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Deep Rock Galactic is a game full of mysteries and easter eggs. From every single voice line to a lively world on Hoxxes, we know how much effort and love the development team put into the game.

In this article, we’ll talk about a mysterious cube with a weird name in DRG. Can you eat it? Or use it to purchase anything? Let’s find out!

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In Deep Rock Galactic, Error Cube (ERR://23¤Y%/) is a super-rare material that has a 3.84% chance to spawn in every mission. The reason Error Cube is preferred as a material is that you can find and deposit Error Cube like other materials. Plus, it displays beside the material list.

Isn’t that convincing enough?

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What Is the Error Cube in Deep Rock Galactic?

Error Cube (or Precursor Artifact) can spawn on any type of mission with a 3.84% chance. And if you see a Glyphid Crassus Detonator spawn, there is a high chance Error Cube will spawn on the same mission too.

Like other materials, Error Cube spawns inside walls and emits dark purple light around the area. Besides color, you can find Error Cube by paying attention to the spikes growing from the wall, indicating exactly where Error Cube is.

Error Cube has a strange appearance, like a Rubik’s cube, but with black and white color only. When dug out, it also pulses the purple lights to the area. After you’ve observed it enough, let’s deposit it into the MULE!

Error Cube gives 4,000 experience points at the end of the mission. Unlike other experience sources, experience from Error Cube is static and is not affected by the Hazard level.

To track your Error Cube count, you can either visit the Accessory Shop or the Deep Dive terminal. The number of Error Cubes you have collected is displayed near other crafting materials.

For now, you can’t do anything with Error Cubes just yet. Not even display it on the Space Rigs. You can only show off to your fellow dwarves by taking a picture, and that’s it. No more action allowed!

Through this article, you now know what the Error Cube in Deep Rock Galactic is, how to find them, and what they’re used for.

No matter what the cost, it’s always worth collecting Error Cube in any circumstance. Rock and stone, to the bone!

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