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Idle Property Manager Tycoon is a mobile simulation game in which you develop properties, upgrade them, and, most importantly, collect cash.

The game is by Hothead Games and is available on the App Store.

This guide gives you tips and tricks on how to become the richest tycoon in the city!

As soon as you start the game, you see a road with unused property slots.

Your goal is to develop buildings on all of these slots, upgrade them, hire managers, acquire boosts, and make tons of cash.

You have to manually collect cash from tenants until you purchase a manager who can take care of that for you.

After a while, you’ll have a plethora of properties, at which point the cash will start rolling in!

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Collect that cash

Your main objective in Idle Property Manager Tycoon is to collect cash.

If you don’t have a manager for a house, you need to collect cash for that house manually.

Houses generate rent from tenants at a different rate, which makes it easier for you to collect all the cash in time.

More expensive houses take longer to generate cash, so don’t worry about buying a new house, you’ll have plenty of time to collect all the cash.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon cash icon above properties

Always upgrade

It’s always worth it to upgrade a house if you have the cash.

Even in most situations, it’s worth it to upgrade a house of lower value rather than saving up to upgrade a more expensive one.

The relative increase in cash per second compared to cash cost is very similar for all houses but is a little higher, the more expensive a house is.

However, upgrading a lower value house now, rather than saving up for a more expensive upgrade, can actually be a better decision, as you get a higher cash per second for all that time you would have waited for the more expensive upgrade.

Furthermore, every 25 levels, houses get a percentage boost in cash generation between 10-100%.

Therefore, you should upgrade houses if they are close to a 25 level tier, i.e., 50, 75, 100.

Hire managers

Managers are a great investment in Idle Property Manager Tycoon.

Managers take care of the cash collection of a property, so you no longer have to claim it manually.

Whenever a house generates some cash, you automatically get it because of your manager.

Therefore, getting a property manager makes your life much easier, but it does come at a cost.

Managers cost quite a bit of cash, especially later on.

If you play the game actively for a while, it might be a good idea not to hire managers for more expensive houses, as they cost a lot, and the cash generation is very slow for those.

However, if you are done playing for a while, be sure to buy managers for your houses before you close the game.

Having managers enables you to collect cash from your properties, even when you aren’t playing.

So be sure to get those managers before you leave the game for hours.

Buy more houses

After collecting cash for a while, it’s time to buy some more properties.

Each new property you buy is increasingly more expensive.

However, there is always a good use of your cash as they pay themselves back quickly.

We do, however, recommend you upgrade the level of your houses a bit before saving up for the next house.

If you don’t level up any of your properties and just save up for the next one instantly, you’ll progress at a much slower pace.

Purchase cash boosts

An excellent way to increase the amount of cash you generate is to purchase cash boosts.

To do this, tap the Upgrade tap in the bottom menu.

Here you can buy cash boosts for specific houses, such as 3x cash from house 1.

These boosts are very much worthwhile for your cash, as the multiplier is so great compared to the cash cost.

Be sure to purchase these boosts whenever you can, if you have already upgraded the house the boost, boosts.

If your house is still level 1, you might want to spend your cash on upgrades for the house instead, before you buy cash boosts for that house.

Earn trophies to get more boosts

Another way to get some more cash boosts is by collecting trophies.

There are two ways to get trophies in Idle Property Manager Tycoon.

The first way is by claiming your daily gift, which is sometimes trophies.

To claim your daily gift, you have to have unlocked six houses.

You can then go into the shop and press the present icon in the top left corner.

The other way to get trophies is by completing missions.

To find your current trophy mission, tab the trophy icon at the top left corner of the main screen.

At the moment, our trophy mission is to gather 277.77 million cash, for example, so they are quite simple to complete.

How to get gold

Gold is the premium currency in Idle Property Manager Tycoon.

You can spend it in the shop to buy cash boosts, key doublers, and cash directly.

But, more importantly, you can spend gold to acquire start tenants.

There are a couple of ways to get gold in the game, but there is a limit to how many you can earn.

Now and then, a purple icon will appear over a house.

If you tab this purple icon, the house will hold a party.

Once that party is over, you get a reward, which can be a piece of gold.

You can, however, only earn ten pieces of gold per day.

You can see what these icons look like in the image below.

You can also get gold from daily rewards and special events that run in the game from time to time.

Lastly, you can, of course, also buy gold by spending money.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon party icon

Look for star tenants

Star tenants are the very best tenants you can have in the game.

Star tenants not only generate cash like regular tenants, but they also give incredible buffs.

These buffs include faster cash generation, more parties, and higher cash value.

Star tenants are not easy to come by; they cost a lot of gold each.

However, if you have gathered all the required gold, they are an excellent investment.

You get star tenants by clicking the stars tab in the bottom menu and then unlocking the tenant you want.

After unlocking a star tenant, you can further upgrade it to improve its boosts.

Catch those drones

Every now and then, a drone will appear hovering above your properties.

If you tab the drone before it disappears, it crashes to the ground, and you get a cash reward.

You can choose to watch an ad and multiply the cash reward if you wish to do so.

The cash reward from drones is relative to how much cash you are making at the moment, making it always worthwhile to go for the drones.

Having drones in the game adds another incentive to actively playing the game, instead of just leaving it be once you’ve acquired a manager for all your houses.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon drone

Start parties

When you see a purple icon above any of your properties, be sure to tap them.

Tapping the purple icon will start a party in that property, which makes it generate some extra cash.

Besides the extra cash it generates, you also have a chance to get gold from parties, as explained in an earlier paragraph.

One of the star tenants in the game has the ability to increase the rate at which parties become available, which is very useful.

That’s all our tips and tricks on Idle Property Manager Tycoon!

With this guide, you are now ready to take on the world of properties and become the richest manager.

If you have any other tips and tricks on the game, you can share them with other readers in the comments below.

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