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The goal of every Destiny 2 player is to get as much loot as possible. During this journey, you will end up with a lot of old gear that accumulates inside of your Vault.

Knowing what pieces of old gear are worth holding on to and which ones you can dismantle is key to managing a healthy Vault. We will help you decide what types of loot from previous Seasons and Expansions you should keep.

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The best thing to do with old gear in Destiny 2 is usually to dismantle it, especially if it has been sunset and can no longer be Upgraded.

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What to Do With Old Gear in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a looter-shooter at heart, requiring players to constantly be on the lookout for the next meta weapon or armor set to acquire. This cycle of finding loot that you use to find more loot can create a lot of churn in your inventory, especially for long-time players.

A few years ago, Destiny 2 implemented sunsetting. This mechanic would not allow weapons and armor sets to be raised beyond the maximum Power Level of the Season that they were released.

This was made in an attempt to prevent meta weapons and armor pieces from perpetually staying relevant and eliminate the need to ever grind for any loot introduced with later Seasons.

While Bungie quickly made adjustments to this system after major backlash, there is still plenty of loot that was affected.

Returning players to the game may find that many of their favorite weapons and armor sets are now obsolete, either due to power creep pushing them out of the meta or through sunsetting.

So, what do you do with your loot that is no longer viable in the current Season?

In general, loot that has been sunset and can no longer be Upgraded to the max Power Level should be dismantled. There are some cases where you will want to save older gear, however.

It all depends on the type of loot and the type of player. If you primarily play PvE content, you will need your weapons and armor pieces to be as high of a Power Level as possible to stay alive.

There are fringe cases where sunset weapons can come in handy in current PvE content. Speedrunners of the game still frequently use the sunset Mountain Top Legendary Grenade Launcher, as it provides versatility that no other weapon can replace.

PvP players can still take advantage of their older gear when playing in casual game modes, as Power Levels are not enabled. This gives you a chance to reuse your favorite weapons from past Seasons and without putting yourself at a disadvantage.

In most cases, sunset armor sets provide no benefit inside of PvE or PvP game modes, so it is safe to dismantle them, as any unique Mods that used to make them special have become deprecated.

Even with older Exotic armor pieces, you are often better off dismantling them and reacquiring new ones from your Collections for a better stat roll.

There is also the question of what to do with your gear that isn’t sunset but has been pushed out of the meta by weapons that seem like a strict upgrade.

It is important to remember that Destiny 2 is constantly receiving updates and balance changes that can drastically shift the meta.

Weapons that seem underpowered at first may become the next big thing if their weapon archetype receives a buff.

Perks have seen a lot of changes as well, so it is good to keep weapons that have unique Perk combinations incase they ever become strong in a future update.

For armor pieces, the only deciding factor here are stats and the Armor Mod slots. Armor obtained from Raids often has an extra Mod Slot that you can use to equip one of the many Armor Mods that you can unlock from the Raid.

Aside from that, you should really only be keeping armor that has good stats, even if you don’t plan on equipping it right away.

Check out our guide on How to Get Triple 100 Stats for more info on the type of armor pieces you should keep.

Now you know what to do with your old gear in Destiny 2!

Do you have a large collection of loot from past Seasons? Let me know if you have any old weapons or armor pieces that you still use today by leaving a comment!

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