King Legacy Sword Tier List – Best Swords (August 2022)

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What fruit you use in King Legacy isn’t the only thing affecting how powerful your character is.

The sword that you choose also has a large impact on how strong you are in the game. But with so many swords, which one should you use?

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We’ve created this guide that ranks all swords in King Legacy in a tier list based on how powerful and useful they are in the game to give you a complete overview.

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King Legacy best swords tier list

All swords in King Legacy both have their regular basic attack that you use by left-clicking, but they also give two sword skills on Z and X.

The skills that you unlock when using a specific sword can be very powerful and important to the strength of your character.

To help you get an overview of what swords are the best to use in King Legacy, check out the following tier list, which ranks all swords in King Legacy based on how powerful they are.

SwordTierTypeObtained from
MuramasaSSecond SeaBoss King Samurai, Floresco Town
Dark BladeSGamepassPurchase gamepass
KioruSSecond SeaObjective
AeroscytheSSecond SeaBoss Sea King, Legacy Island + Chests
Pheonix BladeSSecond SeaBoss Mrs. Mother, Loaf Island
Authentic Triple KatanaASecond SeaBoss Sea King, Legacy Island + Chests
Cookie BladeASecond SeaBoss Biscuit Man, Loaf Island
Hunter BladeASecond SeaObjective
Metal TridentASecond SeaBoss Dough Master, Mirror World
LongaevusASecond SeaBoss Ghost Ship, Second Sea
Triple KatanaBFirst SeaNPC, Rocks Island
SaberBFirst SeaBoss Expert Swordsman, Stone Arena
Mom BladeBFirst SeaBoss Monster, Zombie Island
Hell SwordBSecond SeaBoss King Samurai, Floresco Town
Authentic MaceBSecond SeaBoss Dragon, Skull Island
Sunken BladeBSecond SeaBoss Sunken Vessel, Loaf Island
Xmas BladeBEventChristmas Event, Boss Santa, Stone Arena
Pumpkin SmasherBEventHalloween Event, Halloween Boss or NPC
PoleCFirst SeaBoss Rumble Man, Sky Island
BisentoCFirst SeaBoss Quake Woman, War Island
Shark BladeDFirst SeaBoss Shark Man, Shark Island
PipeDFirst SeaNPC, Bubble Island
Mini MaceDFirst SeaNPC, War Island
Anubis AxeDSecond SeaBoss Anubis, Dead Tundra
Adventure KnifeDSecond SeaBoss Flame User, Dead Tundra
Tashi BladeFFirst SeaBoss Tashi, Starter Island
JitterFFirst SeaBoss Smokey, Starter Island
KatanaFFirst SeaNPC, Starter Island

The current tier list is based on the rankings of King Legacy YouTubers JoseLix and ShanksPlays, as well as input from the community.

All swords from the game are ranked in tiers between S+ and D, with S+ being the strongest and D the weakest. The order within a tier does not matter.

Swords can be obtained in different ways. A specific sword can only be obtained in one way.

Here are the different ways that swords can be obtained in King Legacy:

  • Purchase at NPCs
  • Boss drop
  • Chests
  • Specific objective
  • Events
  • Gamepass

There are two overall categorizations of swords that can be obtained through gameplay – first sea swords and second sea swords, referring to the location where they can be obtained.

Some swords in King Legacy can be awakened to unlock new skills and more powerful stats.

That’s the tier list on what the best swords to use in King Legacy are!

Want to help us improve the rankings of this tier list? Please leave your input in the comment section below.

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