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The world of Deep Rock Galactic has many mysterious minerals that you can’t find in a single mission.

Today, let’s talk about what Bittergem is in Deep Rock Galactic and what it is used for.

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Bittergem is a rare mineral with a distinct pink color. It has a shape like Aquarq or Compressed Gold, so the only way to obtain it is to dig into the wall with pink crystals. When deposited, each Bittergem will be converted into 1000 – 1500 Credits, so it’s totally worth it to mine Bittergem when you have a chance.

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What Is Bittergem in Deep Rock Galactic

Bittergem is one of many rare resources in Deep Rock Galactic.

It spawns, like most other rare resources, inside the wall. Bittergem emits a bold pink color with a lot of crystals outside the wall to indicate its spawn location.

So, the best way to notice a Bittergem is to not light up the cave, then look for any pink corners. Error cube also has the same color, so you can hit two birds with one stone.

Bittergem has a 4.76% chance to spawn on any mission type, length, and complexity.

Since the chance is equal to all missions, it’s best to run multiple short missions to look for Bittergems.

What Is Bittergem Used For in Deep Rock Galactic

When you’re done mining Bittergem out of the wall, you can carry it by pressing the “E” key.

This action works the same as when you carry Aquarq, Compressed Gold, or Jadiz. You move much slower, can’t use guns and laser pointers, and so on.

So, remember to call the MULE right before you start mining to save some time. Then just carry Bittergem and deposit it into the MULE.

Each Bittergem will provide 1000 – 1500 units of Bittergem, which can be converted into Credits in a 1:1 ratio. (Compared to a 1:2 ratio for gold)

Currently, Bittergem only has one usage. To deposit into the MULE and get that extra Credits.

However, it’s also fun and boosts your spirit a lot when you found one. So let’s get those specious minerals, miners!

That’s all about what Bittergem is and its usage in Deep Rock Galactic.

How many Bittergems have you found? Let us know in the comment below!

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