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Fishing is a staple for any MMO and is a favorite among many players. With Destiny 2 having added fishing to its roster of activities, players will need to know how to unlock the Fishing Tackle before they can get started.

This guide will quickly go over how to unlock your Fishing Tackle so you can begin fishing as soon as possible.

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To unlock the Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2, complete the Into the Depths mission to begin the Gone Fishin mission and speak with Hawthorne.

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How to Get Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2

Fishing is one of the newest activities added to Destiny 2. Much like fishing in any other MMO, it is a great pastime that can net you some great loot if you can be patient.

If you plan on doing any fishing in Destiny 2, you will need to unlock the Fishing Tackle item. This item keeps track of the amount of bait you have available to you as well as the amount of fish you have held in your inventory.

To unlock the Fishing Tackle item, you will need to complete the Into the Depths mission. This is the introductory mission for the Season of the Deep.

If this mission is not already in your Quests tab, this most likely means that you do not own the Season of the Deep. If you did not purchase the Season Pass for Season of the Deep, then your options for unlocking fishing are limited.

Currently, the only way to purchase the Season of the Deep is by purchasing the Lightfall Annual Pass. If all you want is access to fishing, then this is a big ask.

If you already plan on getting the Lightfall Expansion, this is a good time to upgrade before your purchase to ensure you can unlock fishing. Hopefully, Bungie will make fishing much easier for newer players to acquire later down the line.

If you do own the Season of the Deep, you will then be able to start the Into the Depths mission. This mission will introduce you to the Season of the Deep activities of Salvages and Deep Dives.

Your first Deep Dive shouldn’t take you very long. Grab a couple of friends, and you can make quick work of this mission.

After you have completed the introductory mission, you will then gain access to the mission Gone Fishin. Head over to Hawthorne in the Tower and speak with her to unlock your Fishing Tackle.

Hovering over your Fishing Tackle inside of your inventory will show you how much bait you have collected and how many fish you have caught, as well as distinguish between the different types of fish in your inventory.

Your Fishing Tackle will also show you what fishing spot is experiencing increased activity so you know where to go for the best finds today.

From here, you will be sent to all of the different fishing spots on various planets while completing the fishing tutorial. This tutorial can be a little confusing to some players and doesn’t explain some of the more intricate parts of the fishing experience.

You will also need to get bait to use before you go and start fishing. Bait can be obtained from completing Salvages, Deep Dives, Public Events, and any playlist activities.

You can also get bait randomly from picking up planetary materials while out exploring.

If you just want to quickly gather some bait so you can get to fishing, we recommend hopping into some Rumble matches in The Crucible, as they are fast one of the fastest playlist activities you will find.

To learn more about fishing in Destiny 2, check out our guide on How to Fish. We go over everything from the Focused Fishing Meter to strategies that the player base has come up with to maximize your fishing gains and make the most of every minute you spend fishing.

We also go over what to do with all of the fish that you catch once you are done fishing for the day. This is one of the most important steps of your fishing journey and is how you will get the sweet gear that you have worked so hard to earn.

Fishing is a great way to get Exotic gear as well and is one of the only passive methods players can use to efficiently farm for Exotic gear.

Players, new and old, will be taking advantage of the simplicity of fishing to flesh out their Exotic gear collections.

That is how you unlock the Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2! This is a very simple process once you understand how to get started.

Have you recently started fishing in Destiny 2? How are you enjoying the activity? Let me know in the comments!

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