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Ever since Strand was released in Destiny 2, Guardians have been searching for Strand-element weapons to pair with their new subclass, and Round Robin is a perfect example.

If you still haven’t gotten a Round Robbin Hand Cannon, then you will want to follow this guide for your best chance at getting it to drop.

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To get Round Robin in Destiny 2, you need to complete the From Zero… Quest from Nimbus to unlock the …To Hero Quest that rewards a Round Robin.

Round Robins with different roles can be obtained by completing Neomuna activities for a chance at a random reward. Terminal Overload and Public Events are two of the best activities for rewards. Reaching Reputation Rank 30 with Nimbus will increase your chances of getting a Round Robin from Engrams.

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What is Round Robin?

Introduced in the Lightfall Expansion, Round Robin is a Kinetic Hand Cannon.

It has an Aggressive Frame, meaning it is perfect for ranged add clear or team-shooting in PVP, and is currently the second most popular 120 RPM Hand Cannon, according to

What makes this Hand Cannon special is the fact that it deals Strand damage. This will allow you to synergize with your Strand abilities and Exotics by creating Tangles on enemy kills.

It also comes with the Origin Perk Nanotech Tracer Rockets, creating missiles that lock into enemies and make up for the low fire rate of the weapon.

This is definitely a Hand Cannon that everyone should keep on hand if they can get it to drop.

How to Get Round Robin in Destiny 2

To start, remember that Round Robin is a Lightfall-exclusive weapon. You will need to purchase the Lightfall Expansion in order for it to drop.

After completing the Lightfall campaign, return to Nimbus on Neomuna and pick up the quest From Zero… This quest will have you search for Regional Chests, complete Patrols and Public Events, and defeat a powerful Cabal before returning to Nimbus.

Once you finish From Zero… you will unlock the …To Hero quest, which rewards you with a Round Robin. This quest follows the same steps as the last.

After killing the powerful Cabal enemy again, return to Nimbus to complete the quest and get your Round Robin.

The best part, the Round Robin reward for this quest is a red-border weapon, meaning you will be one step closer to unlocking this weapon for crafting!

Random Rolls

To get different rolls of Round Robin, you will need to have one drop randomly by completing activities in Neomuna.

Your best bet is to reach Reputation Rank 30 with Nimbus, as this will upgrade any Neomuna Engrams you unlock and guarantee they drop weapons instead of armor.

This will narrow the rewards pool for your Engrams, but you’ll still be at the mercy of chance with every Engram.

Make sure you pick up as many bounties as you can from Nimbus before heading out to increase your Reputation gains.

Since Engrams are what we need, you will want to run as many activities on Neomuna as you can.

Patrols, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Terminal Overload are all great ways to both increase your Reputation Rank and unlock Engrams.

You will also receive quite a lot of Strand Meditations by doing this, knocking out two birds with one stone.

Red-border Round Robin

One thing that makes Round Robin such a good weapon to farm is that it can drop with Deepsight Resonance, meaning it can be crafted.

While going through your Neomuna activities, you will always have a chance at getting red-border rewards for any activity you complete.

If you are unlucky enough to not get any good Round Robin rolls, you can always turn those duds into Weapon Pattern Progress using your Deepsight Harmonizers. More on weapon crafting in our How to Craft Weapons guide.

God-Roll Round Robin

If you just want any Round Robin, then you can skip this section. If what you are after is the best Round Robin you can get, then these are the rolls you will want to try and get.

For PVE, this weapon is great for add clear, especially with the recent buffs to Hand Cannon damage.

Keep Away is a great Trait that will increase your reload speed, range, and accuracy when no enemies are close by. Since this Hand Cannon has some decent range, this Trait greatly compliments it.

For your second Trait, you will want either Kill Clip for more damage, Hatchling for Threadling synergy, or Golden Tricorn for both damage and Strand synergy.

For PVP, you will want to maximize your range for team shooting. Keep Away is still your best bet, though you could settle for Killing Wind.

For your second Trait, you will want Opening Shot, as it grants an insane amount of first-bullet benefits.

You can also use Elemental Capacitor if you plan on using the Strand or Arc subclasses for added Airbourne Effectiveness or Handling.

That is how you get the Round Robin Hand Cannon! It is not as easy to obtain as other Hand Cannons, which means it is even more special when you do get one to drop.

Are you still searching for your god-roll Round Robin? Let me know what Perks and Traits you are after in the comments!

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