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Acquiring and activating a mode in Shindo Life is one of the best ways to quickly and significantly increase the power of your power.

Not only do you get stat boosts from modes, but you also get new m1, q-spec, and c- or z-spec attacks from some of them.

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In this guide, we give you all the info you need on modes, also known as spirits, including how to get and activate them.

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What are spirits/modes?

Modes in Shindo Life are the activated form of a spirit, which transforms your character into a more powerful state.

While a mode is active, you get various stat boosts across of all stats and increased movement speed.

Some modes change the appearance of your character slightly, some change it completely, and some do not at all.

Getting a mode is one of the best ways to increase your power significantly, as the stat boosts greatly increase the power of all your attacks, both jutsu and taijutsu attacks.

Most modes give a new Q-spec ability, the move you use on the Q button, and some also change your m1 attacks and give you an extra C-spec or Z-spec move, depending on whether the mode is a Z or C mode.

Some spirits have multiple mode stages, meaning that you can unlock additional stages of the same mode from the same spirit. Usually, by leveling the spirit up further or by obtaining an item.

How to get a mode in Shindo Life

You can get a mode in Shindo Life by obtaining a bloodline that has a spirit or by obtaining a spirit from the Sub-Ability page. Spirits from the Sub-Ability page are obtained either by finding their scroll on the ground or by defeating a specific boss.

Not all bloodlines in Shindo Life have a spirit and thus give one or more modes. You can see what bloodlines give modes in our bloodline tier list.

All spirits listed in the Sub-Ability page of the menu under either GEN-1 Tailed, GEN-2 Tailed, GEN-3 Tailed, and Mode-Awakenings all give you the mode of the spirit.

At the beginning of the game, it’s easiest to get a mode by getting a bloodline that has a mode, as spirits from the Sub-Ability page have to be found throughout the world of Shindo Life and then unlocked. The bosses that can drop a spirit are also not easy to defeat early on in the game.

After you’ve obtained a bloodline that gives a mode, you usually need to level up the bloodline spirit to a specific level before you can activate it. You can level it up by dealing damage to things and enemies and by completing quests.

How to activate modes in Shindo Life

To activate a mode in Shindo Life, you need to equip it first and then press and hold either “C” or “Z” on your keyboard, depending on whether it’s a C or Z mode.

You can equip a mode by going to the “Bloodline” page in the menu if it’s a bloodline mode and clicking the [EQUIP] button below the bloodline. If a bloodline does not have the [EQUIP] button, it does not have a mode.

A spirit or mode from the Sub-Ability page can be equipped by clicking it and clicking [EQUIP].

After you’ve equipped a mode, you can see whether it’s a C or a Z mode by looking at the toolbar. If it appears in the “C” slot, it’s a C mode, and if it appears in the “Z” slot, it’s a Z mode.

Before you can activate a C mode, you need to have your Chi completely healed, as the “C” key shares function with Chi healing. When your Chi is completely healed, stop holding “C” in case you were healing up your Chi, and then press and hold “C” again for a bit, the mode will then activate. Z modes can be activated by holding the “Z” key and do not require you to have healed your Chi first.

Some modes have multiple stages. To activate the different stages, press “C+2”, “C+3”, etc., to activate stages 2, 3, etc for C modes. For Z modes, press “Z+2”, “Z+3”, etc. You need to already have activated stage 1 of a mode before you can switch to one of the later stages.

When a mode is active, the purple MD (Mode Energy) bar on the left side of your toolbar starts draining. When it reaches 0, the mode is deactivated, and you need to wait until it regenerates to activate the mode again.

After the MD bar reaches 0, you need for it to regenerate at least a bit before it is possible to activate mode again, but you don’t need to wait for it to fully regenerate.

That’s everything you need to know about modes in Shindo Life!

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