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World Zero, or World // Zero, is an MMORPG Roblox game where you explore a vast magical world, fight enemies, and grow stronger.

Picking a class is always a big decision in any MMORPG, and it’s no different in World Zero. In the beginning, you only have the starter classes to pick from, but you unlock more later in the game.

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To help you decide what class you want to pick in World Zero, we’ve created this guide, which ranks all classes in the game based on how powerful and useful they are.

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World Zero best class tier list

Choosing what class to play in World Zero is not easy when there are so many unique and great classes to play.

While all classes in the game can be played and are useful in some aspects of the game, there are some classes that generally perform better than others.

In the following tier list, all classes in World Zero are ranked based on how powerful and useful they are. You can use it to get an overview of what classes are the strongest.

Dual WielderSDamageSwordmaster
DragoonSDamageTier IV
Spirit ArcherSRangedTier IV
WarlordATank SupportLegendary
DemonBDamage TankTier IV
Mage of LightBSupportMage

The current tier list is based on the rankings by World Zero YouTuber Yuukl, as well as input from the community.

All classes in World Zero are ranked in the list above in tiers between S+ and D, with S+ being the strongest and D the weakest. The order within a tier does not matter.

Legendary type classes are also known as prestige classes.

You can only choose between the starter classes when you create your character, but as you progress through the game, you unlock access to the rest of the classes.

In other words, you are not bound to the class that you choose to begin with, as you can change into other classes that you unlock later in the game. Even though you chose Swordmaster, for example, as your starter class, you can still choose a Mage class, for example, later in the game.

You just can’t change into another starter class, only the ones that you unlock through gameplay.

That’s the tier list on what classes are the best in World Zero!

Want to help us improve the rankings of this tier list? Please leave your input in the comment section below.

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