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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a sweet role-playing game by Devsisters Corporation.

In the game, you rebuild a once glorious cookie kingdom to its peak.

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Battle with various evil dessert monsters and build up your sugary dream kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on both Google Play and the App Store for free.

In this guide, we give you tips and tricks to help you on your journey in the game!

Table of contents

Game introduction

In the Cookie Run: Kingdom, the main goal is to restore the once glorious cookie kingdom to its zenith.

Once you enter the game, you will be greeted with the backstory that will answer your questions on why your future kingdom is like it is – in shambles and tell you your purpose.

Then you will begin the in-game tutorial, which shows you the basic controls of the game.

Enjoy the cute and fun game story while playing along and getting stronger with your favorite cookies.

Unlock cool structures, build-up, expand, and decorate your kingdom to your heart’s content.

On your journey, you will also be collecting a wide range of unique cookie characters, build a strong team, and fight enemies.

Help the cookies to reclaim their lost glory to be great again!

The main base of your operations in the game is the Cookie Castle.

However, when you start to play the game, you won’t be instantly getting the Cookie castle.

Despite it being the main building needed for your kingdom’s progress and growth, you will have to play through till the end of the first episode to unlock it.

So don’t be scared if you can’t upgrade your cookies to a higher level because the castle level is not sufficient yet.

Just go and complete the first episode to unlock it.

Besides the Cookie Castle, other important structures are the Lumberjack’s Lodge needed for roll cake wood material, Smithy for robust axes, tempered pickaxes, and more, the Jellybean Farm for jellybeans, sugar quarry: production for sugar cubes, and more.

Therefore, you should upgrade them all as best as you can for greater and faster production.

In-game resources

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s resource system requires you to craft certain resources using other more basic resources.

For example, your lumberjack’s lodge is at level 1, but for it to be leveled up, you will need to have roll cake wood that it produces and tempered pickaxes (available for construction only after your Smithy reaches level 2) from the Smithy.

And the further you go, the longer this chain goes on.

Therefore be strategic on your upgrades and resource farming.

The other ways you can obtain resources are completing quests, progressing in the main story, and joining events.

You can also get them from redeeming in the Fountain of Abundance, fulfilling your cookie wishes on Tree of Wishes, checking in for daily bonuses, and of course, from the shop.

Be sure to check out the store from time to time because it offers a free daily package.

Currencies and energy

Cookie Run: Kingdom has two currencies and one type of energy.

The currencies are crystals (the harder to obtain) and coins (the easier to obtain).

Coins are needed for buying supply materials to make more resources, structure buildings, and of course, decorations.

Crystals can be used to buy buildings, draw in the gacha, skip time, energy, or make up for the lack of items.

To progress in the story and to fight evil dessert mobs, you need energy, known as Stamina Jellies, in the game.

Your stamina will depend on your level.

Therefore the higher level you are, the more spare energy you will have.

As energy is such a vital resource, be sure to use it wisely when you are low on it and take advantage of every chance to acquire more of it.

Cookies and how to get them

Cookies are the characters or heroes of Cookie Run: Kingdom.

To fight enemies, you will need a team of Cookies, making them a vital part of the game.

Many of your efforts in the game will revolve around getting new Cookies and upgrading the ones you have.

There are several ways to obtain cookies.

The first way is by meeting them while playing through the story episodes.

The second method is by playing gacha using items (cookie cutters) or crystals to draw.

Lastly, you can also get Cookies through some events.

Cookies are graded into three rarities: epic (red), rare (blue), and common (brown).

Depending on their grade, cookies’ abilities/skill powers vary.

Besides cookie grades, there are also Cookie classes, including support (Clover cookie), healer (Custard cookie III), ambusher (Chilli Pepper cookie), defender (Strawberry cookie), magician (Wizard cookie), and so on.

Here are the summoning rates of getting the different Cookies in the game.

Epic Cookies: Chance of pulling any epic Cookie = 19.278%

  • Espresso Cookie: 0.169%
  • Espresso Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Rye Cookie: 0.169%
  • Rye Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Madeleine Cookie: 0.169%
  • Madeleine Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Chilli Pepper Cookie: 0.169%
  • Chilli Pepper Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Licorice Cookie: 0.169%
  • Licorice Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Vampire Cookie: 0.169%
  • Vampire Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Herb Cookie: 0.169%
  • Herb Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Sparkling Cookie: 0.169%
  • Sparkling Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Pomegranate Cookie: 0.169%
  • Pomegranate Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Tiger Lily Cookie: 0.169%
  • Tiger Lily Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Werewolf Cookie: 0.169%
  • Werewolf Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Mint Choco Cookie: 0.169%
  • Mint Choco Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Dark Choco Cookie: 0.169%
  • Dark Choco Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Purple Yam Cookie: 0.169%
  • Purple Yam Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Milk Cookie: 0.169%
  • Milk Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie: 0.169%
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%
  • Snow Sugar Cookie: 0.169%
  • Snow Sugar Cookie’s Soulstone: 0.965%

Rare Cookies: Chance of pulling any rare Cookie = 38.194%

  • Knight Cookie: 0.415%
  • Knight Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Cherry Cookie: 0.415%
  • Cherry Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Pancake Cookie: 0.415%
  • Pancake Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Carrot Cookie: 0.415%
  • Carrot Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Princess Cookie: 0.415%
  • Princess Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Alchemist Cookie: 0.415%
  • Alchemist Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Avocado Cookie: 0.415%
  • Avocado Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Adventurer Cookie: 0.415%
  • Adventurer Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Blackberry Cookie: 0.415%
  • Blackberry Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Gumball Cookie: 0.415%
  • Gumball Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Onion Cookie: 0.415%
  • Onion Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Clover Cookie: 0.415%
  • Clover Cookie’s Soulstone: 2.523%
  • Custard Cookie II: 0.415%
  • Custard Cookie III’s Soulstone: 2.523%

Common Cookies: Chance of pulling any common Cookie = 42.525%

  • GingerBrave: 1.389%
  • GingerBrave’s Soulstone: 4.686%
  • Strawberry Cookie: 1.389%
  • Strawberry Cookie’s Soulstone: 4.686%
  • Wizard Cookie: 1.389%
  • Wizard Cookie’s Soulstone: 4.686%
  • Ninja Cookie: 1.389%
  • Ninja Cookie’s Soulstone: 4.686%
  • Angel Cookie: 1.389%
  • Angel Cookie’s Soulstone: 4.686%
  • Muscle Cookie: 1.389%
  • Muscle Cookie’s Soulstone: 4.686%
  • Beet Cookie: 1.389%
  • Beet Cookie’s Soulstone: 4.686%

Don’t forget to upgrade and promote your already obtained cookies as you need to focus on creating a powerful team to progress in the game.

There you go, now you are ready to tackle those evil dessert mobs and bring your cookie kingdom back to its apex.

Hopefully, this guide helps you get a great start in the game and progress faster.

If you have any tips or tricks for Cookie Run: Kingdom that you believe should be included in this guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

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