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The time trial in Anime Fighters Simulator lets you test your team’s power in a series of rooms of enemies.

As you make your way through the time trial, enemies get stronger, but the rewards grow as well.

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In this guide, we give you all the information you need on the time trial in Anime Fighters Simulator, from how to do it to what rewards you can get.

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What is time trial?

The time trial is a series of rooms with enemies in Anime Fighters Simulator. You’ll find the entrance to the time trial in Super Island.

Each room features enemies as strong or stronger than the previous one.

The time trial is divided into sections of four rooms, and you need to make it to the next section before the time runs out. Otherwise, you fail.

You have five minutes to make it to the next section. The timer resets every time you reach a new section.

To get to the next room within a section, you need to defeat all the enemies within the room.

Time trial is shared across the whole server, which means that anyone on your server can join the same trial time as you.

In other words, time trial can both be done alone or with other players. Whether you’ll be doing it with other players or alone depends on whether or not other players go to the time trial entrance when it starts.

When you do time trial with others, it still counts as if you reached a specific room yourself, even if they carried you the entire way. This is very useful early on for getting upgrades.

How to do time trial

To do the time trial in Anime Fighters Simulator, you need to go to its entrance and wait for it to start, which it does every 30 minutes.

To get to the time trial entrance, go to Super Island and then follow the road next to the NPC Bumba, which is located in the spawn area.

After walking a few steps down the road next to Bumba, you’ll see a stone temple with an hourglass icon right below its entrance. Walk into the entrance and click ‘Yes’.

You’ll be taken into the time trial entrance, and you can see how long till it starts right above the wall with the same hourglass icon on it.

Once the time trial starts, the wall will open, and you can enter the first room.

Your goal is to clear as many rooms as possible without the time running out.

To get to the next room, you have to defeat all enemies in the room that you’re currently in.

After clearing four rooms, you’ve cleared a section, at which point the timer resets to five minutes.

Each room, however, features as strong or stronger enemies than the previous, which means that at a certain point, you won’t be able to clear rooms fast enough to keep up with the time, even with time resets after every fourth room.

When time runs out, you can see your results, including damage done and rewards earned.

If you wish to leave during a time trial, you can use the teleporter, which is located in each intersection between sections of rooms.

When does the time trial start?

The time trial starts every 30 minutes, which means at every hour and at every hour and a half.

So if you see that the time is 14:45, you know that the time trial will start in 15 minutes.

A minute before the time trial starts, as well as when it starts, a message will also be displayed on the screen to remind you.

When the time trial starts, you can join it until someone clears the first section of rooms, which means the first four rooms, and clicks the button in the intersection.

If nobody else is doing the time trial, then you have 5 minutes to join it and make it to the next intersection, so you don’t necessarily have to join it right on the hour or half-hour.

Rewards from time trial

You get three different rewards from doing the time trial in Anime Fighters Simulator:

  • Yen
  • Time trial shards
  • Upgrades
  • Time trial chests

Enemies in the time trial drop Yen like any other enemy in the game.

The number of Yen that enemies in the time trial drop compared to their health is the highest in the game, making the time trial the best way to farm Yen in Anime Fighters Simulator.

The further into the time trial you make it, the more health enemies have and the more Yen per health they drop, thus giving way more Yen they drop upon being defeated than regular enemies in the various worlds.

As the number of Yen you get is based on how much damage you deal to an enemy, you’ll end up earning more Yen from the time trial if you do it with other players that are around as strong or stronger.

The reason why you earn more is that you can reach later rooms than you would be able to alone, and thus get more damage onto enemies in later rooms that give more Yen per health as well as have more time to deal damage to them.

All enemies in the time trial have a small chance to drop a time trial shard upon being defeated.

To increase the number of time trial shards that you get from a run, you can use characters with the collector passive.

If you’re looking to farm time trial shards, you want to do the time trial alone, as you’ll have more chances to get them.

Lastly, you can get upgrades from doing the time trial.

You can see all upgrades in the game by clicking the up-arrow icon on the right side of the screen.

Many of the upgrades that you can unlock are unlocked by reaching certain rooms in the time trial.

For example, to get the Extra Star upgrades that enable you to open more stars, you need to reach the following rooms in the time trial:

  • Extra Star I = Reach room 24 in the Time Trial
  • Extra Star II = Reach room 48 in the Time Trial
  • Extra Star III = Reach room 72 in the Time Trial
  • Extra Star IV = Reach room 100 in the Time Trial
  • Extra Star V = Reach room 140 in the Time Trial

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to reach these rooms by yourself to unlock the various upgrades. If you do time trials with other players and they carry you to later rooms, you still unlock the upgrades.

Time trial chests have a chance to spawn in every room past room 100 in the Time Trial.

You mostly get time trial shards from time trial chests, but some players report also getting various boosts.

How to get time trial shards fast

You need time trial shards to purchase boosts and upgrades in the time trial shop.

Time trial shards are obtained by defeating enemies in the time trial. Each enemy has a small chance to drop one.

The fastest way to get time trial shards in Anime Fighters Simulator is to use a team of fighters with the collector III passive while doing the time trial alone.

Collector III is the best version of the collector passive, which increases your drop rate by 30%.

The drop rate from collector III stacks, which means that the more fighters that you have equipped with the collector III passive, the higher the chance that you get a time trial shard from an enemy in the time trial.

You can, of course, also use fighters with the collector II or collector I passive if you don’t have any or enough fighters with collector III to fill your team. Just equip your best combination, so you get the highest drop rate increase.

You want to do time trials alone if you are looking to get time trial shards fast, as you get fewer when other players damage the same enemy as you.

When someone else deals much more damage to an enemy before it’s defeated, you have a much lower chance to get a time trial shard from it.

You can use one of our Anime Fighters Simulator private servers to get onto a server with fewer players and thereby have a higher chance to get into a time trial alone.

To maximize the number of time trial shards that you get from a run, don’t skip any rooms. Unlike with Yen, the early rooms can give plenty of time trial shards.

Lastly, the stronger your characters with collector III or lower are, the faster you can farm time trial shards, as you’ll be able to defeat enemies faster and reach later rooms and thus defeat more enemies.

Time trial shop

You can spend your time trial shards in the time trial shop, which is located at the entrance to the time trial.

In the time trial shop, you can purchase various boosts and a few upgrades.

Here is an overview of the different things that you can purchase from the time trial shop:

  • Yen Boost = 15 time trial shards
  • DMG Boost = 15 time trial shards
  • XP Boost = 40 time trial shards
  • Luck Boost = 40 time trial shards
  • Raid Ticket = 80 time trial shards
  • Trial Speed I (permanent upgrade) = 100 time trial shards
  • Trial Speed II (permanent upgrade) = 500 time trial shards
  • Trial Speed III (permanent upgrade) = 1,500 time trial shards
  • Super DMG Boost = 150 time trial shards
  • Super Yen Boost = 250 time trial shards
  • Super Luck Boost = 400 time trial shards
  • Super XP Boost = 500 time trial shards
  • Defense Token = 500 time trial shards
  • Shiny Chance I (permanent upgrade) = 1,500 time trial shards
  • Shiny Chance II (permanent upgrade) = 5,000 time trial shards
  • Daily Ticket (permanent upgrades – one extra free raid ticket daily) = 2,000 time trial shards

All boosts and upgrades from the time trial shop can be useful at some point in the game.

However, if you were to save up for something specific, the Shiny Chance upgrades and Super Luck Boosts would be great choices for late-game.

That’s everything that you need to know about the time trial in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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