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Mods are a very important part of gear customization in Destiny 2 that every player should know about. Unlocking access to these Mods should be your first goal when booting up the game for the first time.

Today, you will learn how to unlock armor and weapon mods in this quick guide.

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To unlock Mods in Destiny 2, reach Guardian Rank 5 to unlock access to all Foundational Armor Mods as well as Ghost Mods.

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Where to Get Mods in Destiny 2

Mods are used to modify the stats and abilities of your gear in Destiny 2 to personalize your builds and fine-tune how you play and enjoy the game.

Weapon and armor mods are a very important part of build crafting that every player should try to unlock as soon as possible.

Before recent changes, weapon and armor mods could be purchased from Banshee-44 and Ada-1 in the Tower.

Each vendor would have a new mod available every day, allowing players to complete their collection within a couple of weeks if they continued to purchase the daily mods.

Now, with the release of Lightfall, Bungie has made all mods free to all players, so long as they earn them.

Instead of purchasing armor and weapon mods, players will have to level up their Guardian Rank to unlock all of the weapon, armor, and ghost mods.

To increase your Guardian Rank, you will need to complete a series of Objectives. Each Guardian Rank will have a different number of Objectives with different challenges that you will have to overcome.

You can find your current Guardian Rank displayed on the Journey tab of your menu. To see what Objectives are currently available to you, select your Guardian Rank and browse through the different categories of Objectives.

For the first few Guardian Ranks, you simply need to just play the game. Complete the “A Guardian Rises” Quest and explore your first few planets, and you will quickly reach Guardian Rank 3, unlocking the use of Ghost Mods and Triumph collection.

Guardian Rank 4 will have you learn about the different Vendors in the Tower, including Banshee-44 for purchasing weapons and Ikora Ray for unlocking your Light subclass Aspects and Fragments.

This should be a quick process for most players and will unlock the use of additional Fragments for your subclass.

Finally, Guardian Rank 5 is what you are after. This Rank will have you complete your first Exotic Mission to unlock Riskrunner as well as its Catalyst while showing you around the different playlist activities before you build up a collection of Legendary weapons and armor pieces.

After completing all of the Objectives for Guardian Rank 5, you will unlock access to all of the Foundational Armor Mods as well as the newly implemented Fireteam Finder system.

You should now see all of the Mods show up when you go to Inspect your armor pieces.

Along the way, you should also unlock all of the Armor Charge Mods as well.

These Mods add a whole new dimension to build crafting that deserves its own articles be sure to check out our guide on What Is Armor Charge Used For if you want more info.

Mods unlock a whole new world of customization and will greatly increase your overall stats to prepare you for the end game of Destiny 2.

They make for plenty of motivation for new players to try and level up their Guardian Ranks as soon as possible, alongside Loadouts and Shader customization.

That is how to unlock Mods for your gear in Destiny 2 and step up your game!

Do you have any other questions about unlocking and using Mods in Destiny 2? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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