Anime Mania (Roblox) – Beginner’s Guide: How To Play, Characters, Etc.

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Anime Mania has quickly become a popular game in Roblox.

In the game, you fend off enemies using characters from popular anime shows, summon to improve your selection of characters, upgrade your characters, and more.

In this beginner’s guide, we give you the information you need about Anime Mania as a new player of the game.

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What is Anime Mania

Anime Mania is a game in Roblox created by Anime Legends Studio.

In Anime Mania, you play as popular characters from different anime shows fighting against waves of enemies.

The game consists of different stories that contain levels, all of which is a series of waves of enemies and a boss at the end.

Anime Mania combines the tower defense genre with active fighting games, effectively making you a moving defending tower.

You get to test your skills and the abilities of your favorite anime characters in Anime Mania.

How to play

To play in Anime Mania, you first need to have at least one character to play.

You can get characters in Anime Mania by clicking the ‘Roll’ button in the button left corner.

Under the gems roll, which is the rainbow one, click ‘Roll’ or ‘Roll x10’.

This will give you one or ten random characters from the pool of characters you can see on the roll menu.

The selection of characters you can roll changes every hour.

After rolling one or more characters, click ‘Make Team’ on the right side of the screen.

This will open up the character window where you can see all your characters.

Click ‘View’ under the character you wish to add to your team, and then click ‘Equip’ on the right side inside that character’s page.

Choose either Equip Slot 1, 2, or 3, and the selected character will be added to that slot.

You now have a character on your team and are ready to play Anime Mania.

You can add up to three different characters to your team at once.

To start a game in Anime Mania, click the ‘Play’ button in the bottom left corner, and choose a story on the left side of the play window.

In the middle of the play window, you can see the currently selected level.

Once you complete a level, you unlock the next one, which can then be accessed by clicking the ‘Next’ button.

If you have just started playing the game, you cannot see the Next button as you have yet to unlock the next level.

Press ‘Create Room’, and a public room for that level will be created.

Up to three other players can join the room.

If you want to play with your friends, you can type in a code under ‘Code’ before you create the room, and players will have to type in that code to join the room.

If you just want to play yourself, then just press ‘BEGIN’ once you have created a room for a level.

The level will now begin, and you will get to choose between the characters on your team to play in that level.

You can change your character in the level after a couple of waves.

Inside the level, you have to fight off enemies using your character’s normal attacks, which are used with the left click on your mouse, as well as the abilities of your character, which are used with the number keys on your keyboard.

You can combine some attacks with jumping by pressing space at the same time, which will make it an ariel attack.

That’s the basics of how to play Anime Mania!

How to equip/use a character

When you first start playing Anime Mania, you’ll notice that your character is just a default model.

Before you can become a character, you need to equip it.

If you don’t have any characters yet, click the ‘Roll’ button and roll for one.

To equip/use a character in Anime Mania, click the ‘Make Team’ button on the right side, select a character from your characters list by clicking ‘View’, click ‘Equip’ on the right side on the character’s page, and then select a slot on your team.

In the lobby of the game, your character will be the one that you have equipped in the first character slot of your team.

In levels, you can choose between the three characters in your team and switch throughout the level between certain waves.

All characters list

There are a lot of unique characters to roll and play in Anime Mania.

Here is a complete overview of the characters in the game.

Awakened Hitachi Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxAwakened HitachiLegendary
DEUS Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxDEUSLegendary
Hanks Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxHanksLegendary
Hawkme Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxHawkmeLegendary
Kentachi Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxKentachiLegendary
Lace Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxLaceLegendary
Masta Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxMastaLegendary
Minatoes Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxMinatoesLegendary
Mudra Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxMudraLegendary
Nil Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxNilLegendary
Nojo Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxNojoLegendary
Pisuke Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxPisukeLegendary
Tamamoto Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTamamotoLegendary
Trolly Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTrollyLegendary
White Bear Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxWhite BearLegendary
Zarkk Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxZarkkLegendary
Akita Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxAkitaRare
Cold Fire Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxCold FireRare
Concentrated Maruto Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxConcentrated MarutoRare
Coolnareff Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxCoolnareffRare
Future Hogan Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxFuture HoganRare
Grimmjoe Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxGrimmjoeRare
Hitachi Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxHitachiRare
Joesuke Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxJoesukeRare
Komodura Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxKomoduraRare
Lad Unhinged Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxLad UnhingedRare
Melidass Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxMelidassRare
Tangerine Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTangerineRare
Tojaro Pujo Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTojaro PujoRare
Visorded Echigo Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxVisorded EchigoRare
Zyakura Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxZyakuraRare
Bantai Echigo Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxBantai EchigoUncommon
Cog 2 Fuffly Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxCog 2 FufflyUncommon
Deku Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxDekuUncommon
Godalomia Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxGodalomiaUncommon
Teen Maruto Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTeen MarutoUncommon
Teen Sakaki Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTeen SakakiUncommon
Tukia Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTukiaUncommon
Zolo Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxZoloUncommon
Echigo Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxEchigoCommon
Fuffly Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxFufflyCommon
Kid Maruto Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxKid MarutoCommon
Kid Sakaki Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxKid SakakiCommon
Lad Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxLadCommon
Puryuu Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxPuryuuCommon
Son Monkey Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxSon MonkeyCommon
Tanji Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTanjiCommon
Trashura Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxTrashuraCommon
Wami Character Icon Anime Mania RobloxWamiCommon

The higher the rarity of a character, the smaller the chance to roll it.

Here are the rates of rolling characters of the different rarities:

  • Common characters (Grey) = 70%
  • Uncommon characters (Green) = 13%
  • Rare characters (Blue) = 6%
  • Legendary characters (Red/Rainbow) = 1%

Every time you do an x1 roll, you get one pity count point, and every time you do an x10 roll, you get 10 pity count points.

When you have gathered 45 pity count points, the next roll you do is guaranteed to give a legendary character.

Therefore, if you have 45 pity count points, we recommend you wait till the legendary character currently in the pool is one that you want to use.

Best characters to use

With so many characters in the game, all with a unique set of skills, you might be wondering what characters are the best to use in Anime Mania.

In short, these are some of the best characters in the game:

  • Awakened Hitachi
  • Mudra
  • Trolly
  • Nil
  • Masta
  • Nojo
  • White Bear
  • Hawkme
  • Zarkk

You can find more information and other great characters in our Anime Mania tier list.

The above-listed characters are all very powerful and are sure to make your time progressing a lot easier.

Even though you can use most characters in the game, some are very weak, and some, like the ones above, are just much stronger than the average character.

Therefore, we recommend you aim to get and upgrade the best characters in the game.

Redeem codes for gems and gold

Gems and gold are the two currencies of Anime Mania.

You need gems to roll for regular characters that you can use in battle.

You need gold to roll for fodder characters that you can use to upgrade your regular characters.

One of the easiest ways to get gems and gold in Anime Mania is by redeeming all the currently active codes.

Check out all active codes in our Anime Mania codes list.

There are usually a bunch of codes to redeem, which will net you a hefty amount of both gems and gold.

That’s everything you need to know to start playing Anime Mania in Roblox!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

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