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If you have recently acquired Necrochasm in Destiny 2 and want to see how it pairs with Necrotic Grip, you will first need to unlock these Exotic Gauntlets.

Today, you’ll learn how to unlock Necrotic Grip, as well as the many unique interactions it has with Weapons of Sorrow.

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To unlock Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2, complete Legendary Lost Sectors while Gauntlets are on rotation. You can also purchase Necrotic Grip from Xur or obtain them randomly through Exotic Engrams.

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How to Get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2

Unlike Exotic weapons, very few Exotic armor pieces are tied to quests or rewards. Most Exotic armor pieces are obtained by random drops. Necrotic Grip is no exception.

There are three methods you can use to unlock Necrotic Grip, one that is guaranteed and two that are based on luck.

Legendary lost Sectors

Solo Legendary Lost Sectors are the best activities to run if you need Exotic armor. These are end-game-level activities that are used to unlock any Exotic armor that you have yet to obtain from the newest Expansions.

Every completion of a Legendary Lost Sector while solo will give you an uncommon chance of an Exotic armor piece dropping.

Completing the Lost Sector on Master Difficulty will give you a common chance of Exotic armor, though Master difficulty is much harder.

In the time it takes you to complete one Master difficulty run, you could have completed two Legendary difficulty runs, giving you a slightly higher chance of getting the Exotic armor you want.

Even on Legendary difficulty, these Lost Sectors are not easy and require you to be at least Power Level 1750 to unlock.

A Power Level of 1800 minimum is recommended, though you will have a much easier time with a Power Level of 1810 or higher.

The Exotic loot pool and Lost Sector both change daily, rotating between Head armor, Chest armor, Gauntlet armor, and Legs armor.

Completing Legendary Lost Sectors on Gauntlet day will guarantee you to obtain an Exotic Gauntlet piece from the loot pool of Exotic Gauntlet armor.

You can find out where the daily Legendary Lost Sector is by looking for the Lost Sector icon on your Directory.

You will want to check what modifiers the Legendary Lost Sector has before jumping in. Be sure to carefully craft a Loadout that mitigates any debuffs and takes advantage of any buffs the modifiers provide.

You will also face Champion enemies. There are usually two different types of Champions present, so you will need to plan accordingly and bring weapons or abilities that can stun them.

For more info on how to unlock Legendary Lost Sectors, as well as some tips on how to complete your first Legendary Lost Sector, be sure to check out our guide on How to Unlock and Do Legendary Lost Sectors.

Exotic Engrams

While you are waiting for the Legendary Lost Sector rotation to change to Gauntlet day, your best bet for obtaining Necrotic Grip is through Exotic Engrams.

These can be obtained through rank-up rewards with the Tower’s vendors or randomly after killing enemies.

While not the best method for target farming any type of Exotic, you may get lucky!


Every weekend, Xur will randomly appear somewhere in Destiny 2 selling Exotic armor pieces, Exotic weapons, and Exotic Engrams.

If you are lucky, Xur will be selling Necrotic Grip as the Warlock Exotic armor piece of the week. If not, you can still pick up an Exotic Engram from Xur for another chance at obtaining the arms you need.

What Does Necrotic Grip Do?

Necrotic Grip is an Exotic arms piece for Warlocks.

It comes with the Exotic Perk Grasp of the Devourer, causing any Melee damage you do to poison the target and deal damage over time. Killing a poisoned target spreads the poison to nearby enemies.

Necrotic Grip also provides enhanced airborne effectiveness to all Weapons of Sorrow. These weapons include Thorn, Osteo Striga, Touch of Malice, and Necrochasm.

These weapons can also take advantage of the poison damage the gauntlets provide, dealing increased damage over time and spreading poison when killing an enemy with a Weapon of Sorrow.

This Exotic takes advantage of the Warlock’s ranged Melee abilities to poison enemies from afar.

The enhanced Melee aspect of these gauntlets is already pretty potent. Pair this with any of the Weapons of Sorrow, and you have a very efficient ad-clearing build.

The Warlock’s Strand subclass takes full advantage of Necrotic Grip with the Arcane Needle Melee ability.

You will have three Melee charges that each trigger the poison damage of Necrotic Grip and spread poison through the battlefield.

The interaction with each of the Weapons of Sorrow makes this Exotic one of the best in terms of ad-clearing.

A single Melee or Weapon of Sorrow final blow can trigger the spread of poison and eliminate entire hordes of enemies.

Osteo Striga and Touch of Malice are already both very strong weapons in PvE. Adding additional poison damage and poison-spreading capabilities to them just makes them insane.

In PvP, this poison is very relevant, allowing you to one-hit Melee enemies with certain Melee abilities.

The poison damage applied to your Weapons of Sorrow can also affect their time-to-kill, making your weapons more forgiving if you end up missing headshots.

Activating the Mark of the Devourer Perk on Thorn with Necrotic Grip equipped will allow you to kill Guardians with only two shots to the body after applying poison to them.

Now you know what Necrotic Grip does as well as how to get them!

Are you excited to use these Gauntlets? Do you have any builds you would like to try with them? Let me know in the comments!

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