Brawl Stars Full Clubs Guide – How To Join & Create a Club

Brawl Stars Full Clubs Guide – How To Join & Create a Club

Clubs in Brawl Stars are not only a great way of creating a community or meeting new people. It is also a great tool to find exceptional players to queue up with. Certain clubs have trophy requirements, which can help to only gather the best players in a single club. In this guide we’ll cover the following topics

How to join a club

To join a club in Brawl Stars, head to the main lobby screen. Then press the “Social” button on the left side of your screen.

Social button on Lobby screen in Brawl Stars

Inside the social page, press the “Club” tap in the top of your screen. Here you’ll find a list of recommended clubs for you. If you don’t wish to join any of those, you can simply use the “Refresh” button.

Clubs tab in Brawl Stars

Now to join a club on this list, simply click on the desired club, and click on the “Join” button. If you meet the club’s requirements and the club is set to open, which means you won’t have to be invited, you will instantly be added to the club.

You can also use the “Search For Clubs” button if you wish to join a specific club, such as one your friends are in.

Join a club in Brawl Stars button

How to create a club

Anyone can create a club in Brawl Stars, and it’s very simple to do. Start by opening up the social tap by clicking the “Social” button in the lobby. Press the “Club” tap in the top of your screen and press the “Create Club” button.

Create a club in Brawl Stars

A new page will appear where you can name your club, give it a description, and choose icon. You can also choose the club’s location, its type, and the required trophies. Once you’re done, simply press “Create”.

Create a new club page in Brawl Stars

Your club has now been created and is ready for other players or your friends to join. You can use the “Share Invite” button to easily share your club. If you wish to join or create another club, simply press “Leave” to leave your club.

Club page Brawl Stars

Benefits of joining a club

Joining a club in Brawl Stars can bring you several benefits. Firstly, being in a club brings a social aspect to the game. You can interact with fellow players and friends from your club. By having a club, you can show the world the total number of trophies you and your club members have collected. You can use the club feature to find new friends to play the game with. Several game modes are played with 2 or more in each team. If you don’t wish to play with strangers, you can find someone to play with, in your club. Because some clubs have trophy requirements or are invite-only, you can get into a great club filled with exceptional players if you too are an exceptional player. This can be a great idea if you want to take your Brawl Stars gaming to the next level, and possibly to a pro-level.

What is a club

A club in Brawl Stars is a community of players. Clubs are similar to guilds in other online games. Players can interact with other members of their club and find people to play Brawl Stars with. Clubs can be used to show off who your squad or group of friends is, how good of a player you are, or something third. Players are assigned different ranks in clubs. Being a higher rank usually means you have been in the club for a long time, is loyal, or is a valuable member.

All club ranks

Members of a club are one of 4 ranks, Member, Senior, Vice-President, President. If you create your own club, you will automatically be assigned the president of your club. President is the highest rank a member can achieve, Member is the lowest, and the default rank when joining a new club.

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