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Vex Mythoclast is a beloved Destiny 1 Exotic that has returned to Destiny 2 with the release of the Vault of Glass Raid.

If you are interested in unlocking Vex Mythoclast, continue reading this guide for some tips.

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To get Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2, complete the Vault of Glass Raid for a chance of Vex Mythoclast dropping.

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How to Get Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2

Vex Mythoclast was a community favorite weapon in the original Destiny game. It was a powerful weapon and a memento of everyone’s favorite Raid, Vault of Glass.

In Destiny 1, Vex Mythoclast was a rare drop from players who completed the Vault of Glass Raid. Unlocking it would immediately put you in a different tier than players who have not yet gotten as lucky.

Now, Vault of Glass has returned to Destiny 2, and with it Vex Mythoclast is now available again. It is once again a very powerful weapon that veterans of the game are eager to unlock.

Sadly, unlocking Vex Mythoclast isn’t a simple task. Just like in Destiny 1, Vex Mythoclast is randomly rewarded to players who complete the Vault of Glass Raid.

It is not a guaranteed drop from the Raid, meaning unlocking it is completely up to chance.

Some players will unlock Vex Mythoclast on their first Vault of Glass completion, while others have experienced horror stories of completing the raid dozens of times without a single drop.

Raid rewards in Destiny 2 are on a weekly reset, meaning you can only receive rewards from a single Raid completion per character per week.

Completing the Raid a second time on the same character that week will not reward you with any loot or additional chances at receiving Vex Mythoclast.

While it is up to chance, you can still do your part to give yourself the best chances for Vex Mythoclast to drop by running the Vault of Glass Raid on all three of your characters every week.

The weekly reset is every Tuesday, so be sure to complete your runs before then.

If you are only interested in getting Vex Mythoclast and don’t care for the additional loot that Vault of Glass rewards, you can skip straight to the Boss checkpoint on each of your characters.

Vex Mythoclast only drops from the final Boss of the Bault of Glass Raid.

You are not required to complete the Raid from start to finish in order to get a chance of Vex Mythoclast dropping.

If you have a friend who has the final Boss checkpoint, you can use that to quickly complete your three Boss kills for the week and see if you get lucky.

The exception to the one run per character per week rule is with Featured Raids. The Weekly Featured Raid rotates every Tuesday between all of the Raid that are currently available in Destiny 2.

Featured Raids have no limit on the number of rewards you can receive from that Raid in a single week, allowing players to farm the Raid as much as they want for Raid-exclusive armor, weapons, and Exotics.

If you happen to see that the Vault of Glass Raid is the Featured Raid of the week, then you will want to make time to farm as many Boss kills as you can that week.

This will allow you to continually kill the final Boss for potentially unlimited chances at receiving Vex Mythoclast. If you do not see the weapon drop during the Raid’s Featured Week, you are truly unlucky.

If you kill the final Boss and see an Exotic Engram on the ground, it is time to celebrate. Picking up the Exotic Engram will finally reward you with your Vex Mythoclast.

How to Get Vex Mythoclast Catalyst

After you have unlocked Vex Mythoclast, you will want to also unlock its Catalyst. The Catalyst will require you to go back into the Vault of Glass Raid with Vex Mythoclast equipped.

There will be Vex Plates hidden throughout the Raid. The player with Vex Mythoclast equipped will need to stand on the plates to capture them.

Once captured. Oracles will begin to blink around the area. You and your Fireteam will need to shoot the Oracles in the order that they appeared, just like the Oracles in the other sections of the Raid.

After shooting the Oracles, you should see a message pop up saying, “A refrain whispers from deeper in the vault“, meaning you have completed that plate.

If you do not see this message, you will need to redo the plate again and make sure you are shooting the Oracles in the order they appear.

There are a total of five plates hidden throughout the Raid. You will need to capture them all and complete their Oracle puzzle.

After completing the fifth and final plate, you will be rewarded with the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst.

Is Vex Mythoclast Worth it?

Vex Mythoclast is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that is unlike any other Fusion Rifle. The Intrinsic Perk Timeless Mythoclast allows this weapon to fire full-auto, similar to a 360 RPM Auto Rifle.

The Temporal Unlimiter Perk grants this weapon Overcharge stacks on kills, with a maximum of 5 charges.

After fully Overcharging with 6 stacks, holding the reload button will swap to the alternative Liner Fusion Rifle firing mode and shoot fast-charging high-damage rounds.

With a high base Range stat and the full-auto firing feature Vex Mythoclast is an exceptional weapon inside of both PvE and PvP activities.

The base firing mode is a more-than-capable Auto Rifle, while the Overcharged Linear Fusion Rifle shots give this weapon the option of dishing out a ton of damage and even killing Guardians with a single shot.

To top it off, the catalyst for Vex Mythoclast gives the weapon additional Stability, damage, and accuracy based on the amount of Overcharge stacks you have built up.

This leads to the weapon firing as straight as a laser with full Overcharge stacks and shredding through enemies.

Upon release, Vex Mythoclast was the meta of PvP and a very powerful weapon in PvE. While it has been brought a little more in line with some tuning, it is still a very capable weapon and worth the grind.

Now you are ready to go and get your own Vex Mythoclast! I wish you luck on your RNG!

Are you still trying to unlock Vex Mythoclast? How many Vault of Glass completions are you at now? Let me know in the comments!

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