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Enemies only get stronger as you progress through the game. Therefore, you need to upgrade your characters.

Doing so does, however, cost resources at an exponentially increasing rate.

Because of this, you’re going to find yourself in dire need of resources at some point when you’re stuck on a particular level.

Farming resources to upgrade your characters is a great way to get past a level you can’t beat.

In this guide, we teach you how to get each of the main resources in Bleach: Immortal Soul as well as what the main use of each resource is in the game.

There are several ways to get each resource in the game, but here is a quick rundown of the main ways to get each resource.

You primarily obtain gold by collecting idle exploration rewards, doing Seireitei Challenges, and completing quests.

Most of the soul jade you earn from playing the game comes from arena rewards and quests.

Materials are obtained primarily through idle rewards, the campaign, and the shop.

You can get exp tonic by doing the Seireitei Challenge, idle rewards, and quests.

Lastly, stamina can be obtained by waiting for it to recharge and by claiming the 60 daily stamina – more details on all these resources and their use below.

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How to get gold

The common currency in Bleach: Immortal Soul is gold.

You need gold for many purposes in the game, such as upgrading a character’s skills, enhancing, promoting, and more.

These upgrades are all essential to making your characters strong enough to deal with harder enemies down the line.

Farming gold is, therefore, always a great idea when you get the opportunity.

The main way to get gold in Bleach: Immortal Soul is by collecting idle exploration rewards.

Idle exploration rewards are resources your team farms for you passively.

Another great way to get gold right now that you don’t have to wait for is by completing stages in the Seireitei Challenge.

Some quests do also give gold as a reward, so look in your quests tab if you want to farm even more gold.

There are also a couple of other unique ways to get gold in the game.

Firstly, you can get gold for free daily by using the Midas Touch found through the gold icon on the main screen.

The Midas Touch gives you a decent chunk of gold, but can only be claimed once or twice per day for free.

Either way, you should always claim this free gold as it’s fast and will add up.

If you’re in a squad, you can get some gold by claiming squad rewards.

Lastly, Soul Society orders often have an order for you that gives a hefty chunk of gold, but they do obviously take quite a while to complete.

Bleach Immortal Soul gold idle exploration rewards

How to get soul jade

The premium currency in Bleach: Immortal Soul is soul jade.

Soul jade can be used to purchase all the most useful items in the game, including summons, soulstone, stamina, and more.

Because soul jade is so valuable, it isn’t easy to farm in the game.

There are, however, still a couple of ways to get your hands on some soul jade.

One of the best ways to get soul jade continuously is by taking advantage of the arena, where you can fight other players’ teams.

Every day, you’ll receive an amount of soul jade in the mail based on your current rank in the arena.

If you’re looking for soul jade here and now, check out the quests tab.

There are a ton of milestone quests that give hefty sums of soul jade upon completing.

Furthermore, the 4th chest in the daily quests tab gives 100 soul jade, so be sure to do enough dailies to get that chest.

Idle exploration rewards give you random soul jade pouches, which contain between 10 and 100 soul jade.

We usually get around 70-130 soul jade per day by collecting and opening around random soul jade pouches from our idle exploration rewards.

Lastly, you can claim soul jade under ‘Recharge’, which can be reached by pressing the soul jade icon on the main page.

Here, you can claim both the daily, weekly, and monthly gift of a soul jade, every day, week, and month respectively.

Bleach Immortal Soul soul jade quests reward

How to get materials

To upgrade characters you need materials.

The more you’ve enhanced a character already, the higher the grade of material you need to upgrade them further.

Compared to other resources in the game, there are not a lot of ways to farm materials expect what you’d naturally be doing just playing the game.

There are two ways to get a lot of materials in the game.

Firstly, by collecting idle exploration rewards, you’ll get a lot of materials.

The more chapters you’ve completed, the higher grade of materials you’ll get along with the regular ones.

Secondly, by completing stages in the campaign, you’ll also get materials, though not as many as a full day’s worth of idle rewards.

Likewise, you will get higher grade materials by completing levels in later chapters.

You can also purchase materials directly from the shop, some for gold, some for soul jade.

Another resource related to materials is Tenshintai, which you need to upgrade characters.

Tenshintai is obtained in the same way as materials.

Bleach Immortal Soul materials rewards campaign

How to get exp tonics

Exp tonics are an essential resource in Bleach: Immortal Soul as you need them to level up your characters.

Exp tonics come in different grades ranging from giving 100 exp per tonic to 30.000 exp per tonic.

Just like all other upgrades in the game, the cost to level up characters increases exponentially.

Therefore, you should be sure to farm exp tonics when you get the opportunity.

Here are all the ways to get exp tonics in the game.

The best way to farm exp tonics if you need them now is to beat levels in the Seireitei Challenge.

Each level in the Seireitei Challenge gives you exp tonics based on how far you’ve progressed in the campaign and the level of your characters.

Certain quests offer exp tonics as rewards as well.

The last way to get exp tonics quickly is by purchasing them from the shop.

If you don’t need the exp tonics right now, idle exploration rewards and soul society orders are a great way to get a lot of exp tonics.

These two methods do, however, require you to wait a while.

Bleach Immortal Soul exp tonics from seireitei challenge

How to get stamina

Stamina is an immensely important resource in Bleach: Immortal Soul.

Without stamina, you simply cannot play the game, as you need stamina to start levels.

Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to get your hands on more stamina.

The primary way to get more stamina in Bleach: Immortal Soul is by waiting for it to recharge.

The only other way to get more stamina in the game is by purchasing more.

Every day, you can purchase 60 stamina for free through the stamina icon on the main screen.

You should always claim this 60 daily free stamina even if you haven’t depleted your current stamina.

If you still want more stamina after using what you’ve regenerated and gotten from the free daily claim, you’ll have to purchase more using soul jade.

Bleach Immortal Soul how to get stamina daily

That’s everything you need to know about how to get resources in Bleach: Immortal Soul and what the use of each resource is.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, then you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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