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For many Destiny 2 players, getting 100 in three different stats seems like an impossible task.

This guide is ready to help you find the best method for farming high-stat armor pieces so you can get a triple 100-stat build.

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To get triple 100 stats in Destiny 2, you need to farm Seasonal Engrams and focus armor pieces with Armorer Ghost Mods for spikey stat distributions.

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How to Get Triple 100 Stats in Destiny 2

Once you get into the later game activities in Destiny 2, you will want to try and get your stats as high as possible to give you an edge over challenging content or competitive PvP game modes.

While it isn’t possible to max out every stat, players will want to maximize as many stats as possible.

Getting a single stat to 100 is achievable for just about any player with the right Armor Mods. Even getting two stats to 100 isn’t too difficult, though you will need to work for it.

Having three different stats maxed out is currently the dream for end-game players.

To get three of your stats to 100, you will need to min-max as much as possible and hope for some good luck. Before we go through how to get triple 100 stats, let’s go over some base numbers that we need to keep in mind.

How Stat Distribution Works

Any piece of Legendary armor in Destiny 2 is capable of dropping with a maximum of 68 stats that are distributed between its Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength, with a minimum of two points per stat.

This distribution is random, though it is weighted in a way that we can manipulate in our favor.

The six different stat categories are actually split up into two collections, with the top three stats of Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery being in one collection, while Discipline, Intellect, and Strength are in the other.

When your armor piece rolls for its stats, it will distribute your stats evenly between these two collections.

This means that an armor piece with high Mobility will not have very high Resilience or Recovery, as those two stats are a part of the same collection. Instead, this armor piece would also have a high Discipline, Intellect, or Strength stat.

This is why it is nearly impossible for players to reach triple 100 in three stats of the same collection, as you would need to have a perfect distribution that is not feasible or even worth the grind for many players.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get triple 100 stats.

First, you will need to decide what stats you want to max out for your build. You will want to choose two stats from the upper collection and one from the lower.

For most players, Discipline is the best stat to choose from the bottom three and will be our stat of choice for the examples going forward, as Intellect isn’t as useful as it once was, and Strength can be compensated for by other means.

For your upper two stats, Titans and Warlocks will want Resilience and Recovery, as Mobility doesn’t benefit them at all.

Hunter benefits greatly from any of the upper three stats, as Mobility reduces your Dodge ability cooldown, so our farming method will be the easiest on a Hunter.

Once you have your stats picked out, you will want to equip an Armorer Ghost Mod for your lower stat of choice.

In our case, this would be the Discipline Armorer Mod. This will guarantee that any armor pieces we find will drop with a minimum of 10 Discipline and is the key to manipulating our stat rolls.

Because armor stats roll evenly between the two collections, ensuring that your armor drops with a minimum of 10 Discipline will ensure that Strength and Intellect are kept as low as possible, giving us the best possible chance at getting armor with good Discipline while the rest of the points are randomly split between the upper collection of stats.

Farming High Stat Armor

Now, all we need is to farm as many Legendary armor drops as possible until we get pieces that have spikey distributions, meaning they have a lot of points in a single stat.

You will want to look for any armor piece that has 20+ points in a single stat and keep it.

So, we have everything we need to get triple 100 stat armor, all we need is to get armor drops.

While it doesn’t matter where you get your armor from, there are some fast methods that you should definitely use to speed up the process.

The best way to get a lot of Legendary armor drops is to acquire Seasonal Engrams. These are Engrams that drop from Seasonal Activities and can be turned in at the Seasonal Vendor.

Every Seasonal Vendor has an option to focus your engrams to obtain a specific piece of gear from them. In this case, you will want to focus armor pieces to get as many spikey stat rolls as possible.

If you own previous Seasons, you may have access to other Seasonal Vendors in the H.E.L.M. as well. If you pick up the Seasonal Artifact from these Vendors, then you will randomly be rewarded with Seasonal Engrams from past Seasons

These Engrams from past Seasons can also be focused in the H.E.L.M. and make for a great source of armor drops.

You will find many pieces of bad armor, though it shouldn’t take you long to build up quite the collection of high-stat armor pieces as well.

Once you find a good amount of armor pieces, you can go through and try to piece together a build that maximizes your three chosen stats.

This is when many players turn to D2ArmorPicker, a community website that automatically sorts through your armor pieces to help you find the best Loadout containing the highest stats you can get with your current collection.

If you are lucky, you will come across a set of armor that can reach 100 points in the three stats that you want. If not, you will have to continue farming armor pieces until you find better rolls.

How to Increase Armor Stats

It is important to remember that you can always increase the stats of your armor pieces beyond what they initially roll. Every armor piece has an Armor Mod slot that is capable of increasing a single stat by 10 points.

Additionally, you can Masterwork your armor pieces. This will increase every stat by two points, for a total of 12 extra points per armor piece.

Subclass Fragments can influence your total stats as well, with some giving +10 points to a specific stat while others might reduce stats by 10 instead.

Keep this in mind if you are just a few points away from reaching your triple 100 build.

Finally, there are Artifice armor pieces that only drop from Master difficulty Dungeons. These armor pieces come with an additional Armor Mod slot that lets you increase any single stat by 3 points.

A complete set of Artifice armor will net you a grand total of 18 extra points for your build. Artifice armor is not recommended for players trying to get their first set of triple 100 stat armor as it is incredibly difficult to farm.

Now you are ready to go farm armor pieces until you get triple 100 stats!

Do you have any questions about this armor-farming method? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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