Deagle Only Map Codes In Creative Fortnite

Deagle Only Map Codes In Creative Fortnite

A popular phenomenon from the Counter-Strike series is the community made Aim Deagle maps. Now, however, these maps aren’t just found in Counter-Strike. Multiple Aim Deagle maps have been created in the Creative Mode in Fortnite. If you don’t know how to use map codes in creative mode, you can learn here in this full creative mode guide.

Aim Deagle

This is the classic aim Deagle map from Counter-Strike recreated in Fortnite. Not only is this an awesome map to play with friends, but it also trains your aiming abilities. You spawn with full shield, and hand cannons can be found right when you spawn. Fortnite player, Senix, has created this map.

Creative Code: 0551-6888-0933

Aim deagle map in creative mode Fortnite
Deagle only game mode in Fortnite, Creative mode

FFA Deagle + Shotgun

Another great map for battling it out with deagle only. As you can tell from the title, shotguns are also available in this creative map. Therefore, you should agree with your fellow players to only use deagle if that is what you wish to do. This map is an enclosed arena filled with objects to hide behind and surprise your enemy! Fortnite player, Abufree7, has created this creative map.

Creative Code: 5693-5457-7504

Deagle map in creative mode Fortnite
Deagle game mode in Fortnite creative mode

Hanamura Deagle + Hunting Rifle Only

Hanamura, a map from the popular FPS Overwatch, has been turned into a deagle and hunting rifle only map in the creative mode. Once again, agree with friends to only pick up the deagle if you want to play deagle only. This creative map is created by Fortnite user ShuckSourDiesel.

Creative Code: 2468-2345-3440

Deagle only Hanamura map in creative mode Fortnite
Fortnite only deagle map creative code

Flint Lock and Deagle Arena

In this FFA map you can only use the Deagle and the Flintlock Pistol. The arena takes places inside a cube filled with different structures and obstacles. Fortnite user 6JMaxm has created this creative map.

Creative Code: 6388-4438-4748

Flint Lock and Deagle Arena map code Fortnite

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