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If you’re a true miner in Deep Rock Galactic, you must dive deep into the Hoxxes planet to gather as many materials as possible and fight through waves of bugs.

As you pay attention to every normal mission in DRG, you’re not going that deep and returning to the Space Rigs after every mission. So how do you go deeper into DRG?

In today’s article, we’ll explain what deep dives are in Deep Rock Galactic, how to do deep dives, and what you can get from this feature. Let’s rock and stone!

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In Deep Rock Galactic, Deep Dives is one big end-game mission that contains 3 other mini-missions. Each of the mini-missions will have randomized 2 primary objectives. The map and the objectives of deep dives are defined and changed each week. When you complete deep dives, you will receive powerful upgrades for your weapons as well as other cosmetics items for your beautiful dwarfs.

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What Are Deep Dives in Deep Rock Galactic

There are a total of 8 different missions in DRG. Each one has its own primary objective, such as protecting the Drilldozer, collecting a certain amount of Morkite, eliminating the Dreadnoughts, and so on.

Along with the primary are the secondary objectives. They are varied and randomized in every mission to create different fascinating combinations of the main mission in the game.

However, deep dives in DRG are a little bit different!

First of all, Deep Dives is a long mission that keeps bringing your dwarfs deeper and deeper into the world of Hoxxes.

To start deep dives, you have to be the host. Then the deep dives terminal can be found at the very end of the Space Rigs. It’s near the Forge and next to the Abyss bar.

In Deep Dives, you can only return to the Space Rigs after 3 missions. Therefore, your health, armor, Nitra, and gold will be brought to the next mission. This is the important thing to know since many dwarfs spawn the supply pod when the mission is nearly ended.

If any dwarfs are left behind in the previous mission, they will magically appear at the start of the next mission since leaving no dwarf behind is the slogan of DRG.

There are 2 types of Deep Dives: regular and elite. On regular deep dives, you will play 3 missions at Hazard 3, 3.5, and 3.5, respectively.

And on elite deep dives, the difficulty is being increased to 4.5, 5, and 5.5, along with 1-2 additional Warnings. This makes the game a lot harder than usual, so only those greybeards with high levels can handle elite deep dives!

When it comes to objectives, deep dives also have two. But they’re all primary objectives with some tweaks. You may only need to collect 2 alien eggs, kill 1 dreadnought, or recover the black box, which is a new mission available only in deep dives.

You always get 15,750 experience points per deep dive. Not too much, and it’s way less if you play 3 separate missions. But here are 3 main reasons why you need to play deep dives in Deep Rock Galactic:

  1. You get 1 Blank Matrix Core, 1 random weapon overclock, and 1 random cosmetic matrix core after the first, second, and third mission, respectively.
  2. Gain performance points for your battle pass.
  3. Unlock 4 achievements related to deep dives.

Blank Matrix Core is a super useful item that can be used in the event machine to obtain both weapon overclock or cosmetic matrix core for your dwarf.

Weapon overclocks are powerful upgrades for your weapons throughout 4 different classes. While cosmetic matrix core will give you a random cosmetic to make your dwarf fancier while mining.

Frequently asked questions

How long do deep dives take in Deep Rock Galactic?

Each mission in deep dives usually takes 15 minutes. So a Deep Dives in Deep Rock Galactic take you around 45 minutes on average. Spoiler ahead! Complete a Deep Dive before 45 minutes will give you a special achievement as well.

Are rare minerals spawn in Deep Dives?

No! You can only find Nitra and Gold in Deep Dives. However, the Huuli Hoarder still can spawn in Deep Dives, and this is the only source you can get rare minerals! Moreover, you can’t find compressed gold, bittergem, and even error cubes in Deep Dives.

Can machine events, lost packs, and cargo create spawn in Deep Dives?

No, they don’t! In Deep Dives, you should only focus on your objectives. If you hear a beeping sound, it’s from the mini-MULE nearby, so don’t get distracted.

So that’s what deep dives are in Deep Rock Galactic.

Stop kicking the barrels and get yourself to work! Let’s promote your dwarfs and enter the deep world of Hoxxes so Karl can be proud!

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