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Elements are one of the attributes of your character in Shindo Life, a Roblox game by RELL World. Elements determine what abilities you can use.

All elements in the game have a set of jutsu you can unlock by spending RYO when you reach specific element levels and the required number of CHI points.

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There are many different elements in Shindo Life, and the abilities you get from your element can be a decisive factor in how powerful you are.

That’s why we’ve created this tier list ranking all elements in the Shindo Life, so you know what the best elements are to roll for.

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Best Elements Tier List

What abilities you have from your elements can be a major factor in how strong your character is in Shindo Life.

There are many different kinds of abilities you can get from elements, including huge crowd-control abilities and high-damage abilities for training or PvP.

The following tier list ranks all elements in Shindo Life based on how powerful each element is in battle.

IconElementRankProbabilityMax level ability
Cement Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxCement


Chaos Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxChaos


Order Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxOrder


Pyromania Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxPyromania


Gale Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxGale


Yang Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxYang


Yin Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxYin


Gilga Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxGilga


Acid Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxAcid


Shiver Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxShiver


Prism-Style Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxPrism-Style


Shock Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxShock


Air Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxWind


Stone Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxEarth


Combustion Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxCombustion


Flame Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxFlame


Liquid Element Icon Shindo Life RobloxWater



The current tier list is based on the tier lists created by YouTuber VarietyJay, as well as input from the Shindo Life community.

This tier list will be updated as new updates are released or the meta changes.

In the tier list, every element has been given a rank from S to D, with S being the strongest and D being the weakest.

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Not all elements have the same probability of being rolled, and the ones with a lower probability are usually the stronger ones.

You can equip two elements at a time by default, but you can unlock two more slots through game passes.

Like with bloodlines, you have to roll for elements in Shindo Life.

To get the best elements in the game, you’ll likely need to spin a bunch of times, which means you’ll need a lot of spins.

Check out our guide on How To Get Spins in Shindo Life if you need more spins.

That’s the tier list on the best elements in Shindo Life!

If you have any input for this tier list, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Kye

    I got chaos and order in 2 spins lmao

  2. dude

    i just got both order style in 100+ spins

  3. Granto

    rlly. when i want get acid i get yin , chaos and cement in 14 spins .-.

  4. nothing

    i spin 1000 times for yin-yang-acid but i dont get that and best element is acid not pyro

    1. Granto

      acid isn’t really good at pvp and pyro is good i mean very usable in combo not like acid and acid is really good at pve and pyro isn’t and one more thing is that, the most of players are focused on pvp more than pve thats why pyro is rated S+ and acid S cuz both very good

  5. Jamal

    I got ragnor and renshiki gold in 50 spins

  6. Kingsandwich

    I got full rarity spin and got air style

  7. The sogger

    nah shiver isnt that good just rare

  8. e

    I got chaos twice in a row is that lucky?

  9. Hoi kit

    shiver isnt that good, i have it and its honestly a letdown.

  10. this rate game is svcks

    i just get stone


  11. pro

    Why is Shiver A tier and Prism Style S tier? They are both the same exact thing, just a different skin

  12. N

    rate lie

  13. Astrid

    so i spinned elements on my brothers account and got acid and shiver under 100 spins
    main account fire and air with 500 spins wtf

  14. Uncle Jim

    I got gale and yin in 10 spins

    1. sus

      no way

  15. amogus

    tip after u spin go in ability bag to see what u gonna get early ur welcome 🙂

    1. Some russian dude

      doesn’t ely matter bc it doesn’t change what you get

  16. Dacoolman

    i got combustion and acid in 7 spins lol

    1. Elpapu3000

      I used 100 spins to get chaos and other 100 to get shiver lol

      1. Hoi kit

        i used 250 spins and got liquid and shock ;-; .

      2. The man

        I’m gonna be spinning a while for chaos then.

  17. Shindo

    Bruh the cement are bugging on me its not working ;-;

  18. Naruto

    Im literally gonna cry i had ying, yang acid and other goods ones in a ROW on a spinner but of course it CHANGED TO A COMMON

  19. Yourboi

    got chaos yin and yangin 545 spins

  20. AuthNova

    When you get Raion Akuma and one other Akuma for both your bloodlines in 80 spins or less.

    1. poor me

      I tried to get narumaki but then I got azim-senko, raion akuma, riser akuma, and eternal in a row 🙁

      1. Hoi kit

        those are good bloodlines :/

  21. Julian

    I used 200 spins and got all fire, shock, water,wind and earth elements not a single A or S tier.

