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Small Rice Cakes are required in order to complete the Harbinger Title in Destiny 2. They can be hard to obtain, especially if you don’t know how to get them in the first place.

This guide will help you obtain your first Small Rice Cake as well as show you how to use it for the Harbinger Title.

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To get Small Rice Cakes in Destiny 2, complete activities anywhere in the Moon Destination.

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How to Get Rice Cakes in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has plenty of small easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Some of these are purely aesthetic, while others are tied to Quests and challenges.

One such easter egg came with the release of the Shadowkeep Expansion. Players exploring the new Moon Destination would find Jade Rabbits hidden all over.

These Jade Rabbits are part of the Let Them Eat Rice Cakes Triumph. To unlock this Triumph, you will need to first collect nine Small Rice Cakes.

Small Rice Cakes can be rewarded for doing just about any activity on the Moon. The real problem is that they are a very rare drop.

Players looking to complete this Triumph will need some patience and a good farming method if they are to get all of the Rice Cakes they need. Many have found success by simply going around and completing as many Patrols and Public Events as they can.

Planetary Materials and chests are also a great source for Small Rice Cakes. Equipping a Tracking Mod on your Ghost will help you quickly find any nearby Planetary Materials and caches to loot for additional chances at getting a Small Rice Cake.

To make matters worse, players can only acquire one Small Rice Cake per character per week. This means that if you manage to get a Small Rice Cake on each of your characters every week, it will take you three weeks before you even have a chance at obtaining all of the nine Small Rice Cakes you need to complete the Triumph.

How to Use Small Rice Cakes

Once you have nine Small Rice Cakes, you will need to find each of the nine Jade Rabbits hidden throughout the Moon and feed one Rice Cake to each Rabbit. The Jade Rabbit Locations can be tricky to find without some help.

The first can be found in Archer’s Line. Inside the large broken dome, there is a small room with a Rabbit hiding in the right corner.

The second is inside of the K1 Logistics Lost Sector. After opening the final chest, go into the room behind the chest and there will be a Jade Rabbit sitting on the right wall.

The third can be found in the Anchor of Light. Scale the large satellite tower and you will find the Rabbit next to the terminal.

The fourth is in the Hellmouth area. Head to the southernmost point of the area where the chasm opens up in the ground and you will find the Jade Rabbit on the right of the chask next to a purple tarp.

The fifth will be hidden in Sorrow’s Harbor. To the left of the ramp leading to the Dungeon entrance, you will find the Jade Rabbit between two pillars.

The sixth is hidden deep inside the Circle of Bones. Immediately after entering the area, drop down below the platform and look to your right to find the Jade Rabbit.

The seventh can be found deep in the Chamber of Night. After entering the Chamber of Night, continue forward until you see a large rock where your Rabbit sits.

The eighth Jade Rabbit is once again far inside the Shrine of Oryx. As soon as you enter the area, follow the edge of the cliff until you spot the Rabbit sitting on the ledge.

The ninth Jade Rabbit is going to be tougher. You will need to first complete the Shadowkeep campaign and then complete the Memory of Sai Mota quest from Eris Morn in order to get a Firewall Data Fragment.

This is then used to unlock the door at the end of the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. In the back of this newly unlocked room sits the Jade Rabbit.

After feeding a Small Rice Cake to each of the nine Jade Rabbits, head to the Sanctuary Drop Zone on the Moon. Drop down to the room directly below where you load in and you will find the entrance to a small hallway.

You will see that all of the Jade Rabbits are neatly lined across the walls. At the end of the hall, you should be able to interact with the tenth and final Jade Rabbit.

Doing so will complete the Triumph and reward you with the Lunar Gloom Shader.

Be sure to get your Small Rice Cakes every week! Missing one means you will have to wait another week for your Triumph completion.

What are some of the best ways you have found to get Rice Cakes? Let me know in the comments!

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