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Not sure what Class you should play in Destiny 2? Are you only interested in playing the best Class?

Today, we will go over which Class is the best to play in PvE, as well as other options for players who want to compete with their favorite Class.

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The best Class for PvE in Destiny 2 is Solar Warlock with Well of Radiance. Solar Titan is second, followed by Arc Hunter in third.

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Best Class for PvE in Destiny 2

While every Class in Destiny 2 is playable, there are a few subclasses that you will see time and time again when playing any of Destiny 2’s end-game content.

These subclasses push their Class to be considered the best in terms of PvE potency.

We will first cover the obvious best Class for PvE before going over the subclass options for the other two Classes.


Warlock is by far the best Class when taking on PvE content. This is solely thanks to it having one of the most busted Super abilities in the game in the form of Well of Radiance.

Outside of Solar, Warlock’s other subclasses aren’t as ideal for PvE content.

You have some good burst damage with Strand, crown control with Stasis or Arc, and decent survivability with Void.

If you are looking to be as optimal as possible, there really isn’t any reason not to use Solar Warlock. It gives you everything you need to be self-sufficient and is a key component to any Fireteam.

Solar Warlock

Solar Warlock, specifically when using the Well of Radiance Super ability, is by far the best PvE subclass in the game.

No matter the activity, no matter the encounter, you will almost always see at least one Warlock running Well of Radiance. This Super ability singlehandedly shapes the way Bungie balances DPS encounters.

Giving your team a mobile, on-demand spot of invulnerability while buffing everyone’s damage output by 25% is ridiculous.

This Super ability is basically required for any DPS phase to be successful. If you are a Warlock player looking to join a Fireteam for PvE activities, a Well of Radiance is always welcome.

When it comes to PvE, your main focus should always be either survivability or damage output. Your Super ability alone covers both of these points.

The fact that the Solar subclass also has some insane neutral game abilities makes it even better.

Solar Grenades are a great option for clearing groups of enemies. Pair them with the Sunbracers Exotic arm armor for unlimited grenade usage for a short time, allowing you to effectively clear an entire encounter using just your Solar Grenades.

If you need more survivability, then you can always swap to Healing Grenades to help you and your teammates stay alive during difficult fights.

Your Rift Class ability is very versatile, giving you a space to regenerate health in the middle of an encounter or giving you a much-needed damage boost for taking down Champions and minibosses. This can be a lifesaver in many situations.

You have many different choices when it comes to Exotic armor. We’ve already mentioned how good Sunbracers can be.

Pheonix Protocol will grant you Super ability energy whenever you or a teammate kills an enemy while standing inside of your Well of Radiance, allowing you to constantly have your Well ready whenever you need it.

Aeon Soul can give you and the rest of your Fireteam much-needed Special ammo when using Finisher moves on enemies.

You can also create Heavy ammo when using Finishers on minibosses such as Champions. During long, drawn-out encounters, this can be the difference in killing the Boss in one phase or three.

Overall, this Class just does everything you need it to in PvE. It is beginner-friendly and is a staple in end-game Fireteams.


Titan takes PvE survivability to a whole new level.

Every subclass Titan has is focused on providing you with enough health regeneration or overshields to keep you alive while you mow down hordes of enemies.

Unlike Warlock, Titan has a few different options when it comes to PvE subclasses.

Solar Titan

Solar Titan takes advantage of the Hammer of Sol Super to generate Orbs of Power for your Fireteam and create Sunspots to grant you temporary healing, all while clearing out every enemy in sight with ease.

This is a great panic Super, as you can quickly pop it when you are about to die for some much-needed health regeneration.

Rally Barricade and Towering Barricade are your Class abilities. Either one will give you a break from the ads in the area and give you time to regenerate your health before getting back in the fight.

They are also a great ability for giving you cover when a teammate needs to be revived.

Your Melee ability options are great. Throwing Hammer gives you a near-infinite source of damage that increases with every stack.

Picking up your Throwing Hammer after using it will instantly refresh its cooldown, allowing you to constantly chain together hammer throws. With the right build, this can even become a very potent DPS option.

For Exotics, you have Loreley Splendor Helm for survivability, creating Sunspots whenever you become critically wounded.

For damage, you have Synthocepts, increasing your Melee damage when enemies are near. Paired with your Throwing Hammer, you should be able to take on any enemy without ever firing a single bullet from your gun.

Strand Titan

While the other Strand subclasses haven’t made quite as big of an impact in the PvE scene, Strand Titan has found a spot at the top.

Unlike other subclasses, your Super ability isn’t what makes this subclass strong. While Bladefury is decent for damage and can be used to get out of a bad situation, you have far better options in terms of survivability and utility in your neutral game abilities.

Suspending can be a very powerful option when dealing with minibosses and Champion enemies.

Your Class ability gets much better when using Strand. Not only will you gain the benefits of a normal Barricade but you will also be able to Suspend enemies on-demand when casting your Class ability.

You’ll have Shackle Grenades for another form of suspending targets, Threadling Grenades for an area of effect damage, and Grapple to get out of a bad spot and back to safety.

