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Bounties are the side quests of Destiny 2. You will find plenty of them during your time in the game.

After you complete a Bounty, it is important to know how to turn it in so that you can get your rewards. We will quickly explain how to turn in your Bounties.

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To turn in your Bounties in Destiny 2, head to your Quests Tab and select a completed Bounty to Claim its rewards.

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How to Turn in Bounties in Destiny 2

Bounties are simple side objectives that you can pick up and complete all throughout Destiny 2. They are a great way to level up your characters, unlock new gear, and gain access to Seasonal Artifact upgrades that will carry you through tougher content in the game.

Every Vendor in Destiny 2 has their own set of Bounties, including Tower Vendors such as Shaxx and Zavala, as well as planetary Vendors such as Petra Venj and Shaw Han. Seasonal Vendors often appear inside of the H.E.L.M. with new Seasonal Bounties.

The main purpose of Bounties is to increase your Reputation Ranks with specific Vendors. Every Reputation Rank you gain will reward you with some loot.

The secondary purpose for Bounties is to gain XP that will level up your Season Artifact. New levels in your Artifact will unlock Artifact Perks that you can use anywhere in Destiny 2.

To get Bounties, head to any of the Vendors in the Tower, H.E.L.M., or planetary destinations and speak with them. You should see a collection of different Bounties available.

There are two types of Bounties in Destiny 2, Daily Bounties and Weekly Bounties. You can pick up multiple Daily Bounties at a time, while Weekly Bounties are often limited to one or two at a time.

Daily Bounties refresh at the Vendor with new Bounties available after the daily reset, while Weekly Bounties are only available once per weekly reset. You will want to try and complete as many Weekly Bounties as possible before the week ends to maximize your XP gains.

Bounty objectives are usually tied to the type of content that their Vendor deals in, though some Bounties can be completed in any game mode. You can get Crucible Bounties from Lord Shaxx and Gambit Bounties from The Drifter, for example.

Daily Bounties often have very simple objectives for you to complete, things like getting five kills with an Auto Rifle or killing 10 Guardians with grenades.

After you complete a Bounty, you will get a notification on the right-hand side of your screen telling you that your Bounty is ready to be turned in.

To turn in your bounty, head to your Quests Tab and select the completed Bounty to Claim it. This will instantly reward you with a small amount of XP as well as Reputation Rank for the Bounty’s Vendor.

Since Bounties do not automatically Claim themselves upon completion, players have found them very useful when preparing for a new Season.

When a new Season or Expansion is about to launch, players will stockpile and complete as many Bounties as they can carry without claiming them.

On the day of the new Season, after acquiring the new Seasonal Artifact, players will Claim all of the Bounties that they have saved up to instantly gain a large amount of XP.

Depending on the amount of Bounties Claimed, this can lead to quite a few levels on the Seasonal Artifact as soon as they acquire it.

Now you can turn in all of your completed Bounties!

Will you be saving any Bounties for next Season? Let me know what some of the best Bounties are in the comments!

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