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Glaives are the newest weapon archetype introduced to Destiny 2 with the Witch Queen Expansion. While fun to use, they haven’t made quite the splash everyone had hoped they would.

Today, we will talk about the Winterbite Exotic Glaive and how you can get it for yourself.

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To get the Winterbite Exotic Glaive in Destiny 2, complete the Lightfall campaign and speak with Quinn Laghari in the Hall of Heros to begin the post-campaign questline and unlock the Strider Exotic Quest.

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How to Get Winterbite in Destiny 2

After completing the Lightfall campaign, you will have a few more post-campaign missions available to you. One of them is the questline for the Winterbite Exotic Glaive.

This questline will introduce you to all of the activities on Neomuna and show you how each of them works.

To begin this questline you will need to speak with Quinn Laghari in the Hall of Heros. After interacting with various points throughout the room, speak with Quinn again to begin the Stargazer Quest.

Stargazer Quest

This quest is broken up into six steps.

Step One: You will have to loot a Terminal Overload reward chest. This chest spawns in at the end of a Terminal Overload run. The Terminal Overload area rotates daily between Zephyr Concourse, Liming Harbor, and Ahimsa Park.

You should be able to launch a Terminal Overload from your Map. You can choose to bring a Fireteam with you or be loaded in with random players. You also have the chance to load in alone, which isn’t fun or efficient, so a Fireteam is recommended for a fast clear.

Step Two: You will need to defeat the Vex Hydrthe a in Esi Terminal. This area is right beside the Zephyr Concourse. You should have a waypoint on your Map showing you where to go.

Step Three: Obtain a Terminal Overload key. These keys are randomly rewarded for activities throughout Neomuna. Public events, patrols, and looting chests all have a chance to drop a key.

Step Four: You will need to complete another Terminal Overload and use your Terminal Overload key on the bonus chest that spawns at the end of the activity. You should see two chests spawn in. The one on the right requires a key to open.

Step Five: Head back to the Hall of Heroes and interact with the Stargazer Memorial.

Step Six: Go speak with Quinn Laghari again and complete this quest. You will now have access to the Malestrom Quest.

Malestrom Quest

This quest only has four parts to it and is much shorter.

Step One: You will need to head to the Vex Incursion Zone and complete various activities. These activities include public events, patrols, and finding resources. While doing this, you will want to search out and interact with two Strand Sources. These Strand Sources are exactly like the ones in the campaign. Interacting with them will give you Empowered Strand abilities for a short time.

Step Two: Complete the Lost Sector within the Vex Incursion Zone. Since the Vex Incursion Zone is on rotation, the Lost Sector you need to complete will vary. It will always be in the same area as the Vex Incursion Zone.

Step Three: Return to the Hall of Heroes once again and interact with the Maletrom Memorial.

Step Four: Speak with Quinn Laghari to complete this quest and unlock the next quest, the Bluejay Quest.

Bluejay Quest

This quest will have five steps that are a little tougher than the last few.

Step One: Speak with Nimbus.

Step Two: Defeat enemies in the current Vex Inursion Zone while you have the Strand subclass equipped. This will periodically drop Shellcode Fragments, of which you will need eight. You will also need to complete another Terminal Overload and unlock the Terminal Overload Key chest using another key.

Step Three: Complete the Partition activity. This is a mini-campaign mission that should show up as a waypoint on your Map. You can bring a Fireteam with you to complete this part much faster, assuming everyone is at the same step in the quest.

Step Four: Return to the Hall of Heroes yet again and interact with the Bluejay Memorial.

Step Five: Speak with Quinn Laghari one more time to complete this quest and unlock the final Exotic Quest, the Strider Quest.

Strider Exotic Quest

Don’t get your hopes up for completing this Exotic Quest today. It is sadly time-gated.

Step One: Speak with the Arcavist.

Step Two: This is the tough part. You will need to loot the Overload Key chest from each of the three different areas of Terminal Overload.

This means you will have to wait until the next daily rotation before you can loot the next Key chest and another day for the chest after that. Be sure to have Terminal Overload Keys ready for each day.

Step Three: Defeat Shadow Legion enemies in Neomuna to collect location data. After collecting 20 data fragments, you will need to complete the Ahisma Park Lost Sector to get a Data Cipher.

If you already know where this Lost Sector is, feel free to complete both of these requirements at once. There are plenty of Shadow Legion enemies in the Lost Sector.

Step Four: Speak with the Arcavist for the next step.

Step Five: Interact with the Strider Memorial in the Hall of Heroes.

Step Six: Find and kill the Hydras in Maya’s Retreat to destroy the Vex confluxes in the area. You’ll find Maya’s Retreat just Southeast of Liming Harbor. Once you are there, you should spot a Hydra with a quest marker on it. Kill it and continue towards the conflux to fight off waves of enemies.

Step Seven: Speak with the Arcavist for the final time and claim your Winterbite.

Is Winterbite Worth Getting?

Winterbite is an Exotic Heavy Glaive, the first of its kind. It comes with the Big Frigid Glaive Intrinsic Perk, firing a large ball of Stasis energy that slowly moves forward and locks onto any nearby targets to freeze them.

What makes this Glaive special is the Weighted Edge Perk. This perk increases your melee attack damage and slows any enemies hit. This plays into the power fantasy of a Glaive with powerful melee hits.

This weapon was busted on release, dealing a lot more than intended damage to Bosses. It was quickly disabled and later patched. Now, it is a fine weapon that can do fine damage, but it isn’t topping any DPS charts.

The freeze from the Primary fire is great for dealing with Champions, and the extra melee damage doesn’t consume ammo, meaning you can run around and melee most enemies safely.

Overall, this is a fun weapon to use and can output some respectable damage to bosses when paired with melee-enhancing builds. This is far from a necessary weapon to have, but there is plenty of fun to be had with it.

That’s how you unlock the Winterbite Exotic Glaive!

Were you around when this weapon was dealing massive damage upon release? What do you think about its current state? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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