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So you and your beautiful dwarf team have just landed the final shot to the Dreadnoughts, and the next wave of bugs is coming, but wait, your team is already out of ammo.

No freaking out since today, we’ll show you how to get ammo real quick in Deep Rock Galactic!

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To get ammo in Deep Rock Galactic, you have to mine at least 80 Nitra first. Then you can call a Resupply Pod for 80 Nitra at your desired location. When the pod lands, you and your team can interact on each side of the Resupply Pod for a few seconds to refill half of your ammo and health.

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How to Get Ammo in Deep Rock Galactic

Here are the basic steps you need to refill your ammo in DRG. Feel free to spread this knowledge to your dwarf friend since everyone on the team can do this, as long as you have enough Nitra.

  1. Find and Mine Nitra

Nitra is the most basic mineral in Deep Rock Galactic, and you can literally find it on every mission type. It has a red sharp texture and glows gloomily in the dark.

There is always more Nitra than what you actually need in a mission, as long as you don’t waste your ammo in an uncontrollable way. As far as we see, Elimination, Industrial Sabotage, Point Extraction, and On-site Refining are the missions with the most Nitra.

It took you 1 pickaxe swing to mine Nitra, compared to 2 with gold. Moreover, the sound when you break Nitra is really satisfying, making mining Nitra one of the best tempting things to do in DRG.

Normally, each Nitra vein can give you up to 50 Nitra. And to call a Resupply Pod, you need 80 Nitra, which means you have to mine at least 2 Nitra veins for a pod.

  1. Call the Resupply Pod

When you have enough Nitra, press “5” on your keyboard to call the Resupply Pod. You will need to choose a place to call it by setting a visual hologram on your screen.

When you’re done choosing the best place to call your Resupply Pod (mainly in a corner so it won’t block the path), press left-click on your mouse to call it.

After a short amount of time, the Resupply Pod will crash into the Hoxxes planet and is ready for your team to refill ammo.

Remember to stay out of the Resupply Pod’s landing zone since it will deal 1,000 damage in a 1.5-meter radius. Many dwarves’ life has been taken this way, just so you know…

  1. Get Ammo

Each Resupply Pod has 4 separate ammunition racks. Each rack can be taken only once and will refill at least 50% of your ammo and health.

To get ammo, you have to make your dwarf face the rack, then hold “E” for some seconds to collect your supplies.

If you want to get supply faster, try to acquire the Resupplier perk in the perk menu. Besides reducing the time to get a supply, this perk also restores more health and instantly reloads your weapons.

  1. Other Ways to get Ammo

In Salvage Operations, you may find some broken Resupply Pods buried in the ground. Dig them up and repair them to have some free supply racks.

Each broken Resupply Pod has a 25% chance to give nothing, a 60% chance to give 1 supply rack, and 15% to give 2 supply racks.

So that’s 4 ways to get ammo in Deep Rock Galactic.

Spend your bullet wisely and always mine Nitra! You will be thankful when the next bug wave is coming.

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