Your Frenzied Blade Melee ability is a great tool for creating a Tangle, which is important for survival in this build.

The Banner of War Aspect lets you live out the Sword-wielding fantasy of every Titan, giving you increased Sword and melee damage with every Sword or melee kill while constantly healing you and nearby allies.

Consecutive kills will recharge the Banner and speed up the healing wave.

This Aspect, paired with a Sword to both block damage and kill enemies, creates an unstoppable, unkillable tank that can go wherever it pleases during the encounter.

You can even equip the Stronghold Exotic arms to enhance your Sword blocking capabilities and grant you even more health regeneration.

When it comes to solo survivability, nothing beats Banner of War Titan.

Void Titan

Occasionally, you will see Void Titans used in PvE for their constant overshield generation and backup Bubble.

While Well of Radiance is the go-to Super for team healing and damage boosting, the Titan’s Ward of Dawn is a close second.

During encounters with many enemies, it can be beneficial to have a Bubble Titan to give your team a safe space, so your team can save the Well of Radiance for the damage phase.

Ward of Dawn creates a protective Bubble that won’t let any shots in or out. It gives all allies a constantly regenerating overshield while inside the Bubble, basically making them invincible.

Anyone who leaves the Bubble will maintain a lingering damage buff for a short while that can be refreshed by stepping back into the Bubble.

The downside to Bubble is that you can not shoot any enemies outside of the Bubble. You need to step out in order to deal damage, which exposes you to taking damage.

Well of Radiance provides you with healing, a damage boost, and no limitations. You can see why Well is just better in DPS situations.

Aside from your Super, you have many options to keep you alive throughout encounters.

Your Melee ability can grant you overshields, you have access to Devour for a constant source of health regeneration, and your Calass ability will give you and your allies an overshield after casting it.

Void Titan can be a great Class for newer players and Fireteams who don’t have a Well of Radiance Warlock.


If you are more interested in a Class that has a large variety of gameplay options, then Hunter is the perfect choice for you.

If Warlocks are the healers and Titans are the tanks, then Hunters are the DPS of the team. They don’t have a ton of utility to help out others on the Fireteam, but they do have the damage.

Hunters have the highest damage per second Super ability in the game with Gathering Storm. This leads many Fireteams to run at least a single Hunter strictly for damage purposes.

Many players flock to Hunter for the Class’ aesthetic and gameplay style.

While it is a great Class, it is not nearly as essential to a PvE Fireteam as a Warlock or Titan, with many teams opting to only use one or two Hunters max.

Arc Hunter

Arc Hunter has become the best subclass in the game in terms of raw damage output.

The Gathering Storm Super ability deals a tremendous amount of damage over a short period of time after only a single activation, allowing you to follow up with your weapons while your Super does its job.

When paired with the Star-Eater Scales Exotic leg armor, you will supercharge your Gathering Storm to deal more damage than a Celestial Golden Gun.

In a Raid setting, you should always be able to get enough Orbs of Power to feed your boots simply by entering the Well of Radiance.

Your Class ability allows you to choose between either an auto-reloading dodge or a Melee-regenerating dodge.

One is amazing for DPS, allowing you to cheat reloads on lengthy animation weapons such as Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers, while the other gives you plenty of Melee-centric build options.

The Combination Blow Melee will grant you health with every kill while stacking damage and regenerating your Dodge ability. When paired with Gambler’s Dodge, you can infinitely chain Melee swings and Dodges.

Hunter probably has the most diverse selection of Exotic Armor pieces. Star-Eater Scales is mandatory for Boss damage.

Outside of DPS, you have Assassin’s Cowl for invisibility and health regeneration, ST0MP-EE5 for mobility, Shinobu’s Vow for Skip Grenade builds, and Radiant Dance Machines for chain-reloading your weapons during DPS phases after casting Gathering Storm.

Void Hunter

Void Hunter is the only Hunter subclass that really provides anything for your team beyond damage.

This is also one of the best subclasses in the game for solo PvE content, as it gives you plenty of options to stay safe and reposition without fear of getting shot.

The two things this subclass offers are crowd control and invisibility. Your Deadfall Super will tether groups of enemies together, causing them all to become staggered and share damage with each other.

Pair this Super with the Orpheus Rigs Exotic leg armor, and you will generate a ton of Orbs of Power for your Fireteam while getting back a good amount of Super energy yourself.

Deadfall will also debuff any enemy hit, which can be a crucial part of your team’s DPS phase when dealing with ranged Bosses.

Both your Class ability and your Melee ability can grant you and your allies invisibility, giving you all the chances in the world to stay alive and out of enemy sights.

Use invisibility to give yourself time to regenerate health or revive downed teammates.

As for Exotic armor, Void Hunters who aren’t using their Super ability for Orb generation should be using Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, giving their Void weapons Volatile Rounds and constantly chaining invisibility and reserve overshields for survivability.

You also have Omnioculus to chain invisibility for your entire Fireteam.

Void Hunter is perfect for players who struggle in solo PvE activities.

Warlocks are on top! Do you agree that these Classes are the best subclasses in PvE?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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