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In Deep Rock Galactic, overclocks are powerful upgrades for your weapon and armor. They can either provide huge damage or the best outfit for your dwarfs while costing some Credits and crafting minerals.

There are 148 overclocks in DRG, and since you can only choose 1 per game, it’s important to pick the best overclock that suit your playstyle the most!

In this article, we’ll show you how to get and farm overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic for your beautiful dwarfs!

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There are 4 main ways to get overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic. You can farm 6 overclocks each week by doing Deep Dives, Elite Deep Dives, and Weekly Core Hunts Assignment. With blank matrix cores, you can get at least 3 additional overclocks on a weekly basis. Plus, you can gain an extra overclock through the Forge Mystery whenever you want!

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How to Get and Farm Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic

Overclocks can be extremely powerful if used in the right circumstance. From a simple effect like increasing the damage to a more advanced perk like thrusting you into the air and so on.

Let’s dive deep into DRG to find your favorite overclocks!

  1. Deep Dives

Deep dives are an end-game feature that you can join on a weekly basis to farm overclocks.

Besides farming blank matrix cores, both normal and elite deep dives can give you 2 random weapon overclocks and 2 random matrix core cosmetics. This means each week, you can farm at least 4 overclocks in DRG.

The first mission of deep dives will give you a blank matrix core, which can be used later on in the Machine Events for a random overclock.

New deep dives and rewards are generated at 11 AM UTC each Thursday. So there is no point to do multiple deep dive runs in a week. Unless you’re aiming for some achievements.

  1. Weekly Core Hunts Assignment

Same as deep dives, the weekly core hunts assignment provides you with 3 missions with the same rewards as deep dives.

In the end, you can get 1 blank matrix core, 1 weapon overclock, and 1 matrix core cosmetic. The assignment is repeated every week, the same time as deep dives, so remember to come back for it.

To speed up the progress, you can play the assignment’s mission with Hazard 1 and speed-run it. You only need to do the primary objective and call the drop pod right after for a quick overclock!

  1. Machine Events

This is where the fun begins! Machine Events are the only place you can use your blank matrix cores to get random overclocks.

Currently, there are 4 machine events in Deep Rock Galactic. They include:

  • Ebonite Mutation
  • Kursite Infection
  • Omen Modular Exterminator
  • Tritilyte Crystal

Each machine has the same odd spawn in every mission in DRG (except deep dives). They have a 15% chance to spawn in a mission with one length, 20% with two, and 35% with a 3 mission length. With this being said, it’s best to focus on a long mission rather than speedrun it.

To activate the machine event, a promoted dwarf must insert the Tritilyte Key into the machine. The event will start when all 4 buttons around it are pressed.

On successfully completing the event, you can insert your blank matrix core into the Core Infuser to activate it. The machine will then show 3 random overclocks (both weapon and cosmetic), and you can only pick one.

When you’re done thinking, simply look at your favorite overclock and hold “E” on your keyboard to choose it. Now you only need to craft it in the Forge!

  1. Forge Mystery

If you have a lot of overclocks and don’t know what to do, let’s head straight to the Forge! It can be found in the corner right below the Abyss Bar.

Whenever you craft an overclock, the Forge Mystery bar will be increased. At 5 overclocks crafted, you will be rewarded with 2 random overclocks from the Forge Mystery.

This is repeatable, and as long as you have enough materials, you can craft as many overclock as you want to receive a free overclock from the Forge.

That’s 4 ways to get and farm overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic!

Let’s rock and stone, join every mission and do any assignments you can so you won’t miss out on any events. That’s the fastest way to farm overclocks in DRG!

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  1. Mike

    “There are 148 overclocks in DRG, and since you can only choose 1 per game, it’s important to pick the best overclock that suit your playstyle the most!”

    You can only choose one per game? How is that possible when there are over a hundred of them?

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