Shindo Life Subjutsu Tier List (August 2022) – Best Sub-Abilities

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Unlocking and using a subjutsu, also known as a sub-ability, is one of the ways that you can gain abilities to use in Shindo Life.

You can use any subjutsu you have unlocked in your build no matter your other attributes, unlike bloodline or element abilities, for example, which are linked to a specific bloodline or element.

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There are many sub-abilities to use and unlock in Shindo Life, so to give you an overview of which ones are the best, this guide ranks all of them based on how strong they are.

If you’re looking for rankings on the bloodlines and elements in Shindo Life, check out our bloodline tier list and element tier list.

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Shindo Life subjutsus tier list

There are several ways to get abilities to use in Shindo Life, and subjutsus, also known as sub-abilities, is one of them.

By unlocking subjutsus, you can gain access to powerful abilities that’ll help you greatly in combat. They aren’t bound to a specific bloodline or anything else, which means you can use any you’ve unlocked in any build.

The following tier list ranks all subjutsus in Shindo Life based on how powerful and useful they are.

Note that this tier list only ranks attack-based subjutsus. You can find the rankings of all mode subjutsus in our Shindo Life modes and spirits tier list.

Great Spiraling Spirit BombS+Hidden Technique0.02
Raion Style: Rengoku Inferno Spirit BladeS+Hidden Technique0.03
Menza Azarashi: Chains of BindS+Hidden Technique0.1
Forged Style: Fireball WarpS+Hidden Technique0.04
Earth Style: Winter AvalancheS+Hidden Technique0.06
Maki Style: Ashura BuckshotS+Hidden Technique0.04
Arahaki Style: Thousand Air PalmsS+Hidden Technique0.06
Planetary DemolitionS+Hidden Technique0.05
Body ReplacementS+Jujutsu Arts-
Senko: StormSHidden Technique0.02
Rab Style: WarpSHidden Technique0.03
Shiver Style: Dimension BladeSHidden Technique0.1
Atomic Style: Dismantling BindSHidden Technique0.07
Shindai Style: Amethyst LightningSHidden Technique0.03
Vanishing Spirit BombAHidden Technique0.03
Reality Style: WarpAHidden Technique0.02
Fog DissolutionAHidden Technique-
Firework SubjutsuAHidden Technique0.07
Magma Spirit BombAHidden Technique0.08
Satori Inferno Bomb RushAHidden Technique0.08
Shock Style: Ashen RaigoAHidden Technique0.05
Raion Style: Aerial Demon TossAHidden Technique0.04
Apollo Style: Sand Shuriken BombAHidden Technique0.05
Gezo MadoASummoning0.08
Vanishing ImageAVanishing Clones0.07
Senko: Spirit BombBHidden Technique0.06
Shock Style: Electro BladeBHidden Technique0.08
Shock Style: Dual ElectroBHidden Technique0.04
Super Odama Spirit BombBHidden Technique0.06
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken RushBHidden Technique0.1
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken TossBHidden Technique0.07
Lightning ShurikensBHidden Technique0.04
Demon WarpBHidden Technique0.17
Rab Style: PrisonBHidden Technique0.06
Poison Style: Acidic CloudBHidden Technique0.1
Bankai Inferno Bomb TossBHidden Technique0.08
Raion Style: Inferno Armour ControlBHidden Technique0.1
Light Style: Sun FlareBHidden Technique0.04
Blood Style: Blood WaveBHidden Technique0.07
Illusion Style: Crow SalvationBIllusionary0.13
Narumaki BarrageBJujutsu Arts0.02
Bruce Dragon ComboBJujutsu Arts0.04
Dynamic Stomp BarrageBJujutsu Arts0.04
Shiki HurricaneBJujutsu Arts0.07
Medical Self-HealBMedical-
Medical Team-HealBMedical-
Heavenly WallBSummoning0.02
Eagle CompanionBSummoning0.02
Toad SummonBSummoning0.01
Snake SummonBSummoning0.01
Ginger Bread SummonBSummoning0.06
Narumaki Vanishing CloneBVanishing Clones0.04
Narumaki Vanishing Multi-CloneBVanishing Clones0.03
Shadow SnowmanBVanishing Clones0.2
Vanishing Clone Spirit BombBVanishing Clones0.11
Air Style: Odama Spirit BombCHidden Technique0.13
Sleigh SummonCHidden Technique0.05
Sleigh BombCHidden Technique0.04
Hydra Style: LiquefyCHidden Technique0.1
Shindai Style: Sunflower IllusionCHidden Technique0.04
Combo BreakerCJujutsu Arts-
Spirit SpearCJujutsu Arts0.14
Liquid ControlCKendo Arts0.04
Flame ControlCKendo Arts0.04
Shock ControlCKendo Arts0.04
Stone ControlCKendo Arts0.04
Air ControlCKendo Arts0.04
Medical Mode-TransferCMedical0.03
Reaper Spirit (Normal)CSummoning0.01
Scarecrow Seal HalloweenCSummoning0.01
Reaper Spirit (SL 2)CSummoning0.01
Vanishing Clone: BarrageCVanishing Clones0.08
Water Vanishing ImageCVanishing Clones0.03
Wood Vanishing ImageCVanishing Clones0.03
Korashi Multi-SummonCVanishing Clones0.03
Tsunami Style: Water Jet CannonDHidden Technique0.14
Poison Style: Acidic BulletsDHidden Technique0.33
Odin Shock WolfDHidden Technique0.1
Confusion Illusion TechniqueDIllusionary0.05
Peekaboo JutsuDIllusionary0.01
Clown Trap HalloweenDIllusionary0.02
Azarashi BarrageDJujutsu Arts-
Ryuji AxisDJujutsu Arts-
Ember RisingDJujutsu Arts-
Spirit FistDJujutsu Arts-
Spirit SmashDJujutsu Arts-
Saberu SupriseDJujutsu Arts0.05
Vanishing Clone JutsuDVanishing Clones-
Shockslam TechniqueFHidden Technique0.04
Fire ShurikensFHidden Technique0.07
Rab Style: MeteoriteFHidden Technique0.02
Stone Style: Fist Of SteelFHidden Technique0.17
Sleeping TechniqueFIllusionary-
Reality TalkFIllusionary0.02
Tree Illusion TechniqueFIllusionary0.05
Illusion Style: TransformFIllusionary0.25
Ember HurricaneFJujutsu Arts-
Raion BarrageFJujutsu Arts-
Ember EntryFJujutsu Arts-
Mighty SmashFJujutsu Arts-
Multi-Vanishing ClonesFVanishing Clones0.08
Exploding Vanishing ImageFVanishing Clones0.03

