and climb the wall with two larger walls on each side
  6. Go straight by the tree on top till you see the small bridge with red beams below
  7. Cross the bridge and keep heading straight
  8. Go past the body of water until you reach the wall, then climb it
  9. Keep going climbing the walls after climbing the first one
  10. After reaching the top, you can see the building ahead of you a bit to the right
  11. Go the rest of the way by walking and climbing walls

The NPC is located inside the house

How to disable Kenjutsu trail

If you wish to disable the Kenjutsu trail animation in Shindo Life, follow these steps.

  1. Open the menu by pressing “M”
  2. Click “[Kenjutsu]” at the top
  3. Click the “Trail: ON” button at the bottom
  4. The “ON” will now switch to “OFF”, and the trail is disabled

If you want to turn the trail back on, just click the button again.

That’s everything you need to know about Kenjutsus in Shindo Life!

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