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One of the main sources of skills that your character can have in Project Slayers if you choose to be a demon is its blood demon art, BDA for short.

As blood demon art determines some of your skills, it’s a large factor in how strong your character is, and therefore you want to use a powerful blood demon art.

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But which blood demon arts are the best to aim for and use in Project Slayer? This DBA tier list ranks all blood demon arts in the game based on how powerful and useful they are.

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Project Slayers BDA tier list

In Project Slayers, you get some of your skills and abilities from the blood demon art of your character if you choose to become a demon.

The skills and abilities your character can use are a large factor in how powerful you are, making blood demon art an important attribute.

With a range of unique blood demon arts to acquire and use, which one should you go for? The following DBA tier list gives you a complete overview of the strength of each DBA in Project Slayers to help you decide the best for you.

Demon Blood ArtTier




Blood Burst












The current tier list is based on the rankings of Roblox YouTubers TOUGH & XenoTy and the Project Slayer community.

All blood demon arts are in tiers from S to B based on how powerful and useful they are, with S being the highest tier and B the lowest relative to each other. The order within a tier does not matter.

What makes a blood demon art strong is not only the damage output of its skills but also the combo potential and crowd control its skills have.

Before you can obtain a blood demon art in Project Slayers, you must first become a demon, which you do by reaching at least level 15 and then drinking Muzan’s Blood, which is dropped by the boss Muzan. It can fail, though, in which case you need to collect another Muzan’s Blood and try again.

After you’ve become a demon, you can get a blood demon art by visiting the Demon Art Spin NPC, located in Zapiwara, and purchasing a spin. This will give you either a random blood demon art or nothing.

You can change your blood demon art by spinning for a new one at the Demon Art Spin NPC.

Like with breathing styles, you also have to gain mastery for a blood demon art to make it stronger.

That’s the tier list on what the best blood demon arts are in Project Slayers!

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