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In Deep Rock Galactic, the Space Rig is your dwarf’s mother ship. It’s where you live, sleep, and return after each mission. All of your activities happen in the Space Rig, including reading the miner’s guide, choosing class, upgrading weapons, promotion, dancing, kicking barrels, and more!

However, all things above happen inside the Space Rig. You can’t see outer space or even imagine what the Space Rig looks like from the outside.

With that in mind, we’ll show you how to get outside Space Rig in Deep Rock Galactic in the fastest way!

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To get outside The Space Rig in Deep Rock Galactic, you have to order a fresh Malt Rockbearer from the bartender but don’t drink it yet. Then go up to the second floor and activate the gravity calibration terminal. When there is no gravity in the Space Rig, go to the corner on the left of the gravity calibration terminal and drink your beer. This will bring your beautiful dwarf outside Space Rig in a second!

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How to Get Outside Space Rig in Deep Rock Galactic

To get outside Space Rig in DRG, you have to invest some time in the game to level up your dwarf as well as collect the materials needed to brew the beer. Let’s see how!

  1. Level up your blue level and collect brewing materials

The first step is to level up your player’s rank (or blue level) to level 11. This may take a while, so we recommend playing missions with Double XP anomaly.

You will need 750 Credits, 30 Yeast Cones, 10 Malt Stars, and 10 Starch Nuts to unlock the beer license. For Credits, you need to mine gold. For other three, they’re a little bit rare in quantity so make sure to search for every corner in DRG’s missions.

If you see a short glowing tree in the dark, come closer and press “E” to harvest the materials. Each tree can spawn multiple times per mission, and you get 1-4 items per harvest.

You should play Scout since he has his grappling hook, allowing you to travel the terrain fast to search for the materials.

  1. Unlock the beer license and brew it

When you have enough materials, let’s return to your Space Rig and head toward the Abyss Bar. It’s a cozy bar found on the right side of the Space Rig.

Press “E” to talk with Lloyd, the robotic bartender. Scroll down and look for the Malt Rockbearer beer license. Click on it and wait for the animation to be done to unlock this beer.

Malt Rockbearer will make your dwarf bigger, allowing you to glitch out of the Space Rig easily in later steps. Another beer that can do the same thing is Underhill Deluxe, but instead, it makes dwarf smaller in size.

After you unlock the beer license, you have to brew it with either 6 or 4 Yeast Cones. Now your beer is ready, let’s take it and don’t drink it for now.

  1. Locate the gravity calibration terminal

Come outside of the Abyss Bar, where you can see a big MULE and a small entrance to a high elevator. Let’s hop in!

When you’re on the second floor, turn right and walk through a small bridge. You will see a small and rusty terminal with dangerous text on it. Press “E” to activate the gravity calibration!

Turn around and run to where you first started on the second floor. This time head for the left and you’ll see a small area high up in the corner. Jump it there and prepare your drink!

  1. Get outside Space Rig

When you’re at the exact spot marked in the picture below, drink your beer and try to jump outwards. You will be glitched out of the Space Rig and you can roam around the ship’s hull.

Enjoy the view!

That’s how to get out of Space Rig in Deep Rock Galactic!

When you’re done exploring the space, just jump down and you will be teleported back to your cabin.

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