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Players With Most Trophies in Brawl Stars – Best Players

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A way to measure how good a player is in Brawl Stars is by looking at how many trophies they have. This is because you lose more trophies when you lose than you win when you win at higher trophy counts. Therefore, only those with exceptional skill can keep their trophy counts at the top. Each season, players with more than 800 trophies get their trophies cut in half too, further pushing the difficulty of having tons of trophies.

As of March 2019, the following players have the most trophies in Brawl Stars. To find the updated stats, press the rankings icon on the main screen.

Players with the most trophies in Brawl Stars March 2019

Most trophies on specific brawler

If you wish to see who has the most trophies with a specific brawler, then you just have to click on the Rankings icon on the right side of the main screen.

Rankings icon on main screen in Brawl Stars

Inside the rankings tap, simply press the icon of the brawler you wish to see how has most trophies for. An example here is the list of those with most trophies on Frank.

Brawl Stars list of players with most trophies on Frank

Clubs with most total trophies

To see which clubs have the most trophies combined, simply follow the same steps as above. But instead of choosing brawlers, press the clubs tab. You will now see a list of the clubs with most trophies. At the time of writing, March 2019, Tribe Gaming has the most trophies followed by Nova Esports and Team Onyx.

Brawl Stars clubs with most trophies

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