Shindo Life (Roblox) – Bloodlines Guide: All Bloodlines & How To Get Them

Shindo Life (Roblox) – Bloodlines Guide: All Bloodlines & How To Get Them

One of the single best things you can do if you want to improve your the power of your character in Shindo Life is to get a good bloodline and train it.

Getting a good bloodline is no easy task as you most likely will end up needing a lot of spins to get the best bloodlines, which are also the hardest to obtain.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need to know about bloodlines in Shindo Life.

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What is a bloodline

A bloodline in Shindo Life is an attribute to your character that gives you access to skills and abilities.

When you obtain a new bloodline, the bloodline will be level 0, and you won’t have any of its abilities.

Training your character will also train and level up your bloodline.

When your bloodline reaches specific levels, you can unlock new bloodline abilities if you have enough RYO and points invested into CHI.

Bloodline abilities are powerful skills and abilities that either deal massive damage, bring great utility, or provide crowd control.

The playstyle of your character will highly depend on your bloodline, as your fighting will revolve mostly around your bloodline abilities.

Bloodlines come in many different types and rarities, with the ones that are harder to obtain usually being the best.

How to get bloodlines

To get bloodlines in Shindo Life, go to the game selection menu inside Shindo Life, press the up button once, select Edit, and click [BLOODLINE] next to your character.

On the left side, you will see your first and third bloodline slot, and on the right, you’ll see your second and fourth bloodline slot.

Click the [CLICK TO SPIN] button under any of your bloodline slots to roll a new bloodline for that slot.

You can roll for new bloodlines as many times as you want, as long as you have enough spins to do so.

Rolling for a new bloodline costs one spin – learn how to get more spins in our guide on How To Get Spins In Shindo Life.

What bloodline you get is completely random. You cannot do anything to increase your chances of getting a specific bloodline in Shindo Life.

Later in this guide, you can see a list of all bloodlines in Shindo Life, as well as the probability of rolling each one.

By default, you only have two bloodline slots unlocked, which means you can only have two bloodlines and their abilities at a time.

You can, however, unlock the third and fourth bloodline slots by purchasing the following two game passes with Robux in the store:

  • Bloodline Slot 3 = 300 Robux
  • Bloodline Slot 4 = 300 Robux

When you roll a new bloodline, it will start at level 0. Even if you had a bloodline in that slot before that you had leveled up.

So, before you can start to use the abilities of a new bloodline you roll, you have to level it up again.

All bloodlines list

There are currently 52 bloodlines you can obtain in Shindo Life, and new ones are still being added occasionally.

There are three overall types of bloodlines in the game:

  • Eye Bloodline
  • Clan Bloodline
  • Elemental Bloodline

Bloodlines have unique abilities, different numbers of modes, and there exist different versions of some of the bloodlines in the game.

Furthermore, bloodlines have different level requirements for unlocking their abilities, with bloodlines that are harder to obtain generally having higher level requirements.

Here is a complete overview of all bloodlines in Shindo Life, their number of modes, their abilities, and the probability of rolling each of them.