    1. Coopkat

      Same I have almost used abt 400 spins and haven’t got a single a tear

    2. Gabriel

      Full rarity and I got a fire

  22. ree

    its rigged i got almost got yang BUT THE GAME JUST DECIDED NOPE U GONNA GET AIR

  23. aOOOOOOga

    tbh tho shindo life should really make a new spin system, like if you spend more spins u can have a higher chance of getting a good element or bloodline. I mean it doesn’t have to be too overpowered like every IOO spin there is 50% of a element other than air,flame,liquid,stone, and shock.

    1. Lokal

      I know with bloodlines after 80 spins you activate something called “Pity”, meaning you’re garantee’d to get something at or above 2.0% or something like that.

      1. quandale dingle

        i got flame on my pity idek how bro i swear my luck is so bad, i got stone on one and the only a tier i got on the other is stone whyyy

      2. Gabriel

        I got fire for my 80 spins pity, this stuff I rigged

  24. konolu

    i just spun gale shiver shindai and narumaki in 30 spins

  25. Row

    Yeah I just dont wanna sound spoiled here… but this game’s rigging this bullcrap, bruh games shows me like 20 1%s and the last one ends up being a 20% all the time, no joke, its rigged…

    1. aOOOOOOga

      what is the best elemental element? like air, flame, liquid, shock, and earth

      1. Dacoolman

        in my opinion, the best starter element is shock and air

  26. Kashima_

    nice chaos is here but whys it below acid and cement its rlly good tho

    1. Jack Roque

      It doesn’t matter where an element is listed within a tier, they are ordered alphabetically

    2. bobt

      did anyone noctice you have a 100% chance to get ethier air, liqud, shock, stone, and flame

    3. aOOOOOOga

      lol i just got chaos, i am pretty new to the game so i not sure if it good or not

  27. Yem

    My sister who barely plays and is F0 noob got shiver tengoku and forged akuma in 125 spins

    1. Kashima_

      bruh wth her luck ;-;

    2. Waka

      I don’t play that much and I got jokei, riser akuma, eternal, senko, saberu and chaos in 297 spins or something like that

    3. Gravy

      Bruh it keeps giving me satori akuma 3 times in a row and then it gave me forged and bankai akuma and guess what i got shindai akuma after that in just 6 spins not even kidding

  28. omegakeyvinxbox

    what bout chaos

  29. Al

    I had Yang and gale but resolved both and now have Liquid and air.

  30. roach

    is it better the liquid ?

  31. f

    when i was a newbie i got yang 10th spin and i still spinned it cuz i thought it was bad

    1. Bur00

      that’s so bad bro xD

      1. Juicy

        Well I got, shiver, yin, gaile ,combustion , dagai, red wood, forged akuma, and the new god bloodline, in just 200 spins

    2. What now

      You didn’t watch Naruto? That’s your fault

    3. king

      thats rlly sad

  32. Sad Kid

    I literally can’t get anything good after around 350 spin

    1. Anime Kid

      me too lol

    2. Deathmastr

      Dang I got bankai and raion akuma in 3 spins

    3. Naruto fan

      Thats me lol
      Sad truth si the same with me too lol

    4. Kur


  33. Bonnie

    for over 4200 spins and all i got is Shiver…..

    1. lol

      cant get 4200 spins only get 500

      1. roach

        can you change your element later on in the game?

  34. tate

    this game not let i get a good element ;-;


    yin in 5000 spins…

  36. aqua

    i got flame first try 🙂

    1. prince

      flame is the worst lol

      1. Kashima_

        its pretty good imo ;-;’

  37. aaa

    i got yin in only 19 spins lmfao

    1. Blade

      Got yang first try lol

      1. Kashima_

        got chaos in 2 spins lol 😀

  38. Taco

    400 spins – Renshiki, Saberu, Yang, Yang

    1. tate


  39. ThatWelshDucK

    Wat about gale style

  40. ajz

    i have yin and acid in only 100 spins

    1. icee


  41. Gamer Man

    wich is better liquid or air

    1. Lol


  42. Mohamed

    Shock is super op rise it’s tier

    1. Concealed

      yah its op but there is shiver in place of shock so

  43. Yuzzi

    i got yang and ying in 230 spins

    1. Mario


  44. Flixytip

    Lucky, ive gone through about700+ spins and only ever got shiver once and thats it, never got cement or anything else, just liquid, flame shock, air over and over again.

    1. bababoi

      thats everyone including me other than the fact that i got shiver twice and acid 3 times in like 1k spins

  45. Soggy sponge

    This is relly helpful thank you:D I actualy have yin which is great thanks

    1. emre

      let’s be honest. the best elements are yang and shiver

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