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If you are in a big club in Brawl Stars, chances are that you’ve found yourself spammed with game invites.

This also applies if you have a ton of people on your friend list.

Sometimes you don’t want to be invited to games, so luckily there is an option to turn off game invites.

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How to block game invites

To turn off games invites in Brawl Stars, press the “Chat” button in the top right corner of the main menu screen.

You can see the exact location of the button on the image below.

Brawl Stars main lobby screen chat button

A window will now pop up.

In the bottom right corner of this window, there is a “Do not disturb” option. Tap this to enable it.

Brawl Stars do not disturb option

Once this is enabled, all game invites are blocked.

If you want to re-enable game invites, simply press the “Do not disturb” option again.

That’s how to block game invites in Brawl Stars!

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