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In Deep Rock Galactic, besides mining and fighting through waves of bugs, there are a lot of activities you could do to embrace the moment.

One of which is to drink beers with your fellow dwarves. Since nothing is greater than having a good drink before and after a hard adventure.

In this article, let’s see what beer does in Deep Rock Galactic!

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In Deep Rock Galactic, beers are special drinks that are unlocked and brewed in the Abyss Bar. Apart from cheering purposes, each beer has a unique effect to help your mining mission go smoother. These effects include increasing the amount of Gold/Morkite mined, increasing pickaxe damage, taking less fall damage, and simply increasing your max health.

Let’s see them all.

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What Does Beer Do in Deep Rock Galactic

To drink beers in Deep Rock Galactic, you have to meet certain conditions below:

  • Have access to the Abyss Bar by reaching Player Rank 3
  • Unlock the beer license/recipe with Credits, Barley Bulbs, Yeast Cones, Malt Stars, and Starch Nuts
  • Brew the beer using one or two brewing materials listed above

Beers in Deep Rock Galactic are categorized into 5 main categories: Corporate Issue, Holiday Beer, Today’s Special, Craftable Beer, and Bonus Drink.

When it comes to the effect the beer gives, we can classify them into 4 different categories:

  • Do nothing but increase your intoxicated
  • Gain your dwarf a special buff on missions
  • Give random effect and only affect your dwarf in the Space Rigs
  • Reset your intoxicated point

Let’s dive deeper!

  1. Corporate Issue, Holiday Beer, and Bonus Drink (5 Beers)

Those types of beers provide you with nothing but drunkenness.

In fact, all beers in Deep Rock Galactic except Leaf Lover’s Special cause intoxication with their Potency attribute. This Potency number keeps adding up, and when it’s over 100, your dwarf will pass out on the floor.

NameBrew CostPlayer RankPotencyEffect
Oily Oaf Brew35 Credits312%N/A
Glyphid Slammer85 Credits720%N/A
Glyphid Slammer Supporter Upgrade85 Credits720%N/A
Leaf Lover's Special25 Credits30%Reset intoxication to 0%
Best Wurst Beer115 Credits320%N/A
  1. Today’s Special (8 Beers)

You should aim for beers in this category since they provide a great buff that can affect your dwarf in a single mission.

Unlike other beers, there is only one Today’s Special beer available at the Abyss Bar. This beer can be found on the very top slot when you interact with Lloyd – The Robotic Bartender.

To unlock Today’s Special beer slot, you have to spend 1,000 Credits, 15 Starch Nuts, 10 Yeast Cones, 10 Malt Stars, and 5 Barley Bulbs.

Then for every mission rotation (30 minutes), this slot will be filled with one random beer below:

NameBrew CostPotencyEffect
Backbreaker Stout1 Barley Bulb25%x1.3225 Carry Movement Speed
Dark Morkite2 Barley Bulbs16%x1.44 Morkite Mined
Pots O' Gold3 Barley Bulbs16%x4 Gold Mined
Red Rock Blaster1 Barley Bulb12% x1.69 Max Health
Rocky Mountain3 Barley Bulbs15% -2 Pickaxe Hit per Terrain
Skull Crusher Ale2 Barley Bulbs20%+20 Base Pickaxe Damage
Slayer Stout2 Barley Bulbs23%x0.25 Pickaxe Power Attack Cooldown
Tunnel Rat3 Barley Bulbs10%-60% Fall Damage
  1. Craftable Beer (13 Beers)

Like the first three beer categories, beers in the Craftable Beer category are always available and can be crafted anytime, as long as you have enough materials and Player Rank.

Each beer in this category has separate beer licenses. This means if you want to drink all of them, you have to unlock all 13 licenses with a total cost of 10,300 Credits, 267 Starch Nuts, 174 Malt Stars, and 160 Yeast Cones.

Those beers also provide unique effects. But they only apply when you’re in the Space Rigs and not in the mission. So bear this in mind.

NameBrew CostPotencyEffect
Arkenstout4 Malt Stars10%Calls blizzard and freezes you
Blacklock Lager5 Starch Nuts, 2 Yeast Cones46%Darkens the screen with ghostly sounds
Blackout Stout3 Starch Nuts100%Makes you pass out shortly
Blackreach Blonde3 Yeast Cones, 3 Malt Stars15%Dance without turning on the Jukebox
Burning Love6 Malt Stars17%Burns your dwarf
Flintlocke's Delight3 Yeast Cones, 2 Starch Nuts20%Propels your dwarf in random directions
Gut Wrecker4 Starch Nuts, 1 Malt Star41%Shakes the screen with a loud burp
Mactera Brew6 Starch Nuts, 1 Malt Star40%Your dwarf can fart green clouds now
Malt Rockbearer6 Yeast Cones23%Makes your dwarf bigger
Seasoned Moonrider4 Starch Nuts, 3 Malt Stars12%Jump higher with a low gravity effect
Smart Stout4 Malt Stars, 2 Starch Nuts24%Makes your dwarf smarter
Underhill Deluxe4 Yeast Cones18%Makes your dwarf smaller
Wormhole Special3 Starch Nuts, 2 Malt Stars, 1 Yeast Cone25%Teleports your dwarf to a random location. (can be outside the Space Rigs)

So that’s all thing beers can do in Deep Rock Galactic.

What’s your favorite beer so far? Let us know in the comment below!

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