All Star Tower Defense Orb Tier List (August 2022) – Best Orbs

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You can further enhance your units in All Star Tower Defense, ASTD for short, by placing orbs onto your unit slots.

There are several orbs in the game, all of which give different stat boosts or other power-ups.

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To help you get an overview of what orbs are the best in ASTD, we’ve created this tier list that ranks all orbs based on how powerful and useful they are.

If you’re looking for the rankings of all units in All Star Tower Defense, check out our ASTD Units Tier List.

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ASTD best orbs tier list

Later on in All Star Tower Defense, you need to start acquiring and equipping orbs to make your units more powerful.

There are many different orbs in the game, each of which gives a different stat boost or effect.

As orbs are very important for the power of your team, you should check out the following tier list, which ranks all orbs in ASTD based on how powerful and useful they are.

OrbTierEffectObtained fromUnit
Prey eyeSInitial-RNG 10%, COST -50, Initial-DMG 15%Orb ShopAny Unit
OperatorSReplacement-Skill can teleport 8 more enemiesOrb ShopDr. Heart
PinkStarSDMG 200%Orb ShopStar Boy (Requiem)
Dark SpiritualSInitial-DMG 200%, Upgrade-DMG 15%, Slow Effects Final Upgrade, Hit Air Final UpgradeBleach Challenge 3Ikki (Dark)
BombaSInitial-DMG 30% (King of Heroes only 6%)Trial 2 Extreme ModeAny Unit
CostSLowers deployment cost of unit by $100Trial 3 Extreme ModeAny Unit
Fire RageSInitial-DMG 100% (King of Heroes only 20%)Demon Slayer Challenge 1Any Unit
BlueeyeSInitial-RNG 30%Orb ShopAny Unit
DeathSDMG 500%Orb ShopKura, Kura (Darkness), Death
DemonicAInitial-DMG 100%, Upgrade-DMG 225%Orb ShopDemon Spirit Detective
God HeartAInitial-DMG 800%, Upgrade-DMG 900%Orb ShopBuddha Chairman
MoonAGT Goku becomes the Golden Ozaru, boosting his statsOrb ShopKoku (Alternative)
SnakeAInitial-DMG 500%, Upgrade-DMG 1500%Orb ShopRuffy (Snake SSS)
PawBInitial-DMG 1250%, Upgrade-DMG 600%Orb ShopTyrant
TitanicBInitial-DMG 500%, Upgrade-DMG 1000%Orb ShopAmen
God Earring RIGHTBForm Vegito by placing this orb on Vegeta or Majin Vegeta and the left orb on any Goku unit except GTOrb ShopAny Vegu
God Earring LEFTBForm Vegito by placing this orb on any Goku unit except GT and the right orb on Vegeta or Majin VegetaOrb ShopAny Koku, except GT
Beast-M ScalingBInitial-DMG 200%, Upgrade-DMG 250%Raid 1 Extreme ModeMikato (Beast Cloak)
GravityCInitial-DMG 2000%, Upgrade-DMG 2500%Orb ShopBlinding Lights
BloomingCInitial-DMG 800%, Upgrade-DMG 2000%Orb ShopZyaya
CrywolfCDMG 1700%Orb ShopTony Stark
Green NaturalCDMG 2350%Orb ShopLegendary Borul
LimitationCInitial-DMG 700%, Upgrade-DMG 1600%Orb ShopGen (Grown)
RoseCInitial-DMG 500%, Upgrade-DMG 2000%Orb ShopKoku Black Pink
VenomousCDMG 500%Orb ShopVenom
Demon MCInitial-DMG 500%, Upgrade-DMG 1000%Orb ShopSuper Boo
Golden-F ScalingCInitial-DMG 200%, Upgrade-DMG 650%Trial 1 Extreme ModeGolden Supreme-Leader
The HawkCDMG 1300%Orb ShopZorro
SnowCInitial-DMG 200%, Upgrade-DMG 1000%Orb ShopIce Queen (B) and (D)
Rainbow MagicCDMG 2000%Orb ShopKovegu
Supa FutureDDMG 350%Orb ShopSupa Future T
PathDInitial-DMG 150%, Upgrade-DMG 900%Orb ShopThe Path
QuakeDInitial-DMG 180%, Upgrade-DMG 1500%Orb ShopWhitestache (Final)
MeraDInitial-DMG 600%, Upgrade-DMG 1000%Orb ShopSpade
Lightning BreathDInitial-DMG 900%, Upgrade-DMG 2500%Orb ShopRenitsu

The current tier list is based on the rankings of All Star Tower Defense YouTuber Blam Spot and input from the community.

All orbs in the game are ranked between S+ and D, with S+ being the strongest and most useful and D being the least. The order within a tier does not matter.

You can equip orbs to any of your unit slots by clicking the Orbs button, and you can only have one of each orb in the game, which means you cannot use the same orb for two units.

The effects of some orbs only apply to a specific unit in the game, while others can be applied to any unit in the game. If you equip a unit-specific orb to a unit that doesn’t correspond to the orb, the unit won’t get the buff.

You can see what unit a specific orb is for in the tier list above under the Unit column.

INITIAL-RNG is the initial attack range of a unit.

How to get orbs in All Star Tower Defense

There are different ways to obtain orbs in All Star Tower Defense.

The primary way to obtain orbs is by crafting them in the Orbs Shop using various materials obtained from gameplay.

Orbs can also be obtained directly from different content in the game, like Raids and Trials.

You can only obtain the same orb once.

That’s the tier list on what orbs are the best in All Star Tower Defense!

Want to help us improve the rankings of this tier list? Please leave your input in the comment section below.

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