Kerada Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKeradaClan Bloodline0.27%1Fist Implode, Human Boulder, Body Deform
Dio-Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDio-SenkoClan Bloodline0.67%1Ultimate Flash, Time Jump, Time Stop
Kenichi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKenichiClan Bloodline0.67%2Dragon Strike, Crane Demon, Ultimate Tempo
Rykan-Shizen Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRykan-ShizenClan Bloodline0.67%2Roots of Earth, Worlding Flower, Deep Forest
Saberu Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSaberuClan Bloodline0.71%1Hidden Uprise, Shock Clones, Dimensional
Azim-Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAzim-SenkoClan Bloodline0.77%1Reflex Stun, Time Jump, Time Stop
Dangan Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDanganClan Bloodline0.91%1Bullet Blaze, Liquefy, Springfield
Shizen Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShizenClan Bloodline1.00%2Roots of Earth, Worlding Flower, Deep Forest
Eternal Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxEternalClan Bloodline1.11%1Death Counter, Death Possession, Pentagram Domain
Nectar Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxNectarClan Bloodline1.33%1Poison Blitz, Bee Rush, Honey Freeze
Koncho Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKonchoClan Bloodline1.43%1Insect Attack, Paralyze, Insect Drain
Okami Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxOkamiClan Bloodline1.43%1Tunneling Okami, Okami Blast, Okami Barrage
Azarashi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAzarashiClan Bloodline1.82%2Sealing Chains, Blitz Chains, Seal Trap
Kaijin Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKaijinClan Bloodline2.22%1Burning Bullets, Burning Fog, Burning Breath
Minakami Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMinakamiClan Bloodline2.22%1Puppet Bombs, Puppet Poison, Lizard Blitz
Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSenkoClan Bloodline2.22%1Flash Step, Time Jump, Time Stop
Glacier Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxGlacierClan Bloodline2.22%1Mirrors, Blizzard, Yuki Dragon
Wanziame Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxWanziameClan Bloodline2.5%1Shark Rush, Whirling Tide, Super Shark Bomb
Kokotsu Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKokotsuClan Bloodline2.86%1Finger Bullets, Bone Burst, Spine Vine
Shado Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShadoClan Bloodline3.33%1Stitching, Reflect, Reflection Overload
Ashen-Storm Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAshen-StormElemental Bloodline0.67%1Time Jump, Tiger Blitz, Laser Circus
Clay Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxClayElemental Bloodline1.33%1Bird Bullets, Bomb Scatter, Nuke
Bubble Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBubbleElemental Bloodline1.67%1Bubble Bullet, Bubble Tsunami, Bubble Breath
Gold-Sand Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxGold-SandElemental Bloodline1.67%0Burst, Imperial, Storm
Apollo-Sand Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxApollo-SandElemental Bloodline2.00%1Sand Shower, Sand Tsunami, Iron Fist
Black Shock Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBlack ShockElemental Bloodline2.00%1Black Tiger, Stun Floor, Tiger Blitz
Paper Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxPaperElemental Bloodline2.00%1Paper Birds, Shuriken Seeker, Paper Vortex
Sound Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSoundElemental Bloodline2.00%0Vibrating Wave, Wave Blast, Trembling Palm
Atomic Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAtomicElemental Bloodline2.5%0Pillar, Array, Atomic
Bolt Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBoltElemental Bloodline2.5%0Ground Blitz, Senkan Blaze, Time Rush
Lava Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxLavaElemental Bloodline2.5%0Lava Breath, Pillar Burst, Burning Floor
Sand Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSandElemental Bloodline2.86%1Sand Tsunami, Sand Coffin, Suspension
Scorch Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxScorchElemental Bloodline3.13%0Heat Control, Agony Burn, Heat Disperse
Storm Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxStormElemental Bloodline3.33%1Heavenly Thunder, Laser Circus, Lightning Burst
Crystal Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxCrystalElemental Bloodline16.67%0Bullet Needles, Diamond Trap, Spike Blaze
Explosion Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxExplosionElemental Bloodline16.67%0Mine Rush, Mine Fist, Atomic
Ice Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxIceElemental Bloodline16.67%0Bullet Petal, Frozen Field, Sphere Blitz
Mud Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMudElemental Bloodline16.67%0Quicksand Wave, Erupt Slide, Mud Dragon
Nature Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxNatureElemental Bloodline16.67%0Strike Attack, Wood Bind, Multi Strike
Steam Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSteamElemental Bloodline16.67%0Stream Dash, Fog Dissolution, Mist Stream
Arahaki-Jokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxArahaki-JokeiEye Bloodline0.5%3Air Blast, Rotation, 128 Palms
Sengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSengokuEye Bloodline0.5%2Final Strike, Gravity Blaze, Ultra Counter
Shindai-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShindai-AkumaEye Bloodline0.5%4Samurai Sekiro, Sunlight Devastation, Sunflower Desolation
Renshiki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRenshikiEye Bloodline0.67%1Absorption, Kami Hammer, Kami Bomb
Tengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxTengokuEye Bloodline0.67%1Kami Hammer, Kami Blitz, Kami Blade
Riser-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRiser-AkumaEye Bloodline0.71%4Hawk Illusion, Pain, Fire Blaze
Raion-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRaion-AkumaEye Bloodline0.83%4Blaze Illusion, Lightning Blaze, Arrow Blaze
Bankai-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBankai-AkumaEye Bloodline1.00%4Hawk Illusion, Pain, Fire Blaze
Forged-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxForged-AkumaEye Bloodline1.00%4Dimension, Control, Warp
Jokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxJokeiEye Bloodline1.00%3Air Blast, Rotation, 128 Palms
Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRengokuEye Bloodline1.00%5Gravity Push, Gravity Pull, Dark Matter Tensei
Satori-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSatori-AkumaEye Bloodline1.00%4Illusion, Counter, Great Fire
Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAkumaEye Bloodline1.33%7Replication, Reality Control, Reflex Enhance
Dokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDokeiEye Bloodline2.86%2Blood Burst, Reality, Dragon Song

As most of the best bloodlines have a low probability of being rolled, it can be a great idea to start out by keeping and training just one or two bloodlines, so you are strong enough to farm a lot of spins and then go for some of the better bloodlines when you can do a lot of spins at once.

Leveling up your bloodline

You have to level up your bloodline in Shindo Life before it becomes of any use to you.

Leveling up your bloodline gives you access to its abilities, which can be unlocked at specific levels depending on the bloodline.

To unlock an ability in your bloodline, you need both RYO and enough points invested in CHI besides the bloodline level requirement.

You can level up your bloodline by doing activities that give your character EXP, including dealing damage to monsters, players, or objects, and completing quests.

When your character gets EXP, all the bloodlines that you currently have will get EXP as well.

Some of the best ways to quickly get a lot of EXP for your bloodlines include doing quests, playing the War mode, and AFK farming.

What bloodlines to roll for

With so many unique bloodlines in Shindo Life, it can be difficult to know what bloodlines are the best to roll for.

Some of the best bloodlines in the game are:

  • Sengoku
  • Shindai-Akuma
  • Tengoku
  • Rengoku
  • Renshiki
  • Akuma
  • Ashen-Storm
  • Eternal
  • Bankai-Akuma
  • Riser-Akuma
  • Satori-Akuma

All of these bloodlines are very powerful and are sure to make your character stronger if you roll any of them.

You can find a complete overview of how strong each bloodline in Shindo Life is in our Best Bloodlines Tier List.

That’s everything you need to know about bloodlines in Shindo Life!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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