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If you are interested in farming Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 for some great gear, you’ll need to unlock them first.

The path to unlocking Empire Hunts can be a little confusing. We’ll be going over all of the necessary steps to get you started.

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Empire Hunts are unlocked in Destiny 2 after completing the Beyond Light campaign. You’ll need to complete The Warrior, The Technocrat, and The Dark Priestess missions for Variks The Loyal.

Herealways Pieces are required for these missions. You can acquire them by completing patrols, bounties, and public events on Europa.

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How to Unlock Empire Hunts in Destiny 2

To start farming Empire Hunts for stasis weapons, you will first need to complete the Beyond Light campaign. The Empire Hunts are lore-rich experiences and as such would spoil the campaign if you had access to them early.

After completing the campaign, you will want to visit Variks The Loyal in Europa. He should have some quests for you named The Warrior, The Technocrat, and The Dark Priestess.

To purchase these quests, you will need about 20 Herealways Pieces per quest. This material can be gathered by doing public events, patrols, and bounties for Variks.

The Warrior Quest Steps

The first step is simple, get 10 kills with Arc, Solar, and Void weapons.

After that, you will need to head to Asterion Abyss, where you will find Elanaks, Salvation Elite. Defeating this Fallen will give you the last step.

The Warrior Mission should now be available. This is a straightforward mission. Defeat Phylaks, The Warrior and return to Variks to complete The Warrior Quest.

The Technocrat Quest Steps

For this quest, you will need to start by completing two patrol missions in Asterion Abyss.

After that, you should see a waypoint that guides you towards a conflux. Defeat Conflux Watch Prime there to complete the second step.

The last step, again, involves you completing the Technocrat Empire Hunt. This one is a bit more difficult than the last, relying on some clever shield mechanics to defeat bosses. Feel free to bring some friends as backup.

After defeating Praksis, Technocrat, you can return to Variks to claim your prize.

The Dark Priestess Quest Steps.

The final mission starts by having you defeat multiple Fallen in a single life with Precision damage. The timing of these defeats can be tricky, keep that in mind.

Next, head over to Eventide Ruins. Here, you should spot some skiffs spawning enemies. Defeat the Fallen until the Archon, Aspirant, House Salvation spawns. Defeating this enemy should give you the final step.

The last Empire Hunt, The Dark Priestess, will be challenging. You should definitely go into it with a full party.

The final boss room has plenty of enemies and lots of freezing going on. You’ll want to make sure you spec into survival here.

After defeating Kridis, Dark Priestess, you can now return to Variks to turn in your last quest and unlock Empire Hunts.

That’s how to unlock empire hunts in Destiny 2!

Happy hunting, Guardian!

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