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Glimmer has many uses in the Destiny universe. Knowing what you should be spending it on can be tricky.

Today, We’ll be going over some of the best ways you can spend your Glimmer efficiently in Destiny 2.

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In Destiny 2, Glimmer is best spent on upgrading your armor, weapons, and Ghost to max out your stats and gains. You can also spend Glimmer on stockpiling trading materials and bounties for easy XP gain. Don’t forget to save some Glimmer for a visit with Xur.

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What to Spend Glimmer On in Destiny 2

Spending your Glimmer is crucial, as there is a cap to how much you can hold.

There is no worse feeling than ending a long play session after realizing you are maxed out on Glimmer. So, what should you be spending your Glimmer on?

Upgrades. If you have a new set of armor that you like, a new god-roll weapon, or a shiny new ghost shell, you can upgrade them by spending Glimmer on Masterworking. This will give you both increased stats and more slots for Mods.

Materials. Aside from Glimmer, you will need all kinds of materials if you plan on upgrading your equipment.

Luckily, many vendors will sell you materials for Glimmer and Shards. Spider in The Tangled Shore is a generalist option to check back on if you are low on materials.

Bounties. Whether you enjoy PVP, PVE, or both, you will want to make sure you are always completing bounties during your play sessions.

Be sure to stop by all of the local vendors in the tower to see what bounties they have available. This is also a great way to gain XP for your Seasonal Pass.

Xur. We all wait patiently every week for Xur to make his mysterious appearance.

When he does, it is always a good idea to get at least one Exotic Engram from him. They don’t come cheap, so be sure to save a bit if you plan on visiting him this week.

That’s what to spend Glimmer on in Destiny 2!

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