Brawl Stars change name color guide

Brawl Stars – How To Get A Colored Name Guide

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You might have encountered in Brawl Stars that had a colored name and wondered how do I change my name color? Well, we’re going to show you just that in this guide.

How to change name color

To change the color of your name in Brawl Stars, you have the write your name in the following way: <c#>NAME</c>, where NAME is the name you want in game, and # is a number between 0 and 9. This number determines what color your name text is going to be.

Because you have to write your name in this way, you have to either create a new account or change your name in order to get a colored name. Notice, while typing in the <c#> part, you’ll notice the first two symbols become invisible. Worry not, this is normal, just keep on typing your name. Below you can see what it should look like when you’ve written this part:
<c#>NAME</c (I’ve used 5 as my color).

Brawl Stars colored name

As soon as you add the last “>” symbol, you will be able to see what your name is going to look like in game, if you’ve written the code correct of course. Below is the exact same as above, but with “>” added to the end.

Brawl Stars how to change name color

The color of the selected name, in this case “Test”, has changed to cyan. If I were to press “Continue” now, my in-game now would be Test in cyan. In the next section, you’ll find all the name color codes and what they look like.

Name color codes

Here you can see all the colors you can make your name in Brawl Stars. The “Color” text is where you would put your desired name.

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