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If you are interested in getting all of the Halo-themed weapons in Destiny 2, you can’t miss out on the Forerunner.

We will cover how to unlock the Exotic quest for Forerunner, as well as the steps needed to finish the quest and unlock the Forerunner Catalyst. Let’s get started!

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To get Forerunner on Destiny 2, visit Xur in Xur’s Treasure Hoard to start the Magnum Opus Exotic Quest.

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How to Get Forerunner in Destiny 2

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack brought with it many Halo-themed weapons that look familiar and play the same as they did in the old series.

Many fans of the Halo series, as well as long-time Destiny 2 players, are eager to unlock all of these weapons and experience them in a new way.

The Forerunner is meant to replicate the Magnum from Halo, with a very distinct form and zoom that will feel exactly like the Pistol we all love.

To begin unlocking the Forerunner, you will need to get the Exotic Quest from Xur in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. He will give you the aptly named quest, Magnum Opus.

Magnum Opus Quest

The first step of this quest is to collect seven Strange Coins. These Strange Coins can be obtained from any playlist activity, though the best way to get Strange Coins is through Dares of Eternity completions.

This will also further you along in Xur’s reputation rank which is required later in the quest, so it is a good idea to start now.

Be sure to pick up bounties from Xur, the Starhorse, and Banshee-44, as each of these bounties will have a chance to grant you a Strange Coin.

Next, you will need to complete three Starhorse bounties. Higher-difficulty bounties will reward more progress. Head to the Starhorse and pick up as many bounties as you can before heading back into Dares of Eternity.

If you have any completed bounties left over from the first step, this is a good time to turn them in.

After completing your three Starhorse bounties, you will need to get a Strange Key from Xur. This key is only unlocked after reaching reputation rank four with Xur.

You should be close by now. If you aren’t quite rank four with Xur, continue doing bounties and Dares of Eternity runs in order to level up your reputation.

After reaching reputation rank four with Xur and obtaining the Strange Key, head back to where you transmit into the Treasure Hoard and enter the purple swirling mist.

This will transport you to the Dares of Eternity arena without any enemies.

Once you are in the Dares of Eternity arena, you will see a waypoint form above a rock formation. You will need to align this rock formation with the arena to form the Bungie logo. This part is pretty confusing for most players.

Doing so will create a new waypoint in a cave. Follow this waypoint. You will be met with a short vertical jumping puzzle.

Making your way to the top, you will find a very blatant reference to Halo, a Cryo Pod. Interacting with the Cryo Pod will grant you an Anomalous Object.

Bring the Anomalous Object to Banshee-44 to finally unlock your Forerunner.

How to Get Forerunner Catalyst

To get the Catalyst for Forerunner, you will need to be reputation rank 16 with Xur. This means you will need to continue to play Dares of Eternity and complete bounties weekly in order to rank up.

The fastest way to get Xur reputation rank is to complete Legendary difficulty Dares of Eternity. Besides additional, higher-level enemies, the main difference between normal and Legendary difficulty is the matchmaking.

You will not be given a team when queuing for Legendary. You will need a full Fireteam of six players in order to queue into the activity.

To make the activity easier, it is important to get the Starhorse’s Favor buff, which grants you an infinite amount of Heavy ammo or Super energy.

This buff is given to any player who makes it to the top of the platforming section after the first encounter and stays on the top layer until the finish.

To ensure you always make it to the top layer, walk backward into the gravity cannon. This is not a joke. Doing so will phase you through the golden wheel and result in a perfect launch every time.

After getting a reputation rank of 16 with Xur, visit him in Xur’s Treasure Hoard once again and pick up the Anomalous Access Card. This will begin the Exotic Quest for the Forerunner Catalyst, Magnum Opus II.

Step one of this quest will have you complete a Dares of Eternity run with a score of 225,000 or more. To achieve this, be sure to kill as many enemies as possible within every encounter in order to maximize score gains.

Completing this step will send you to Banshee-44. Speak with Banshee-44 to unlock the Forerunner Catalyst.

In order to equip this Catalyst, you will need to defeat enemies using the Forerunner.

The best way to get these kills fast is by heading to an encounter like Suro Chi and farming the enemies that spawn at the beginning of the encounter.

The Breakneck mission of the Lightfall campaign also has an excellent encounter that you can farm for Catalyst kills.

Is Forerunner Worth it?

The Forerunner is a very unique Exotic Sidearm that is both fun to use and very good in the right hands.

It is the first Sidearm to use Special ammo, dealing high damage per shot when compared to any other Sidearm.

It comes with the Intrinsic Perk Full Stop, which fires high-caliber rounds that increase Range and deal increased precision damage to unshielded targets. It also makes this weapon full-auto.

The Perk Pace Yourself mimics the natural bloom that comes with Halo Sidearms. Tapping the trigger, rather than using full-auto, will grant you improved accuracy and decreased recoil with every shot.

The Forerunner Catalyst grants this weapon the Perk The Rock. Several seconds after getting a kill with Forerunner, you will be able to hold down the reload button to consume six shots of your ammo in order to create a fragmentation grenade charge. This grenade charge has no time limit or duration.

The next grenade you throw will be transformed into a fragmentation grenade that bounces off of surfaces and deals massive area of effect damage.

This grenade charge does not consume your normal grenade energy, meaning you will be able to throw back-to-back grenades with this Perk.

True to the Halo theme, this fragmentation grenade can also be used to grenade boost yourself when jumping over the explosion, sending you very high into the air.

This fragmentation grenade can be useful, though consuming six rounds of Special ammo isn’t so easy in PvP.

Speaking of PvP, this is where this weapon really shines. While the Catalyst doesn’t help much, the weapon is still great. It hits about as hard as a Hand Cannon and has a similar Range.

For a Sidearm, this is great. It has very forgiving accuracy thanks to the Pace Yourself Perk and is a great weapon for team shooting. Overall, the Forerunner is a very capable weapon in PvP that any Sidearm lover should try.

In PvE, the fragmentation grenade can be very useful for dealing with large enemies, as you will be able to constantly keep grenade charges while finding Special ammo on kills. The Forerunner is definitely worth it, if only for how fun it is to use.

Now you are ready to begin the Magnum Opus quest and unlock the Forerunner as well as its Catalyst!

Are you excited to give this weapon a try? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments after you’ve unlocked it!

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