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Dawn of Zombies is a widely popular action mobile game by Royal Ark.

The game will have you foraging for supplies, fighting off hordes of zombies, and taking down difficult bosses.

Dawn of Zombies is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Table of contents

Basics of the game

Once in-game, you will be prompted to create and customize your character.

After that’s done, you’re ready to get playing.

So now you’ve downloaded the game and made/customized your character, great! Now what?

Now it’s time to build up your base, complete quests, and work your way through the adventurous story.

Gather supplies to build your tools and craft the best base you can.

This game’s primary purpose is to solve the plague’s mysteries while building up the best base you can.

While this is the main goal, to achieve this, you will need to fight waves of zombies and bosses to level up your skills.

The skills come in various trees and help you achieve your goals and fight off those nasty hordes and bosses.

You will also need to gather supplies to build up your base and complete missions for cool bonuses.

Don’t forget about your skill selections either! Getting those levels up helps when it comes to things like bosses.

In this guide, we give you tips and tricks to get a great start and to progress through the game.

Below you will find our top 15 tips and tricks to enhance your Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War experience.

This list will provide you with time and resource-saving strategies to help give you the best play possible.

Dawn of Zombies tips and tricks

Keep an Eye on Your Energy

If you’re planning to travel long distances, keep in mind that the energy you use to travel is also the energy you use to attack and open boxes.

You may want to limit what you do if you plan to keep the adventure prolonged.

Take Not Only Bandages

You’re going to need more than bandages when you head out of your home base.

Food is also vital as it will replenish the energy we talked about above.

Try to only eat food when you are hungry as this will give you the most benefit.

Basic Resources

These are the wooden planks and the scrap metal you will need to craft your necessary tools, like the Axe.

They can be found throughout the environment and used to prepare various tools and items.

Make Use of Storage

Save all of your materials and supplies and only take them out as needed.

This way, you can fire off the daily tasks with ease!

Keep them in your base storage so that you can stay organized and easily find what you need on a whim.

Don’t Save Your Lootboxes

Use them as you get them.

They don’t level with you, so you will not get anything better now than you will later.

That being said, there is a box-type that does level with you, and that’s the Trader Boxes!

Save Healing Items in Your Inbox

This will make certain events much easier for you to accomplish and be handy when you need them while you’re away from home.

An example of this is the farmer quest, where you will need to patch him up after you rescue him.

Tackling the Warehouse

Make sure you’re stocked up on items and that you have decent armor and weapons before taking this on.

It’s best to start taking it on as soon as you can, as it only gets harder the higher your level.

Trade with Traders

This may sound obvious, but it often goes overlooked in this game.

Traders are a valuable asset.

To save energy, use the radio in your base’s basement to get a list of items needed for trade.

Usually, these will be worth your time and energy.

Planks Not Wood

Be sure to process your wood into planks before burning.

This will double the burning time from two minutes to four minutes, giving you a longer-lasting flame.

Be warned not to change your wood type during cooking as this will reset your cooking time.

Food Stacking

You can stack the food health buff up to five times, so food may be your best choice when it comes to healing rather than using bandages.

Timed Events

So long as you arrive before the event expires, you can spend as much time as you need to complete the event.

Don’t be discouraged if time is running out.

You just have to get there promptly.

Trader Boxes

Unlike loot boxes, trader boxes get better as you level, so decide when to open them wisely.

This is not the case for loot boxes, so you can open them as soon as you get them.

Crowbar Defense

Once you’ve completed the repairs on your crowbar defense, put it near the zombie spawn point to help instantly kill any intruders.

This will save you plenty of time and resources.

Loot and Quests

If a quest has items for you to loot, be sure to do so before turning the search in; otherwise, all that hard-earned loot will vanish before your eyes.

Building The Lab

When you drink potions, the empty bottle is returned to you.

This should be noted when saving up to build your lab.

The more you have and drink, the sooner you can create the lab.


Stay inside the green zones for farming and foraging.

It is far more cost-effective as far as energy and resources go if you do your gathering within green zones.

That’s our tips and tricks for Dawn of Zombies!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Arach

    I think some warnings are warrented. If spending cash to buy items, often you will be shown possibly 8 items in a package. However when you purchase a package, in MOST CASES, the GAME will choose what items you get, so if you REALLY want that 15 slot bag, or the last items to make your bike, you will have to buy that package 10 or 20 times. Gee, developers, I wonder how you figure out what items to give, and with what to tempt you?

    Also, some mention might be made of how easy it is to loose EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. There are areas where if you die, all you are wearing or carrying is gone, permanently. Also, in other areas, when you armor up, and take your best weapon and run into a heavy boss (which will ALWAYS be heavy, cause it goes up with your level) who defeats you, if you are lucky, it will be in an area where all your equipment is left for you to pick up where you died. HOWEVER, you are sent naked back to your shelter where you pick up some not so good armor and a not so good weapon and go back to pick up your loot. But the heavy guy who defeated you is STILL THERE, right close to your loot, ready to defeat you again. And when he does, all the loot you didn’t pick up is gone FOR EVER.

    So, God help us all, what we REALLLY want to do is get something even better, which the game MAY give you, or not, just spend more money.


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