The current tier list is based on the rankings by Shindo Life YouTuber VarietyJay and input from the community.

All attack-based subjutsus in the game are ranked in tiers between S+ and F, with S+ being the strongest and F the weakest. The order of subjutsus within a tier does not matter.

Subjutsus that have a rarity value are those who have a chance to spawn at their location. The lower the rarity value, the less frequent it spawns at its location at its spawn time. It is not a direct probability value.

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There are several types of attack-based subjutsus in Shindo Life:

  • Hidden Technique
  • Summoning
  • Vanishing Clones
  • Illusionary
  • Medical
  • Kendo Arts
  • Jujutsu Arts

These are the types of sub-abilities that are ranked in the tier list above.

To obtain a specific subjutsu in Shindo Life, you have to unlock it in the game menu under Sub-Ability.

Before you can unlock a subjutsu, you need to meet its requirements. Requirements vary for each subjutsus, but most have both a level requirement, RYO requirement, stat requirement, and drop or boss drop requirement.

The stronger a sub-ability is, the harder it usually is to unlock. Some of the weaker ones can just be bought for RYO with only a level and stat requirement.

Subjutsus that you’ve unlocked can be added to your current moveset, and it does not cost anything to change between the ones you’ve unlocked.

That’s the tier list on what the strongest subjutsus to use in Shindo Life are!

Want to help us improve the rankings in this tier list? Please share your input in the comment section below.

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