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Like other games, players can collect skins for their brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Skins change the appearance of a brawler, and in some cases the animation of a brawlers’ attacks.

Some locked skins can be seen in Brawl Stars, however, some special are blacked out.

Therefore, we’ve created this list of all skins for each brawler.

Simply press the brawler whose skins you wish to view below.

Table of contents

Shelly Skins

Bandita Shelly

The Bandita Shelly skin can be purchased for 30 gems.

Shelly Bandita skin Brawl Stars

Star Shelly

Star Shelly was a gift for those who pre-registered for the game before 2019.

It is no longer obtainable.

Shelly Star skin Brawl Stars

Nita Skins

Panda Nita

You can buy the Panda Nita skin for 30 gems.

Nita Panda skin Brawl Stars

Red Nose Nita

Red Nose Nita is a special christmas skin that went for sale in christmas of 2018 for 109 gems.

Nita Red Nose skin Brawl Stars

Shiba Nita

The Shiba Nita skin is a skin that can be purchased for 150 gems.

Nita Shiba skin Brawl Stars

Colt Skins

Rockstar Colt

Rockstar Colt is a purchaseable skin that costs 30 gems.

Colt Rockstar skin Brawl Stars

Royal Agent Colt

The Royal Agent Colt skin is a limited-time skin that was available during the Lunar Chinese new year event in 2019.

It was listed at 150 gems.

Colt Royal Agent skin Brawl Stars

Bull Skins

Viking Bull

The Viking Bull skin can be purchased in the game for 80 gems.

Bull Viking skin Brawl Stars

Touchdown Bull

Another Bull skin is Touchdown Bull, which is also available for 80 gems.

Bull Touchdown skin Brawl Stars

Jessie Skins

Summer Jessie

Jessie’s summer skin can be purchased for 80 gems.

Jessie Summer skin Brawl Stars

Dragon Knight Jessie

The Dragon Knight Jessie skin can be purchased for 150 gems.

Jessie Dragon Knight skin Brawl Stars

Brock Skins

Beach Brock

The Beach Brock skin can be purchased for 80 gems.

Brock Beach skin Brawl Stars

Boom Box Brock

Boom Box brock is another skin you can just buy, it also costs 80 gems.

Brock Boom Box skin Brawl Stars

Lion Dance Brock

Lion Dance Brock is a skin that was available for a limited time during the Lunar Chinese new year event.

It was listed at 150 gems.

Brock Lion Dance skin Brawl Stars

Hardrock Brock

The Hardrock Brock skins features Brock in colorful fiery retro outfit that matches his launcher.

Hardrock Brock skin Brawl Stars

Dynamike Skins

Santa Dynamike

The Santa Dynamike skin was available during a limited time at Christmas in 2018.

It was listed at 59 gems.

Dynamike Santa skin Brawl Stars

Spicy Dynamike

Spicy Dynamike can be purchased for 150 gems.

Dynamike Spicy skin Brawl Stars

Bo Skins

Bo currently has no skins.

Once a Bo skin is released we’ll update this post.

Poco Skins

Serenade Poco

The Serenade Poco skin can be purchased for 150 gems.

Poco Serenade skin Brawl Stars

El Primo Skins

El Rudo Primo

You can purchase the El Rudo skin for El Primo in the game for 30 gems.

El Primo El Rudo skin Brawl Stars

El Rey Primo

The El Rey skin for El Primo can be purchased for 80 gems.

El Primo El Rey skin Brawl Stars

Barley Skins

Golden Barley

Golden Barley can be purchased for 30 gems.

Barley Golden skin Brawl Stars

Wizard Barley

The Wizard Barley skin is unlocked by linking your supercell ID to Brawl Stars.

Barley Wizard skin Brawl Stars

Baking Sale Barley

Throw pies all over the map with the Baking Sale Barley skin which features Barley in a baking aprons with a fresh pie.

Barley Baking Sale Skin Brawl Stars

Maple Barley

Maple Barley is skin in the honor of Canada.

It features Barley with a bottle of maple syrup and lumberjack clothes.

Maple Barley skin Brawl Stars

Rico Skins

Loaded Rico

Loaded rico is available in game at the cost of 150 gems

Rico Loaded skin Brawl Stars

Popcorn Rico

You can purchase the Popcorn Rico skin for 150 gems

Rico Popcorn skin Brawl Stars

Darryl Skins

Dumpling Darryl

The Dumpling Darryl skin was also part of the Lunar event in Brawl Stars.

It was available for a limited time at a cost of 80 gems.

Darryl Dumpling skin Brawl Stars

Penny Skins

Lil Helper Penny

Lil Helper Penny was part of the Christmas event in 2018.

It was listed for 59 gems.

Penny Lil Helper skin Brawl Stars

Bunny Penny

The Bunny Penny skins features Penny in a full bunny suit, pink bag and with a pink gun.

Penny Bunny skin Brawl Stars

Piper Skins

Piper currently has no skins.

Once a Piper skin is released, we’ll update this post.

Pam Skins

Pam doesn’t have any skins available at the moment.

Once a Pam skins is relased, we’ll add it to the post.

Frank Skins

Caveman Frank

Caveman Frank can be purchased in game for 80 gems

Frank Caveman skin Brawl Stars

Mortis Skins

Top Hat Mortis

Top Hat Mortis is a free alternative skin.

This was once the default skin, but was later reworked.

Mortis Tophat skin Brawl Stars

Rockabilly Mortis

You can buy the Rockabilly Mortis skin for 150 gems

Mortis Rockabilly skin Brawl Stars

Night Witch Mortis

The Night Witch Mortis skin is available for 150 gems

Mortis Night Witch skin Brawl Stars

Tara Skins

Tara currently has no other skins that the default one.

As soon as a Tara skin is relased, we will update this post.

Gene Skins

Gene currently has no skins.

We will add any new Gene skins to this post as soon as they are released.

Spike Skins

Sakura Spike

You can purchase the Sakura Spike skin for 80 gems in the game.

Spike Sakura skin Brawl Stars

Crow Skins

White Crow

The White Crow skin can be purchased for 80 gems

Crow White skin Brawl Stars

Phoenix Crow

Phoenix crow can be purchased for 300 gems

Crow Phoenix skin Brawl Stars

Leon Skins

Leon currently has no other skins that his default one.

When a Leon skin is released, we’ll update this post.

Carl Skins

Roadrage Carl

The Roadrage Carl skin features Carl in a racer suit and fast car.

Roadrage Carl skin Brawl Stars

Rosa Skins

Rosa currently doesn’t have any other skins than her default one.

We will update this section once a new skin for Rosa is released.

Bibi Skins

Bibi doesn’t have any other skins than her default one.

This section will be updated once new skins for Bibi are released.

Those are all the skins in Brawl Stars!

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