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In Anime Fighters Simulator, your characters can have a passive, which is a permanent buff, or in some cases, a debuff.

Almost all passives in the game do, however, make your fighters stronger, and some of them make them significantly stronger.

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Upon opening a character from a star, there is a small chance that it will have a passive. If a character that you want to use doesn’t have one, you can give it one.

With so many passives in the game, we recommend that you check out our Anime Fighters Simulator Passives Tier List to get an understanding of how powerful different passives are.

In this guide, we give you all the information that you need on passives in Anime Fighters Simulator.

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What are passives?

Passives are permanent boosts that characters in Anime Fighters Simulator can have.

You can see whether or not a character has a passive by looking at its icon in your character inventory.

If there is a small icon in the top-left corner of a character’s icon, then that character has a passive.

To see what the passive does as well as its name, you can click the character’s icon, and the passive information will be displayed to the right of the character’s main information window, as shown below.

Anime Fighters Simulator Character Passive

Not all passives in the game display what boosts they give as Rich III does.

The Ghostly passive, for example, just says, ‘This fighter is like a ghost…’. You can see what boosts all passives in the game give in our passives list later in this guide.

There are many types of passives giving boosts in everything from damage and attack speed to movement speed and drop rate.

Some passives have a major impact on the damage output of a fighter, so you should definitely aim to get passives on all the fighters that you use on your team.

How to get passives

There are two ways to get passives on characters in Anime Fighters Simulator.

The first way characters can get passives in the game is by them randomly having one upon being opened from a star.

Every time you open a star, there is a small chance that the fighter has a random passive.

The rarer a passive is, the smaller the chance that a character randomly has it upon being opened.

The second way to get a passive on a fighter is by using the passive reroll machine located in the Hero’s University world.

In the passive reroll machine, you can, of course, reroll the passive of a character who already has one, but you can also use it to give a character without one a passive.

To give a fighter a passive in the passive reroll machine, click Pick Fighter inside the machine, click the fighter that you wish to give a passive, click Select, and click Shard Reroll or Robux Reroll.

The passive that your character gets is random and follows the same probability as rerolling an already existing passive.

Once you’ve selected a character to give a passive, you can see how many raid shards it’ll cost to give it a passive before you click the Shard Reroll button. Robux reroll costs 149 Robux.

The number of shards it costs to give or reroll a fighter’s passive depends on the rarity of that fighter. The shards have to be from the same world as the fighter.

Note that you cannot give a character a passive if they are currently equipped on your team. Unequip them first. Then you can put them into the passive reroll machine.

How to reroll a passive

If you have a character that you want to use on your team but that has a weak passive, or you just want a better one, it’s possible to reroll the current passive.

To reroll the passive of a character in Anime Fighters Simulator, head to the passive reroll machine in Hero’s University, click the ‘Pick Fighter’ button in the machine, select the character whose passive you wish to reroll, click ‘Select’, and click the ‘Shard Reroll or ‘Robux Reroll’ button.

Rerolling the passive of a character either costs raid shards from the same world that the character belongs to or 149 Robux, depending on whether you choose Shard Reroll or Robux Reroll.

The number of raid shards it costs to reroll the passive of a character depends on the rarity of that character, with those of higher rarities costing more shards.

When you reroll the passive of a character, you can get any passive in the game, except for the poor ones that make your character weaker.

All passives list

There are many passives in Anime Fighters Simulator giving boosts in everything from attack to movement speed.

Passives come in different rarities, with the higher-rarity ones usually being better than those of lesser.

Here are the different rarities passives can be in Anime Fighters Simulator:

  • Poor
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Secret

As mentioned, you cannot get passives of Poor rarity when using the passive reroll machine. They can only be obtained by a character randomly having it when being opened.

With so many passives in the game and the fact that not all passives say what boosts they give, we’ve pooled all the information you need together.

Here is a complete overview of all passives in Anime Fighters Simulator, including their chance according to the game, what boost they give, and their rarity.

DumbLess EXPPoor0%
SlowLess Movement SpeedPoor0%
Weak-20% DMGPoor0%
Genius I15% EXPCommon11%
Rich I10% YenCommon13%
Strong I10% DMGCommon13%
Tactical I25% Boss DMGCommon8.2%
Collector I10% Drop Chance increaseRare6.9%
Genius II30% EXPRare4.1%
Leader I+5% Team DamageRare4.1%
Rich II20% YenRare5.5%
Strong II25% DMGRare5.5%
Lucky I+0.1 LuckRare4.1%
Sorcerer I-1 Hit to charge ultimateRare3.4%
Strong III50% DMGEpic1.3%
Leader II+10% Team DamageEpic1.3%
Collector II20% Drop Chance increaseEpic1.3%
Rich III30% YenEpic1.3%
Speedy30% Attack Speed, 3X Movement SpeedEpic2.7%
Tactical II50% Boss DMGEpic2.7%
Genius III50% EXPLegendary1%
Collector III30% Drop Chance increaseLegendary0.55%
Lucky II+0.25 LuckLegendary1%
Giant50% DMG, -20% Movement SpeedLegendary0.82%
Sorcerer II-2 Hits to charge ultimate, 10% DMGLegendary1.1%
Tactical III100% Boss DMGLegendary0.48%
Tank65% DMG, -50% Movement SpeedLegendary1.1%
Tiny20% DMG, 50% Attack Speed, 5X Movement SpeedLegendary0.82%
Sorcerer III-3 Hits to charge ultimate, 20% DMGLegendary0.34%
Lucky III+0.5 LuckMythical0.13%
Blessing75% DMG, 2.5X Movement SpeedMythical0.2%
Ghostly50% DMG, 50% Attack Speed, 10X Movement SpeedMythical0.13%
Leader III+20% Team DamageMythical0.13%
Solid Gold+75% DMG, +40% Yen, -20% Attack Speed, -25% Movement SpeedMythical0.13%
Ace+100% Critical RateMythical0.082%
God+85% Damage, +50% Attack Speed, 1.2X Size, - 3 Hits to charge ultimate, 3X Movement SpeedSecret0.013%

As some passives are very rare to roll, we recommend settling for a great but less rare passive till you have the resources to keep rerolling for a long time.

Also, if you happen to get any character with Solid Gold either from opening stars or rerolling, we recommend that you keep it, as you can use characters with this passive to farm Yen quickly.

What are the best passives?

Because of the vast number and variety of passives in Anime Fighters Simulator, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to go for.

In general, God, Solid Gold, and Ghostly are the best passives in the game.

What passive is best for you does, however, depend on what your current needs are.

If you are in need of Time Trials shards, then a Collector III passive is the best, and if you are looking to farm raid shards, then a Tactical III would help out a lot.

But, as what most players want is more damage, then Solid Gold and Ghostly are the best options for you.

One more thing to consider about damage-boosting passives is whether or not a fighter can charge their ultimate quickly, which means that they don’t need to perform many basic attacks before their ultimate is ready.

If a character has a quick ultimate charge time, then it benefits greatly from a DMG boosting passive, while those with a slow ultimate charge benefit more from an attack speed boost.

You can learn more about how good each passive in the game is in our passives tier list.

A last note about when deciding between using a DMG boosting or a Boss DMG boosting passive is that Boss DMG does not affect the damage your clicks deal.

Boss DMG only affects the damage that characters deal to bosses, while DMG boosts affect your click damage, so more than just the damage output of that character.

That’s everything you need to know about passives in Anime Fighters Simulator!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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