ZO SAMURAI Tier List 2024 – Best Weapons

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You can put your samurai skills to the test in the Roblox game Zo Samurai.

The game features several weapons for you to collect and use in combat, but which ones are the best to use?

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To help you get an overview of how powerful each weapon in the game is, this guide ranks all weapons based on how good they are.

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ZO SAMURAI weapons tier list

In the popular Roblox game Zo Samurai, you explore a world, fight enemies, complete objectives, and later on, fight other players.

Zo Samurai revolves around your weapon as you play as a samurai slashing your way through the world.

In the following tier list, all weapons in Zo Samurai are ranked based on how powerful they are to give you a complete overview of the strength of each weapon.













The current tier list is based on input from the Zo Samurai community.

All weapons are ranked in tiers from S to F, with S being the strongest and F the weakest. The order of weapons within a tier does not matter.

Weapons can be obtained in different locations in the world of Zo Samurai. Usually, you simply obtain it by praying to a specific statue that holds the weapon.

That’s the tier list on what the strongest weapons in Zo Samurai are!

Want to help improve the rankings in this tier list? Please share your input in the comment section below.

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  1. Slasher

    Albeit i dont really know where i would put Odachi it definetly does not belong in F tier. Odachi has quite a decent range but the Reason why many players find hard to succeed with it Is because of the way the Attack works. Odachi Attack Is one of the slowest in the game, but instead of being continuosly Slow its extremely Slow in the First part of the Attack (when the Avatar pulls it back a bit) And then Very Fast in the next part (when the Avatar strikes with it) this way it confuses the user WHO does a bad timing And Fails to hit in the right time. However when you learn how to time Odachi Attacks And blocks (Odachi blocks Are slow) then you can confuse your enemy which turns the weapon into one of the most “punishing” ones in the game.

  2. Bread Samurai

    Shortened: Naginata>Katana>Kusarigama>Tanto>Caestus>Odachi>Kanobo

  3. Bread Samurai

    For Me: S=Naginata A=Katana B=Kusarigama C=Tanto D=Caestus F=Odachi F-=Kanobo. That’s What I Think. Reasons: Naginata Is So Op, Far Ranger, And Good At Blocking And Many Of The Pros Use It Some With Dual Wield, Katana Is Well Balanced Everywhere And Can Be Close And Far Range, Kusarigama Is Ranged And Good With Dual Wield But Not The Best. Tanto Is Close Range, A Bit Poor In Blocking But Is Super Fast. Caestus Is Strong, Good With Block, And Good Offense, But It Is A Bit Slow And Hard For Me And Others To Use, Odachi Is Far Range But Kina Sucks Tbh, Just Try It And See What I Mean. Kanobo Is Bulky BUT OMG IT IS THE SLOWEST WEAPON AND IS AS BAD AS HECK FOR ME. That Is My Ranking Decree. Bread Samurai Out.

  4. Bread Samurai

    Look At This Comment After You Read The One Below Me, Don’t Charge In Recklessly With Naginata Or It Will Fail, And Spam Caestus Is Bad Habit To Create.

  5. Baller

    The Ceastus is the best Katana worst

  6. 101ninjabro

    the naginta is s tier because you dont have to get close

  7. Jess

    i actually use naginata and katana more because i like playing with them and there faster and dont ask me but i never use caestus like i have 0 kills with it but the others i do have but im so obsessed with naginata and katana! and tbh naginata has to be an S not caestus tho.. and thats all! byeee! <3

  8. H3 h20

    I actually use naginata bc I’m scared of being close range with my enemy bc if I did I will just get defeated


    naginata is S tier caestus is far lower

    1. YIRF

      Caestus is the most overpowerd weapon, if a begginer uses it and spams it, its deadly. I wiped a whole plate without trying using the Ceastus. I don’t use it cause it’s unfair, even if you perfect block the attack they can just run away, the speed(while holding it) + it being the most no skill weapon ever, kinda does make it S teir but not for a good reason.

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