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Like any team-base game, voice chat is a necessity for Destiny 2.

Whether you are a new player or a veteran, you should find this guide helpful in learning how to properly set up and join voice chat.

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To join voice chat in Destiny 2, enable Voice Chat in the Social settings. Pull out your Ghost and use either the Arrow keys on the PC or the D-pad on the controller to swap between Fireteam Chat and Team Chat.

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How to Join Voice Chat in Destiny 2

For many games, voice chat is used to let you communicate with your team in PvE activities and make callouts during PvP matches.

Destiny 2 has a built-in voice chat that allows you to talk in your Fireteam chat and your Team chat whenever you wish.

Many players wouldn’t know Destiny 2 has a voice chat feature because it is disabled by default, technically.

To use voice chat, you will first need to enable it by making sure you have the right settings turned on. Go to the Settings tab in your menu and click on the Social tab.

Here you will find the Voice Chat settings. You can choose whether you want to use a push-to-talk or a hot mic.

Make sure you have Voice Chat set to Enabled. This is the default option, and you would think having it on by default would mean you could hear other players in the game.

The reason Destiny 2 Voice Chat isn’t as active as other games is due to Opt-in Team Chat.

Opt-In Team Chat

Even with Voice Chat enabled, you will need to manually opt-in to the voice chat every time you join a new activity. Otherwise, you will remain deafened to anyone trying to speak.

This is yet another reason why you will barely find any Guardians with mics during your game sessions.

It is not that no one is using their mic. It is because the default settings are confusing for many players.

To join the Team Chat, pull out your Ghost and use the arrow keys on the PC or the D-pad on a controller to swap between Fireteam Chat and Team Chat.

Fireteam Chat is used to speak with anyone in your own Fireteam, while Team Chat is used to speak with anyone on your team during a matchmade activity.

To make things easier on yourself, you can always go back into the Voice Chat Settings and turn on Automatic Opt-in When Solo.

This will automatically join the Team Voice Chat every time you enter an activity without a Fireteam.

While Discord has become the replacement for Fireteam chat for many players, you should still be able to find some who understand the Team Voice Chat features and use them correctly during your play sessions.

That’s how you use the Voice Chat features of Destiny 2!

Did you find this guide helpful? Did you even know Destiny 2 had voice chat, to begin with? Let me know in the comments!

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