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In Deep Rock Galactic, a blank matrix core plays a huge role in the mid-game. It’s one of the main sources to get weapon overclocks – powerful upgrades for your weapons.

But have you ever wondered how to get one in DRG? This article will show you how to get a blank matrix core in DRG real quick!

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There are 4 ways to get a blank matrix core in DRG. You can get them from deep dives’ first mission, weekly core hunts assignment, the rival escalation assignment, and from the forge mystery. You can get at least 3 blank matrix cores each week and more depending on the number of overclocks you own.

Let’s see it in detail!

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How to Get Blank Matrix Core in Deep Rock Galactic

There are many ways to get blank matrix cores in DRG, but to keep the game fun, we’ll only cover the official ways.

  1. Deep Dives

Deep dives are end-game content that is reset every week with a pre-defined terrain and objectives. Each deep dive contains 3 missions, and the first mission will reward you with a blank matrix core.

There are two types of deep dives: normal and elite. They have a separate set of missions, and therefore, you can also earn 1 blank matrix core from elite deep dives.

Playing deep dives over and over again won’t give you extra rewards but only give you experience points and credits. So each week, you can earn 2 blank matrix cores from deep dives.

You can get one extra blank matrix core if you already have all weapon overclocks in the second mission of deep dives.

  1. Weekly Core Hunts Assignment

Besides deep dives, weekly core hunts assignment is also a great place to hunt for a blank matrix core.

The weekly core hunts assignment contains 3 missions, just like deep dives. But they’re easier to play since you can choose the Hazard level for each of the missions.

The first mission in the assignment will give you 1 blank matrix core, the second will give a weapon overclock, and the final one will give you a matrix core cosmetic.

If you’re a graybeard who has obtained all weapon overclocks or cosmetic items, you will get a blank matrix core instead for the second and third missions in the assignment.

  1. The Rival Escalation Assignment

Comes with the Rival update. The rival escalation assignment is a special assignment that contains 6 missions in a row. Complete it will give you 2 blank matrix cores, 1 weapon overclock, and 1 matrix core cosmetic.

Since deep dives and weekly core hunts assignments are only playable after your first promotion, doing the rival escalation assignment is the best way to get blank matrix cores for newbies so far!

  1. Forge Mystery

The forge is also end-game content that is unlocked after your first promotion. This is the place where you can craft your weapon and cosmetic overclock into upgrades so you can use them later.

The Forge has a mystery level at the bottom of its interface. The mystery bar contains 5 segments and each time you craft an overclock, a segment will be filled.

When you’ve filled all 5 segments, your Forge mystery will level up, and it will reward you with 2 random weapon cores or cosmetic cores.

Again, if you already collected all weapon overclocks, you will receive a blank matrix core instead of a weapon core.

So that’s 4 ways to get blank matrix cores in Deep Rock Galactic.

Let’s prepare for a busy mining week, miners!

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