7 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Couples

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the most exciting ways to play interactive games with a partner.

There are countless exciting games with various storylines and missions to choose from.

Playing games is a great way to have fun and bond as couples, as you’ll either be cooperating to complete tasks or competing against one another.

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With Joy-Con controllers, playing with a partner has become more versatile than ever.

If you’re planning an awesome gaming session with your significant other, we’ve got plenty of options in store for you.

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Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Team17

This game has a whacky yet interesting storyline. And it is known for being one of the best games for multiplayer.

An apocalypse, a spaghetti monster, his insatiable appetite, and a time portal that takes you into the past is what you’ll encounter in Overcooked 2.

The mission is to undo events in the past leading to the apocalypse.

You will enjoy the frantic and fun gameplay offered by Overcooked 2.

There are deadlines, countless orders, and complex kitchen layouts with various twists.

This is not a standard cooking game. Rather it combines adventure into the mix.

For instance, you will go through hurdles and cross obstacles to get a simple ingredient or tool.

Playing this game with others makes it much more challenging.

In multiplayer mode, communication is key as you and your partner navigate through difficult spaces and work together to complete tasks on time.

Imagine rushing together to finish cooking or asking each other to pass an ingredient or save a burning pizza.

If you want to have a goofy, ridiculous, chaotic, and laughter-filled time with your partner, we recommend giving Overcooked 2 a try.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Nintendo

Mario Kart remains one of the best racing games of all time. And this version is the newest and best from the world of Mario.

The game stays true to its predecessors and keeps its original charm while adding new features to make it even better.

There are new karts and characters with fresh new courses to play on.

Battle Mode is now even better and will have you hooked to the track.

Another great addition is that the character selection is not limited to Mario characters but also has other Nintendo titles like Link from Legend of Zelda and Inkling from Splatoon.

This Nintendo game is perfect for a fun gaming sesh with your beloved.

The Multiplayer mode is customizable too.

You can either team up in this virtual world or play against each other in VS mode when you’re feeling competitive.

You can enjoy Battle Mode as a team too. Different battle types include Balloon Battle, Bob-omb Blast, Coin Runners, and Shine Thief players, and the newest, Renegade Roundup.

If you and your partner are Mario lovers and want to take a trip down the nostalgia lane while hitting the roads, then this game will serve you well.


1 2 Switch Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Nintendo

Tired of looking at the screen and up for a real-world party? 1-2 Switch offers a face-to-face game filled with impromptu fun.

This is also a perfect way to enjoy your Joy-Con controllers to the max and a great way to spend the evening with your loved one because you can be downright quirky and bizarre with unique mini-games that will have you in laughter.

There are a plethora of possibilities with this game.

From a baseball mini-game to settling down a crying baby or finishing virtual sandwiches – you get a mixed bag with all sorts of funny challenges.

One game even challenges you to milk a virtual cow!

In fact, the selection is so interesting that you won’t run out of new games to try for a while.

Apart from these funny yet competitive challenges, 1-2 Switch also gets the hardware perfectly right.

You get a seamless gaming experience using the Joy-Cons as you can discover their true potential.

If you’re looking for a memorable and light-hearted gaming experience, this game is a great option.


Terraria Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: 505 Games

Terraria is an amazing adventure and survival title that is similar to the widely popular crafting game Minecraft.

Contrary to most games these days, Terraria is a 2D game. All the mechanics and obstacles to overcome in the game creates a fun yet difficult challenge to overcome.

Your goal in the game is to explore the world, gather resources, build a base, and defend against enemies.

And there aren’t just things for you to explore above the ground, the entire underground is filled with mysterious and treasures.

What makes Terraria a great Nintendo Switch title to play with your significant other, is the co-op feature.

Two players can play and work together in exploring and building up your base.

Playing with someone else makes for a lot of fun, and it forces you to work together as a team, rather than against each other like in many co-op games.

If you like adventures and crafting, then you and your significant other should give this title a try!

Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together!

Snipperclips Cut it out together Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Nintendo

If you’re a puzzle person, then this addictive game may be your new favorite.

The entire concept of the game is very simple yet fascinating. It has two colorful paper characters called Snip and Clip.

In single mode, you can switch between the two. But the real fun of Snipperclips is when you play it with others.

It also has challenges specifically curated for larger groups.

Essentially, you need to control your character and their body forms to snip them into different shapes as you solve engaging puzzles.

The idea may seem odd at first, but once you start playing, it is a refreshing experience that you will keep wanting more of.

This game also has brilliant visuals and design. You can see the creativity, use of art, and colorful aesthetics to provide a rich and joyful experience to players.

Even the characters have personalized facial expressions according to different situations in the gameplay.

Snipperclips has over 60 puzzles which means it keeps you well-occupied, entertained, and challenged.

You will have to cut out a path for a princess, pop balloons, create ramps to transport sludge, and so much more.

The game gets tougher with each new challenge, but at the same time, it is easy to grasp the controls and objectives.

This bright and playful puzzle game is a must-have for anyone looking for a multiplayer game. It is adorable, addictive, and clever all at the same time.

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Nintendo

If you’re looking for a fun, relatively easy, and laid-back game to enjoy, Kirby Star Allies is a good option.

This is the twelfth installment of the Kirby franchise, and it easily does justice to it.

Kirby, one of the cutest pink Nintendo characters ever, and the dreamy, colorful world is true eye-candy for players.

The unique powers and intuitive abilities of the main character make for a fun experience.

You will be swallowing your enemies and acquiring their powers.

For instance, if you swallow a snowman, you will get ice powers.

With the help of allies, you can mix and match different stolen abilities to solve various problems.

Although the puzzles are not very tough, there is heaps of fun and satisfaction when you delve into this cheery, virtual world.

We recommend this game for a cute yet fun gaming time with your loved one.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Ubisoft

A highly surprising and tactical game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle offers a challenging and unique experience.

It has a trial-and-error-based gaming experience with difficult challenges and mind-boggling puzzles that completely absorb you.

The story combines two different worlds where the Mushroom Kingdom has been divided by a vortex that brings chaos into the land.

The four legendary characters, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi, team up to restore peace in the kingdom.

There will be weapons, battles, combats, and enemies sprouting from every turn.

The game is easy to play but offers learning opportunities as players master it over time.

Both solo and combined combat are thrilling experiences in this game.

What makes the game even better is that it has four new worlds, each filled with challenges.

All the characters have unique personalities, which give players more personalized gameplay.

The game is simultaneously fun as well as tough, which means you will be putting all your energy into completing the tasks.

The game has beautiful animations, well-drawn missions, and a balanced mix of fun, humor, adventure, and strategy.

All of these games offer a different experience from the other, each with guaranteed fun and excitement.

You can choose any game that speaks to you the most, and you and your partner will find yourself immersed in its reality in no time.

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