Destiny 2 – How to Join and Leave a Fireteam

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A lot of content in Destiny 2 is too challenging for a solo player to handle. To beat these activities, a Fireteam is required.

We will cover how to join Fireteams, leave Fireteams, and more to prepare you for your next adventure in Destiny 2!

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To join a Fireteam in Destiny 2, select the player you wish to join and click Join Fireteam.

To leave a Fireteam, pull out your Ghost and hold down the Leave Fireteam button displayed.

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How to Join a Fireteam in Destiny 2

Fireteams are necessary if you plan on taking on any of the more challenging content Destiny 2 has to offer. Raids, Dungeons, Trials of Osiris, and even the Legendary difficulty Campaign missions are much better suited for Fireteams.

To join a Fireteam, head over to the Social tab in your menu. Here, you will see a list of every player nearby, every player you have added as a friend, and every player in your Clan.

Click on the name of the player you want to join. You should see the option to Join Fireteam or Invite to Fireteam. Clicking the Join Fireteam button will put you in that player’s Fireteam.

If you join a player that is in a different destination than you, you will leave your current destination and begin loading into wherever they are.

Make sure you finish up any business you have in your current area before joining.

If you see that the player’s Join Fireteam button is grayed out, this could mean a couple of things. Usually, this means that they are in the process of loading into a new destination.

The game will not let you join until that player has fully loaded the new zone.

The other reason for a grayed-out join button would be the player has their privacy settings set to invite only. You will need to ask them for an invite to their Fireteam in order to join.

Using the Join Command

There is a command in Destiny 2 that you can use to join players without interacting with them if you know their Bungie Name.

You may have noticed that when you select a player’s name, you are also shown their Bungie Name. This is often their Username with a hashtag and four numbers.

If you type in chat “/join ” followed by a player’s Bungie Name, numbers, and all, then you will join that player so long as they have an open Fireteam and space for you to join.

Using the Fireteam Finder, as well as their Destiny 2 Companion App, both have a section dedicated to finding a Fireteam.

This is great for solo players who need some help with more challenging content when their friends or Clan members are not around.

You will need to be logged into your Bungie account. You can filter for Fireteams that are running the activity you need.

After you’ve found a Fireteam that you want to join, click the Join Fireteam button. This will add you to a list of players in the app that are waiting.

Once you have joined their Fireteam in the app, the Fireteam Leader will be able to send you an invite in-game.

You will find your Fireteam invites under the Social tab with the little envelope icon. Accept the invite, and you are good to go!

How to Leave a Fireteam in Destiny 2

Once you complete what you set out to do with your Fireteam, or if you need to quickly head to the Tower while waiting for someone to get back before continuing the activity, you will need to leave the Fireteam first.

To do this, first, bring out your Ghost. You should see the option to hold down a button to Leave Fireteam.

The default for PC is the ‘O‘ key, for Xbox it is the ‘Y‘ button, and for PlayStation it is the Triangle button.

If you are currently in an activity, leaving the Fireteam will also make you leave the activity and head back to Orbit. If you are just exploring around a planet or in the Tower, then leaving a Fireteam will not put you in orbit.

If your Fireteam is in Orbit and you need to leave the Fireteam, hit the Back button. This will prompt you with a warning asking if you want to leave the Fireteam.

For PC, the Back button is the Esc key. For Xbox, it is the ‘B’ button, and for PlayStation, it is the Circle button.

This will put you back into your own Orbit.

How to Promote a New Fireteam Leader

If you are the Fireteam Leader and you wish to leave the Fireteam, you will first need to promote someone else as the Fireteam Leader. Otherwise, you will take the whole squad with you wherever you go.

To promote a new Fireteam Leader, click on the player’s name whom you wish to promote.

You should see a button that says Promote to Fireteam Leader. This will give that player control over the party. You may now leave without disrupting everyone.

Now you are ready to get a Fireteam together and take on the world!

Are you a solo player in Destiny 2? What activities are you looking to run with a Fireteam soon? Let me know in the comments!

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